NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 9 Has and Have and there uses in sentences. Learn here how to make the sentences using has or have. After doing chapter 9, must do the exercises question answers and fill in the blanks for revision. All the contents are updated for the new academic session 2023-2024.

Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 9 Has and Have

Uses of Has and Have

‘Has’ and ‘Have’ are used when we want to say we own something. “I have a pet cat” means that I own the cat. ‘Has’ and ‘have’ are used when we speak about now or today.

    1. I have a pet dog.
    2. You have a pet dog.
    3. We have a pet dog.
    4. This boy has a pet cat.
    5. They have a pet cat.
    6. Amit has a car.
    7. He has a car.

A. Fill in the blanks correctly with ‘has’ or ‘have’.

We ……. only an orange.

We have only an orange.

I …….. five ice-cream.

I have five ice-cream.

He ……. a red butterfly.

He has a red butterfly.

My friend ……. a watch.

My friend has a watch.

I ……. many friends.

I have many friends.

We ……….a big house when I was a kid.

We have a big house when I was a kid.

Deepak …….six crayons.

Deepak has six crayons.

A rabbit ……..long ears.

A rabbit has long ears.

Do you……a ballon?

Do you have a ballon?

This bird …….red wings.

This bird has red wings.

Ramu …….fun at the party last night.

Ramu has fun at the party last night.

Ajay ……..a new toy.

Ajay has a new toy.

B. Use of ‘has’ and ‘Have’.

Has Have
My sister has short hair. The twins have blue eyes.
Jennifer has long fingernails. We have many friends.
Ronaldo has straight hair. I have a lot of friends.
Sapna has green eyes. Marks and Ryan have two brothers.
Naveen has two pairs of shoes. I have many story books.
He has five bananas. You have five pencils.

C. Rewrite the following sentences correctly.

We has new uniforms. (Wrong)

We have new uniforms. (Right)

You has a good house. (Wrong)

You have a good house. (Right)

It have four legs. (Wrong)

It has four legs. (Right)

Class 1 English Grammar use of Has and Have
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