Class 8 English Grammar Chapter 7 The Adjective. An Adjective is a word to qualify a Noun or a Pronoun; as. good boy, beautiful girl, ripe mango, some milk, that man etc. The words good, beautiful, ripe, some, that describing “boy” girl “mango”, “milk” and “man” are called Adjectives. An Adjective can be used in two different ways. When the Adjective is used before the noun as an epithet or an attribute, we call it Attributive Adjective. When the Adjective is used after the verb and forms part of the predicate, it is called Predicative Adjective.

Standard 8 English Grammar Chapter 7 The Adjective

Class: 8English Grammar
Chapter: 7The Adjective

Kinds of Adjectives

    1. Proper Adjective
    2. Descriptive Adjective
    3. Quantitative Adjective
    4. Numeral Adjective
    5. Demonstrative Adjective
    6. Distributive Adjective
    7. Interrogative Adjective
    8. Exclamatory Adjective
    9. Possessive Adjective
    10. Emphasizing Adjective

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Proper Adjectives
Adjectives formed from Proper Nouns are called Proper Adjectives. They are also classed as Adjectives of Quality as. The Indian batsman, the English lady, the Turkish tobacco etc.
Descriptive Adjectives or Adjectives of Quality
Adjectives of Quality describe Nouns. They show the quality, kind, State or condition of a person or a thing; as, a large city, an honest man, a noble king, a big box, an old lady. Adjectives of Quality answer the questions of what kind?

    • Quantitative Adjectives or Adjectives of Quantity
      They tell us about the quantity or degree of a thing. They show how much a thing is meant as, She showed much patience.
    • Numeral Adjectives or Adjectives of Number
      They show how many persons or things are meant, or in what order a person or a thing stands as; all, some, one, two, last etc. Note: They are of four kinds as,
      First, second, third, fourth etc.
      Now- study the following sentences carefully.
Adjectives of Quantity Adjectives of Number
He did not eat any rice. Are there any boys in the play ground ?
There is some water in the jug. Some girls did not attend the class today.
She has no sense. There are no pictures in this book.
I spent all the money. All men must die.
    • Demonstrative Adjectives
      Demonstrative Adjectives point out persons, places, or things which they refer to (the word ‘Demonstrative’ means pointing out); as, this, that, these, those, a, an; the, such, same, some, other etc.
    • Distributive Adjectives
      Distributive Adjectives show that the persons or things are taken separately or in separate lots as, India expects every man to do his duty.
    • Interrogative Adjectives
      Interrogative Adjectives ask questions and thus restrict the nouns before which they are used as, What color is your shirt?
    • Exclamatory Adjectives
      Exclamatory Adjectives are used in exclamatory sense e.g. What a piece of work the man is!

Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Adjectives indicate possession or relationship. The words – my, our, your, his, her, its, their when used before a noun to qualify it are called Possessive Adjectives; as, My brother, our school, your father, his book, her husband, its leg, their leader etc.
Emphasizing Adjectives
The word own and very may be used to emphasis Possessive Adjectives as, I saw it with my own eyes.

Comparison of Adjectives
Positive Comparative Superlative
Bold Bolder Boldest
Bright Brighter Brightest
Able Abler Ablest
Base Baser Basest
Errors in The Use Of Adjectives
Incorrect Correct
I feel uneasy I feel unwell
She has a strong headache. She has a bad headache.
I have not some ink. I have not any ink.
I have no any friend. I have no friend.
Formation of Adjectives

Adjectives with suffixes: Suffixes are a group of letters at the end of a word.

Noun suffixAdjective
bear ablebearable
front al frontal
spite ful spiteful
danger ous dangerous
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