NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 6 Gender (He Words and She Words). Know here to identify noun genders in grade 1 English Grammar with the help of examples and illustrations. In this chapter of 1st English Grammar, students can comfortably understand about the gender types and can use it their sentences too.

Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 6 Gender

He-Words and She-Words (Gender)

Did you know “he” and “she” are the only gender-specific pronouns in the English language? While it may be obvious to most native English speakers that “he” is masculine and refers to a male and “she” is feminine and refers to a female, non-native English speakers may confuse the two.

He-Words She-Words
Boy Girl
King Queen
Cock Hen
Bull Cow
Peacock Peahen
Horse Mare
He-Words She-Words
Man Woman
Brother Sister
Son Daughter
Actor Actress
Monk Nun
Uncle Aunt
He-Words She-Words
Host hostess
Poet poetess
Nephew niece
Master Mistress
He-goat She-goat
Hero Heroine

Note: He-words or males are Masculine Gender.
She-words or Females are Feminine Gender.

Check Yourself

Write the feminine and masculine gender.
Masculine Feminine
Waiter Waitress
Brother Sister
Dog Bitch
Sir Madam
Father Mother
Lord Lady
Aunt Uncle
Daughter Son
Bitch Dog
Hostess Host
Grandma Grandpa
Mare Horse
Adding ‘ess’ in masculine words to convert into feminine
Masculine Feminine
Lion Lioness
Priest Priestess
Prophet Prophetess
Patron Patroness
Host Hostess
Viscount Viscountess
Adding ‘ess’ in masculine words to convert into feminine
Shepherd Shepherdess
Steward Stewardess
Baron Baroness
Abbot Abbess
Masculine Feminine
Emperor Empress
Traitor Traitress
Actor Actress
Benefactor Benefactress
Hunter Huntress
Tempter Temptress
Noun Gender for class 1
Class 1st English Grammar Noun Gender
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