NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Whose Forests in Hindi and English Medium with extra questions based on textbook updated for the new academic session 2023-24 CBSE and other state boards. In chapter 20 of 5th EVS, we will learn about the things we usually see in the forest and know about the benefits of forests. NCERT Exercises Questions and Extra questions based on Chapter 20 of Grade 5 Environmental Studies are explained in easy to understand format.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 20

Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 1

What are forests?

Forests are large areas of land which are covered with natural vegetation, mainly trees along with
smaller plants. They provide home to different plants as well as animals.

What does deforestation mean?

Deforestation means the cutting down of trees or destruction of trees in the forest areas in order to make the land available for other purposes like mining, agriculture, constructing buildings, malls etc. is called deforestation.

What is reforestation? How is different from Afforestation?

Reforestation means planting of trees on a barren land to increase the area under forests. It is actually the process of planting trees in a forest where the number of trees has been decreasing. Whereas Afforestation is actually when new trees are planted or seeds are sown in an area where there were no trees before. This is done to create a new forest.

How is deforestation harmful?
Deforestation has many ill effects on the environment as it:

    • increases the carbon dioxide levels which might lead to global warming
    • leads to loss of wildlife habitat
    • can cause climate change,
    • desertification,
    • soil erosion,
    • fewer crops,
    • flooding,
    • increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 2

How is reforestation good for the environment?

Reforestation has certain positive effects on the environment as it-
• causes rainfall
• influences the climate of a particular place
• provides habitat to the wildlife
• prevents soil erosion
• prevents flooding

Explain the statement- To learn to read the forests is as important as reading books for the forest people. Ans.

The statement means that the people who belong to forest area, called Adivasis are born in the forests and are dependent on them for almost all their needs. They get fruits, flowers, wood, herbs etc. for their food, shelter, and clothing from different plants and trees growing there. Thus, it is very important for them to gather knowledge about the forests to make the maximum use of the available resources so that they can live a comfortable life.

Forests are like our collective bank and not yours or mine alone. What does this statement mean?

Forests are the natural resources and the people have an equal right over them. The thing which are available there, all the products which we get from the forests belong equally to all the people living there. So, creating an awareness amongst the people is very important to fight those people, contractors who misuse them by cutting down the trees, digging forests for different purposes.

Why planting a thousand trees doesn’t make a forest?

Forests are a gift given to humans by nature. It is important to understand that the plants and animals in a forests are interdependent on each other. This relationship between the plants and animals and the interdependence of living things on non-living things is very important to maintain a balance. So, just by planting thousand trees we cannot make a forests. All the things, plants, animals, living and non- living things are equally important.

Why are the native people being moved away from the forests?

The native people or the advisasis are being moved away from the forests due to-
• deforestation as mines are being dug,
• roads which are being constructed,
• making of dams, flyover, malls etc
A forest is a lifeline of the Adivasis but due to the development going on in the name of various projects that have been started by the government, these people are being forced to move out of their land.

Who was Suryamani?

Suryamani is the first gold medallist in her village. She was awarded this medal for working hard and passing B.A after getting scholarship. She was a Tribal Environment Activist.

What is the Girl Star project started by UNICEF?

The Girl Star project started by UNICEF is a project which tells the tales of extraordinary girls who have changed their lives by getting educated. For example- Suryamani, Anita Khushwaha.

What does the project Suryamani include?

The project Suryamani includes a series of film which tell the story of those underprivileged girls who by getting educated have managed to make themselves self sufficient, self reliant and successful in their life.

Why was Suryamani given the title of Girl Star?

Suryamani was given the title of Girl Star because she studied hard in the school and knew it from the very beginning that she had to do something to save forests.
Today, she fights for the rights of her community to live in forests and helps them to register their land. She also runs an organization called ‘Torang’ with her husband to help people and preserve the tribal culture as well as forests. Because of all her efforts, she was awarded the Girl Star title.

How are the forests useful to us?
Forests are very useful as they:
• provide raw material for making paper, furniture, buildings etc
• serve as a buffer at times of natural disasters like flood, heavy rainfall etc.
• provide habitat to more than half of land based plants and animals
• prevents soil erosion
• provides oxygen for living things and purifies the air
• Gives fuel wood which is used as a source of energy for cooking in rural areas.
• Provides job opportunities to many people
• Are important source for grazing animals
• Helps in soil improvement
• Provides food, medicines etc.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 3

List the various acts and projects which have been implemented to save forests.

The various acts and projects implemented to save forests are:
• Jharkhand Jungle Bachao Andolan
• Right to Forests Act (2007)
• Chipko Movement

Explain Jharkhand Jungle Bachao Andolan.

Jharkhand Jungle Bachao Andolan was a project which started in the early 1980’s to save forests. The natural Sal forests of Bihar, when the government proposed to replace those forests with commercial Teak plantations. This project helped the Adivasis to struggle to live and work in their own forests.

What was the Right to Forests Act, 2007?

As per this act, people who are living in the forests for at least 25 years have a right over the forests and what is grown on it. They should not be removed from the forests. The work of protecting the forests should be the responsibility of the Gram Sabha.

What is Chipko Movement?

The Chipko Movement was a step taken to protect the forests and to plant more trees. It was started by Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna in 1973. It was a movement started to promote forest Conservation.

What were the things done by the Torang Organization?

The work/ things done by Torang are-
• Fighting for the rights of the people for their livelihood and education
• Preserving the tribal culture-music, dance, clothes, festivals etc.
• Linking their language with the language of the school
• Learning about the herbs, medicines, art of making things with bamboo.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 4

Name any three states which have maximum area under forest cover.

The three states are:
• Madhya Pradesh
• Arunachal Pradesh
• Chhattisgarh

Name any three states which have minimum area under forest cover.

The three states are- Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan

What does Jhoom Farming mean?

Jhoom farming is also called shifting cultivation. It is a local name for slashing or cutting and then burning the agricultural production which is done by the tribal groups in the north eastern states of India like Arunachal Pradesh,Meghalya, Mizoram,Nagaland. It involves natural recovery of the soil fertility as the ash of the crops burnt is mixed in the soil every time. Thus it helps in making the soil rich again in nutrients (potash).

What are the salient features of Jhoom Farming?

The salient features of Jhoom Farming are:
• It is done by lightly digging up the land and ploughing it.
• The seeds are simply dropped on the land
• The crops are cut and then the leftovers, called weeds are burnt to make ash
• The ash mixes in the soil and makes it fertile.

What are weeds?

The undesirable and unwanted plants which grow naturally along with crops are called weeds. They grow with crops and fight for nutrients and water with main crop. So weeds are very harmful.

What is weeding?

The process which is used to control the unwanted and undesirable plants, the weed is called weeding.

How can the farmers control the weeds?
The farmers can control the weeds by-
• using weedicides which is a chemical that is sprayed in the fields to kill all available weeds.
• Tilling before sowing of crops also helps in removing weeds as it uproots the weeds.
• The manual method of removing weeds is using a khurpi.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 5

How do people celebrate when their work is complete?

People celebrate in the following ways-
• They cook and eat food
• Sing and dance together
• A ritual dance called Cheraw is also performed wherein four male dancer sit and hold crossed pair of bamboo sticks. While they move there in rhythmic beats , the female dancers perform by stepping in and out of those sticks.

Who are forest dwellers?

Forest dwellers are the members or community who have for at least three generations prior to the 13th day of December, 2005 mainly resided in the forests and who depend on the forest or forests land for their livelihood.

What is meant by one tin of land?

One tin of land means the land on which one tin of seeds grow.

Why are forests disappearing nowadays?
The forests disappearing nowadays because:
• Trees are being cut for more production.
• Trees are being for shelter of the people because population is rising day to day life.
• Trees are being cut for providing various things to us and fulfilling our needs.
• Urbanization,
• expansion of agricultural land,
• irrigation, power and infrastructure projects

Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 6

Give the reason why in Mizoram carrying rice crop home takes many weeks?

In Mizoram carrying rice crop home takes many weeks because of the poor road transport network in the region. This is such that the ground and the floor of Mizoram is muddy and the farmers are finding it difficult to move and carry their rice with by themselves or their animals. Another reason is the climatic conditions which takes them many weeks to carry rice crops.

Why did the contractor not allow anybody to go into the forest?

The contractors would have cutting the trees and selling the wood for his own profit. He thought if the forest people will use the forest for their needs, it would be a loss to them. Therefore, they did not allow Suryamani’s people to go into the forest.

Why did Suryamani’s father move to the town?

Suryanani’s father could no longer support the family on the small land. He moved to the town in search of work.

Why did Suryamani not want to study in the school in Bishanpur in the beginning?

When Suryamani was young her father lost his job and she had to drop out of school during this difficult time as her family did not even have enough to eat. That is why she did not want to study in school in Bishnapur.

Why was Suryamani filled with joy on seeing the school at Bishanpur?

Suryamani was filled with joy when she saw the school at Bishanpur. The school was near a thick forest and Suryamani soon joined there to work for the Jharkhand Jungle Bachao Andolan (Movement to Save the Forests of Jharkhand). This work took Suryamani to far off towns and cities.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 7

Why was Budhiyamai not scared of the contractor?

Budhiyamai was not scared of the contractor because she believed that the people of this forest have a right over it. They are the ones who look after our forests and don’t cut trees like these contractors do. The forest belongs to everyone they are not yours or mine alone. They take from it only as much as they need.

How is the land allotted to village people for farming?

The land earmarked for permanent cultivation is to be allotted under Periodic Patta which covers at least ½ (half) of the total land under the jurisdiction of the village concerned and shall include the area already used for permanent cultivation, such as, wet rice cultivation, mixed farming and land already.

How did Vasavi didi and Bijoy help Suryamani?

Vasavi and Bijoy collected leaves and herbs and sold them as medicines in the markets, or made basket out of bamboo and fallen leaves. They ate wild fruits and flesh of the forest animals.

Where are forest found in India?

Forests are found in the areas which receive good rainfall. In India forests are found in upper Himalayas, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, slops of Western Ghats and small parts of West Bengal and Odisha.

Name the tribes in India.

The tribes in India in different states are:
• Tamil Nadu- Paniyas ,Bhadagas, Dodas
• Madhya Pradesh-Gonds, Bhills
• Gujarat- Bhills

How are the tribals dependent on forest.? Explain.
The tribal people depend on forest for so many things. They are a source of livelihood for them. They get the following things from the forests-
• Food: They eat tamarind, custard, apple, amla, berries other wild fruits. They also eat roots, stems, seeds, flowers of some plant.
• Shelter: Wood leaves and twigs from the forests are used by them to build house.
• Forests are home to many plants and animals and Insects.
• Forests are also home to a number of Tribal People.
• Fuels: Wood is used as fuel for cooking. It also helps in keepings wild animals away.
• Fodder: Grass and Leaves from plants serve as fodder for their animals.
• Medicines: The tribal people have sound knowledge of medicinal plants found in the forest. They use Neem, Cinchona and Amla to cure diseases.

Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Question Answers Set 8

Name some things made from forest products.

Some things made from forest products are:
• leaves are used to make pattal (leaf plate)
• Baskets and flutes are made from Bamboos.
• rubber is obtained from rubber trees
• turpentine gums, and resins are also obtained from trees.

What is Vanmahotsava?

Vanmahotsava is celebrated every year during the rainy season to motivate people to plant trees. Most of the schools also celebrate this festival in the month of July. It is thus a tree plantation drive taken up to save the environment.
It is a movement which was initiated by K.M. Munshi in 1950. It is a week -long festival which involves tree plantation to increase the area under the forests.

What will happen to the animals if we keep on clearing the forest area?

If we keep on clearing the forest area for our needs, then the number of wild animals will decrease as by cutting of trees birds, reptiles, and insects lose their homes and food sources. It will result in the loss of habitat for animal species, which can harm ecosystem.

What did Suryamani want to achieve for the tribal people especially children?
Suryamani to achieve the following things:
• she wanted that on festivals people should sing their own songs.
• They should not forget their music
• They should enjoy wearing their traditional clothes.
• Children should also learn about herbs, medicines, and the art of making things from bamboo.
• Children should learn the language of school but must link it with their own language.

What do you think the story in chapter 22 from NCERT EVS class 5 is telling us about?

The chapter is about the Dhanu and Dhanu’s village people. Celebration in their home and the man who is working as a farmer in the land for farming for the other owner of the land. They tried to make Dhanu educated enough so that Dhanu doesn’t have to be like the mama and can settle in his life. The chapter shows the hardship of farmers with a mix of happiness.

Do you find the story of Dhanu and their family interesting in chapter 22 of class 5 EVS NCERT?

The chapter is easy to understand because the author used the language that natives understand and there are certain words native words for which the translation is also given. I found the story interesting as the story tells us about the fatherly expectation from his child and the atmosphere in a family.

What do you think the story shows as the important part of life from chapter 22 of EVS class 5 NCERT?

The story revolves around the occupation dhanu’s family has along with his working mother father and mama, Mami who sometimes visit outside the village to work in fields of sugarcane for the money as they were temporary laborers. They also realize the importance of education for Dhanu but for the job and money they had to visit outside the village.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 Whose Forests
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