NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 10 Prepositions with practice exercises and assignments for the new academic session 2023-2024. Download an extra sheet to practice for tests and exams. Sentences are prepared in simple statements, easy to understand and solve. Videos related to each chapter are also given so that users can understand easily.

Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 10 Prepositions

What are Prepositions?

A preposition shows the relation of a person or thing to another word in the sentence.

    1. The dog is in the tub.
    2. The book is on the table.
    3. The cat is under the stool.

From the above examples we can conclude that ‘In’, ‘on’ and ‘under’ are some prepositions.

    • (i) ‘In’ shows the position of the dog in comparison with the tub.
    • (ii) ‘On’ shows the position of the books compared to the table.
    • (iii) ‘Under’ shows the position of the cat in relation to the stool.

Check Yourself

A. Fill in the blank with the given preposition: In, on, under

The child is ………… the bus.

The child is in the bus.

The dog is ………….. the tree.

The dog is under the tree.

The monkey is ………. the cart.

The monkey is on the cart.

The tiger is ……… the cage.

The tiger is in the cage.

The vase is …….. the cupboard.

The vase is on the cupboard.

The parrot is sitting ……… the branch.

The parrot is sitting on the branch.

B. Choose the correct preposition in the bracket to complete each sentence.

The boy is going ……. the fence. (through, under)

The boy is going under the fence.

The girl is coming ……. the stairs. (around, down)

The girl is coming down the stairs.

The children are swimming ……….. the river. (under, across)

The children are swimming across the river.

The teacher is standing ………… the student. (towards, between)

The teacher is standing towards the student.

C. Write true and false.

The radio is in the table.


The book is on the table.


The lamp is under the sofa.


The T. V. is on the table.


The pillows are in the sofa.


The clock is on the wall.


Class 1 Grammar Prepositions
Assignment of Prepositions for grade 1
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