NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Unit 1 Chapter 1 A Happy Child and Chapter 2 Three Little Pigs updated for new academic session 2024-25 CBSE and other state board who are using NCERT Textbooks as course books. Answers are given in simplified format free to use so that students can understand easily.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Unit 1

Summary of the poem – A HAPPY CHILD

In the poem mentioned above, a child is telling about her life. She has a little house of red color. She is a happy child. The whole day she laughs and plays and never cries. She has a green-colored tree that protects her from sun rays. She sits under the tree after playing.

New words used in the above-mentioned poem are:
1. Cry
2. Day
3. Red
4. Sun

CryDon’t cry Radhika.
DayThis day is not good.
RedI have a red pen.
SunThe sun shines in the sky.

Fill in the box with the right color name.

What is the color of the happy child’s house?


What is the color of your house?


What is the color of the tree?


What is the color of the sun?


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Exercise question Answers Unit 1 Class 1 English

Is there a tree growing near your house?

Yes, there is a tree near my house.

Tell us about the tree. Is it big or small?

The tree near my house is a little big tree. This tree is dark green. This tree has many health benefits. We all should save trees.

Do you like the tree? What is the name of the tree?

Yes, I like the tree very much. Trees provide us oxygen, protect us from sunlight, give us wood, fruits, vegetables, etc. The name of the tree is Neem tree.

How do you feel happy or sad?

When you get a new dress?Happy
When you get hurt?Sad
When you share your things?Happy
When you are ill?Sad

Three Little Pigs – Question Answers

How many people live in your house?

Five people live in my house. Me and my father, mother, brother, grandmother.

How many pigs were there in the story “Three little pigs”?

Three pigs were there in the story “Three Little Pigs”.

What were the names of the three pigs?

The names of the three pigs were Sonu, Monu, and Gonu.

Who destroyed Sonu and Monu’s house?

A wolf destroyed Sonu and Monu’s house.

Who lived in a house of bricks?

Gonu lived in a house of bricks.

Whose house was strong?

Gonu’s house was made up of bricks and was very strong.

What did the big wolf say to the pigs?

The big wolf says “I will huff and puff and I will blow your house down”.

Was the wolf good or bad?

The wolf was bad.

What is your house made of?

My house is made up of bricks.

Who is good?

Pigs are good.

Who is bad?

Wolf is bad.

New words

New words used in the story “Three little pigs” are:
1. And
2. Bad
3. Big
4. But
5. Not
6. One
7. Pig
8. The
9. Was

Make sentences using any five above-mentioned new words
AndMe and my brother like video games.
PigThis pig is very dirty.
WasYesterday was a sunny day.
Big, BadWolf was very big and bad.

Is “A Happy child” poem in unit 1 chapter 1 from class 1st Marigold easy to understand?

The poem “The happy child” Was very easy to read and understand.

The poem unit1 chapter 1 from class 1st marigold is for the children to read and sing. Do you think it is easy to memorize?

The poem consists of rhyming words that are easy for children to cath and sing along.

Is Story unit 1 chapter 2 from Class 1st marigold ‘Three little pigs’ easy to understand and read?

The story was easy to read with very easy words used to make this story easy for children to enjoy

Is this story given in unit 1 chapter 2 from class 1st Marigold can be cover in one day?

The story is fun and animals are there which makes it interesting for the students. It is also made with easy words so it can be covered by the students.

In the story in unit1 chapter 2 class 1st Marigold ’three little pigs’ one pig Gonu have a house made of brick, why do you think it is not broke by his huff and puffs of Wolf?

The House was made of bricks. The bricks house is strong.

Last Edited: June 19, 2024