NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 7 Verb or Action Words updated for CBSE new Syllabus academic year 2024-25. Students can get ample practice with assignments and worksheets given in exercises. The sentences and words are kept easy so that a student of standard 1 can understand easily.

Action Words (Verb)

Action words are those that tell what a person, an animal or a thing does. They express an action.

    • 1. Reading
    • 2. Writing
    • 3. Jumping
    • 4. Eating
    • 5. Cooking
    • 6. Crying
    • 7. Running
    • 8. Catching

Read the following sentences to know more about doing words:

1. The dog is running. (Running)
2. The boy is singing. (Singing)
3. She is writing in the notebook. (Writing)
4. I am reading a book. (Reading)
5. Sonam is eating an ice-cream. (Eating)

The words ‘running’, ‘singing’, ‘writing’, ‘reading’ and ‘eating’ show us the action done by each of them. So they are action words or doing words.

Check Yourself

A. Join the doing words with the correct subject.
Subject Action Words
Stars Twinkling
Boy Singing
Girl Dancing
Woman Drinking
Sun Shining
Teacher Teaching

C. Mark the correct action verb in the sentences.

He is brushing his teeth.


Joy is shopping by online.


She is laughing at them.


She is eating lunch.


He is teaching the student.


We are searching for the criminals.


They are sleeping on the floor.


Raju is speaking in the phone.


B. Write the action words in the following sentences.
SentenceAction Word
Sonam is singing a song. Singing
The boy is writing a letter. Writing
I am reading a book. Reading
She is looking at the sky. Looking
The peon is ringing the bell. Ringing
D. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate action words.

Reading, writing, eating, brushing, watching, swinging, cooking

Ruchi is ……….. on the swings.

Ruchi is swinging on the swings.

Saksham is ……….. an ice-cream.

Saksham is eating an ice-cream.

He is ……… a story book.

He is reading a story book.

Mother is ………….. food for me.

Mother is cooking food for me.

The boy is …….. his teeth.

The boy is brushing his teeth.

The teacher is ………. On the board.

The teacher is writing on the board.

They are ………. T. V..

They are watching T. V..

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