NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 8 Am, Is, and Are with assignments and worksheets. All the contents related to Standard 1 English Grammar are now available in an updated format for the new academic session 2023-2024. Get a complete revision of the chapter by doing the exercises given below at the end of the chapter 8 grade 1 English Grammar.

Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 8 am, is, and are

Use of Am, Is and Are

There are three little words that we use often, whenever we talk about ourselves or about others. They are ‘am’, ‘is’ and ‘are’.

    • Am
      ‘Am’ is used only with ‘I’.
    • Is
      ‘Is’ is used with ‘he, ‘she’, ‘it’, ‘this’ etc.
    • Are
      ‘Are’ is used with ‘we’, ‘you’ and ‘they’.

Here are the examples of use of ‘am’, ‘is’ and ‘are’:

    1. I am a farmer.
    2. You are a doctor.
    3. He is a soldier.
    4. They are soldiers.
    5. She is dancer.
    6. They are dancers.

Check Yourself

A. Fill in the blank using ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’, ‘they’.

……. is a new chair.

It is a new chair.

Mr. Gupta is my neighbor. …………… is a teacher.

Mr. Gupta is my neighbor. He is a teacher.

……… is a clever boy.

He is a clever boy.

——— is my grandmother.

She is my grandmother.

I have a toy car. ……….. is my favourite toy.

I have a toy car. It is my favourite toy.

Amit and Sonam are in class I. ……… are good students.

Amit and Sonam are in class I. They are good students.

B. Fill in the blanks, choosing the correct words from the brackets.

You ………. My friends. (is/are)

You are my friends.

I …….. very happy. (is/am)

I am very happy.

The book ……. On the table. (is/are)

The book is on the table.

The dogs …….. barking. (is/are)

The dogs are barking.

The teacher ……….. teaching. (is/am)

The teacher is teaching.

C. Fill in the blanks with ‘am’, ‘is’ or ‘are’ correctly.

You …… a teacher.

You are a teacher.

They ……. Children.

They are children.

He …… my neighbor.

He is my neighbor.

I …… a child.

I am a child.

We …….. students.

We are students.

She ……… my sister.

She is my sister.

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