NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Unit 5 Chapter 1 Merry-Go-Round and Chapter 2 Circle with extra questions and support study material and assignments. All the contents are prepared for new academic session 2024-25 free to download in PDF or use it online without downloading.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Unit 5

Merry-Go-Round – Summary

In this poem, A child is sharing her experience of the swing named “Merry-Go-Round”. The child is enjoying swinging on the swing “Merry-go-round”. She sits on the brown color wooden horse that takes her up and down. She is really enjoying the swing Merry-go-round.

New words in the poem “Merry-Go-Round” are:

1. Around
2. Round
3. In
4. Down
5. On
6. Out
7. Up

Make sentences using the words: Round, Down, On, and In.
roundDonuts are round in shape.
downPut that box down.
onThe jug is on the table.
inReema is sitting in the room.

Class 1 English Unit 5 Chapter 1 Question Answer set 1

How did the merry-go-round go in the poem “Merry-Go-Round”?

The merry-go-round went round and round.

How did the big brown horse go in the poem “Merry-Go-Round”?

The big brown horse went up and down in the poem “Merry-Go-Round”.

Have you seen a merry-go-round?

Yes, I have seen a merry-go-round.

Where have you seen a merry-go-round?

I have seen a merry-go-round in the amusement park.

Would you like to go to a fair?

Yes, I like to go to a fair.

Talk about the things you enjoy at a fair.

I enjoy all the swings, especially the king wheel, roller coaster. I enjoy buying new toys, candies, etc. I also enjoy the magic show and the adventure car show at the fair. I enjoy eating the tasty food items there. In short, I enjoy the complete fair.

Who wrote the poem “merry-go-round”?

Dorothy W. Baruch wrote the poem “merry-go-round”.


Circle – Summary

The story “Circle” is about a girl named Mohini and her grandmother. In this story, Mohini is sitting with her grandmother and her grandmother is teaching her how to draw a circle. She teaches her how to make balls and balloons using that circle. Mohini herself makes many balloons and balls. Then her grandmother asks her to make some other things with a help of a circle. Mohini makes a wheel, moon, and her own face.

The new words used in the story “Circle” are:

1. Ball
2. Blue
3. Circle
4. lines
5. Moon

Make sentences using the word Ball, Blue, Moon.
ball, blue1. This ball is of blue color.
moon2. The moon is very beautiful.

Class 1 English Unit 5 Chapter 2 Question Answer set 1

Who wrote the story “Circle”?

Manorama Jafa wrote the story “Circle”.

What did Grandmother and Mohini draw first?

Grandmother and Mohini drew a circle first.

What were the colors of the balloons that Mohini drew?

Mohini drew Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow colored balloons.

Unit 5 was very interesting. Students learn my things from this unit. Many skills like listening skills, learning skills, speaking skills, sentence making, etc develop from this unit.

Is the poem in unit 5 chapter 1 from Class 1st Marigold a fun poem?

Yes, the poem Merry-go-round is a fun poem to make the children sing along and memorize it.

Do you think the poem in unit 5 chapter 1 from Marigold class 1st is easy for the children to understanding?

The story is easy to understand as it is made in a way that children can sing along in easy words.

What do you think about the story unit 5 chapter 2 from class 1st Marigold?

The story encourages the children to do some activity in their classes or their home. Like the little girl Mohini did.

Do you think the story unit 5 chapter 2 from 1st Marigold is long?

The story is a little longer than usual stories but in the length, it shares the information about the activities and that is interesting.

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