NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 12 This and That. In the 12th chapter of grade 1 English Grammar, the student will learn to use the words THIS and THAT. Learn here about the cases where we use THIS or THAT. Simple sentences using the terms THIS are given for practice. In the chapter end exercise, sentences based on THAT are also given.

This is That

We use ‘this’ and ‘that’ to point out singular things around us.
‘This’ is used when referring to the object or person to be pointed out. This also indicates that this object or near us.
Using that, we can understand that the person or object we want to indicate is both singular and pointed out to us in a distant place.

    • 1. This is a van.
    • 2. That is a tree.

Check Yourself

Fill in the blank using ‘this’ and ‘that’.

………. is an apple.

This is an apple.

………. is a bell.

That is a bell.

………. is a cap.

This is a cap.

………. is a scooter.

That is a scooter.

……….. is a fan.

This is a fan.

………. is a camera.

That is a camera.

……….. is a bat.

This is a bat.

………… is a ball.

That is a ball.

Sentences used ‘this and ‘that’.

This That
What kind of book this is? Is that kid looking at me?
Did you break this plate? Can you look at that phone?
I am going abroad this week. That post looks like yours.
You can still drink this tea. Let me come, I will go like that.
This is my friend. That is your house.
This is my watch. That is our school.
This That
This is my shirt. The star looking big and bright, that is pole star.
This is inkpot. That is moon.
Are you like this sweet? That place is very beautiful.
This is my younger brother. That waterfall is big and beautiful.
Are you know this boy. That tree has delicious fruits.
This is my study room. That park is good for morning walk.
This person is very honest. That building is tall.
Class 1 English Grammar Chapter 12 This and That
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