NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 13 These and Those words and their use in sentences. All the contents related to grade 1 chapter 13 are updated for the current academic session 2024-25 CBSE and State board students. We have used simple and easy terms to make sentences so that students can understand easily.

Use of These and Those

We use ‘these’ and ‘those’ to point out plural things around us. ‘These’ is used for things that are near to us. ‘Those’ is used for things that are far from us.

    1. These are mangoes.
    2. Those are mangoes.
    3. These are parrots.
    4. Those are parrots.
Take these keys.Give me those shirts.
These are your trainers.Those shirts are Dad’s.
These shoes are not Raju’s.Those boots are mine.
These are yellow monsters.Those are green monsters.
These fruits are fresh.Those bags are expensive.
These are my school books.Those are my teachers.

Check Yourself

Fill in the blanks using ‘these’ and ‘those’. (These and those are plural pronouns used for things which are near and far)

_________ are roses.

These are roses.

__________ are pencils.

Those are pencils.

_________are tops.

These are tops.

__________ are oranges.

Those are oranges.

__________are glasses.

These are glasses.

__________are tomatoes.

Those are tomatoes.

____________are grapes.

These are grapes.

______________are trees.

Those are trees.

Use of these and those:
These Those
Are these books here, I will take care of those details.
You will have to show me these beautiful flowers. Besides, those are my animals.
These are my other two daughters, Reena and Meena. Those eyes would be mocking her.
Can one be calmin times like these if one has any feeling? Said Geeta. Do those two things even compare?
I am talking about the safety of these people. Those jeans make your legs so long.
These Those
How your mother doing these days? My parents used to listen to those old songs.
If they could talk, what tales these hills could tell? Those differences are part of what makes us unique.
Nobody could answer these questions. Those words stayed in her mind all afternoon.
These ships were loaded with corn. Deepak, we all agreed on those rules.
These all are story books. See those clouds, how they hang!
These colors are very beautiful. Thanks. Those things give me the creeps.
Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 13 These and Those
Class 1 English Grammar These and Those
Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 13 These and Those Revision
Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 13 These and Those Workbook
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