NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Grammar Chapter 19 Comprehension (Unseen Passage) for new academic session 2024-25. Comprehension means the ability of mind to grasp or understand anything written or spoken. Comprehension passage is meant to test a student’s ability to understand the ideas in their given context. Reading helps us acquire knowledge.

Class 5 English Grammar Chapter 19 Comprehension

Class: 5English Grammar
Chapter: 19Comprehension – Unseen Passage

Comprehension is use to test the following facts

    1. Student’s ability to understand ideas in his/her own language
    2. His/her ability to follow the structure and the development of thoughts.
    3. His/her ability to express someone else’s ideas in his/her won language.
    4. To know the meanings of various words and phrases.
    5. To draw conclusions.

Useful hints for solving comprehension

    • 1. Read the given passage carefully. Remember that a good paragraph revolves round a single idea.
    • 2. Follow the line of development that the writer has given. Separate the explanations, example, and quotations from the main concern.
    • 3. Try to paraphrase the important portions of the passage, as you start writing the answer.
    • 4. Never try to explain the questions or given your opinions.
    • 5. Write your answer brief, precise and to the point.
    • 6. Your answer must consist of complete and self-explanatory sentences.
    • 7. Always use the same tense as used in the question.
    • 8. Always use the third person.
Way to score more
    1. Be brief and to the point.
    2. Write one or two words, as specified in the blanks.
    3. Increase your stock of vocabulary.
    4. Revise your answer and correct your spelling/grammatical errors.
Marking scheme
    • 1. Full marks for the exact answer.
    • 2. Mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling are not severely penalised.
    • 3. Good answers are awarded good marks.
Unseen Passage I

It is a common belief that industrialization is the main contributing factor for the degradation of environment and human health. But this is not very true. It is the gift of industrialization that we are able to feed such a large population. The Green Revolution took place only due to industrialization. Urea, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. began to be produced only after industrialization. Besides, mechanical equipment for agriculture like tractors, threshers, combines, etc. began to be manufactured in big industries.

Industrialization is also the basis of our modern and technologically advanced world. Most of the appliances that we use for our comfort are also produced in the industries. Moreover, lifesaving drugs and medical equipment are also the gift of our scientific research and industrialization.

Sample Questions

1. Why was Green Revolution not possible without industrialization?
2. How is industrialisation related to our comfort?
3. What is the role of industrialization in saving the lives of people?
4. Industries cause a lot of pollution, still they are important. Why?

Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements.
1. Industrialization is the only reason behind pollution.
2. Agricultural development is not possible without industrialization.
3. Our life would not have been so comfortable without industrialization.
4. Industries produce many things which make our life comfortable.

How do you write answers of an unseen passage in Class 5 English Grammar?

Tips for solving comprehension passages:
(i). Read the passage thoroughly.
(ii). Focus on the relevant details and underline them with a pen or a pencil.
(iii). Read the questions carefully and go back to the passage to find the answers.
(iv). The answers are generally in a logical sequence.
(v). Try to write the answer in your own words.

What is unseen passage in Standard 5 English Grammar Chapter 19?

Unseen passages are those passages which are not present in our book. It is given on the question paper which we haven’t read and we have to answer those questions with reference to the passage.

What is the difference between seen and unseen passage in Chapter 19 Class 5 English Grammar?

A seen passage is already read by you which means that you know what is in it. But in an unseen passage it is a paragraph which is not much familiar to you and you don’t know much about it.

How do you write an unseen passage summary in class 5 English Grammar Chapter 19?

Do not include quotations, metaphors, smiles and other figures of speech. Before you start writing the summary, write down the important ideas in the passage. Do not copy words and phrases from the passage. As far as possible the summary should be written in your own words.

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