NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 21 Picture Composition with practice exercises and sample questions answers. Standard 1 students can learn here about the composition of given pictures. The given sample examples of the book will help a lot to understand the fact of composition.

Write short notes on the topics given below:

    • 1. classroom
    • 2. teaching
    • 3. reading


Classroom is the part of school where student can sit and teachers teach the student. In my school there are several classrooms in which students from different classes and sections can sit. The average strength of each classroom is approximately 40.


As a student, teaching is important part of our life. All the human being learn from teaching by any mean. For examples a small child learns from his/her parents and elders. Students learn from their teachers. This is advices to everyone that we should adopt good teaching in our life.


To gain knowledge there are many ways. From old days to till the time people stored their knowledge in the form of books. After reading these books we know all about past. On bases of concepts we can draw the map of our present and future. Make reading books as a hobby we may enjoy and pass time easily.

What are your views about the words given below?
    1. cake
    2. candle
    3. party
    4. gift

Everyone know about cake. This is favorite item on the occasion of birthday or any other celebrations. Children like it very much. We see different designs and colors which attract children most. Without cake birthday celebration is not so joyful.


Candles are mostly manufactured by paraffin wax which is a byproduct of petroleum refining. Candles used for emergency lighting during the electricity failure. Sometimes special type candles used for spreading fragrance and ritual and religious purpose.


Party is the word used a group of people together enjoy eating, drinking, dancing and other activities. There are several type of parties from small to a big gathering. This like a social activity where everyone enjoys the moments, especially children are very happy to participate in parties.


Gift is a word to give something to someone without payment in return, as to show honor, love on an occasion. We should not judge the value of gift from its price. Children feel joy when someone gift them on the occasion of their birthday.

Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 21 Picture composition
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