NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English a Pact with the Sun Chapter 6 the Wonder Called Sleep revised and modified for CBSE and State board students 2024-25 exams. Class 6 English Supplementary chapter 6 is well explained here using the English to Hindi translation of whole topic.

What is the most obvious advantage of sleep?

The most obvious advantage of sleep is that it gives rest to our tired body and relax our mind. After a good sleep we become more energetic and more active again for the work.

Why has sleep been called a wonder?
Sleep has been called a wonder because nobody knows for certain what brings about sleep. Secondly, it transports us to a strange land. It is the sweetest thing in the world. It is a sort of escape from reality.

What happens to our body when we sleep?

When we sleep, muscles of our body get relaxed. Our heartbeat slows down and our blood pressure also falls.

Define a dream in your own words.

A dream is an activity of the mind of mind that takes place when we are asleep.

Why are dreams important? Mention two reasons.

Dreams are important for two reasons:
They help us sleep in spite of noise and other disturbances.
Some dreams provide a solution to certain problems.

Class 6 English Chapter 6 The Wonder Called Sleep
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