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Class 10 English Chapter 9

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A Stage Drama: Prologue

Time: 25th Century
Venue: Museum of Ancient History, Dept. of 20th century on the Planet Earth
The story takes place in the 25th-century on Earth. Wherein a museum it has been displayed that how a book saved earth from Mars invasion. The story is given from the conversational point of view which can be used as humorous drama.

Future Museum

Historians enter the Museum of Ancient History in the 25th century. In the department where 20th-century things are being displayed. A projection of a girl is shown bowing down and welcoming the guests. Saying that introduces that 20th century is the century of books and knowing. Where everything was given in the book. Where, what, why and how all the questions and its answers. People used to read in the books. The books are illustrated, punctuated, and graphically decorated there.

The strangest part that no one hears or saw in year 25th century. How the book saved the earth we live in from the Martians’ attack in the year 2040. She switched the projector showing the think tank of the Martian army. To show how the think tank with a big Egg shaped head planned the invasion to earth.

Commander in Chief, Great Think-Tank

Mars Space control – Scene 1
Noodle one of the apprentice in the army of Think-Tank praised. The Think-Tank for being the mightiest and the most intelligent creature on the planet and asked his orders. Think-Tank fluffed with the salutation ordered communicating with space probe. To put arrange the attack to earth to put it down under the rulership of the great mighty Think-tank.

Think-tank even owns the mirror that can talk. He asked every time who is the most intellectual being born in the land. To hear its name from the mirror. Even then he scolds the mirror of being slow and becoming faster to say his name. In the name of consultation, he only wishes to hear in the name of being the superior. He ordered his apprentice to contact the space probe. To launch the invasion and get the earth down to his rulership before lunch. He calls the Earth mud ball.

Class 10 English Chapter 9 The Book that Saved the Earth

Contacting the Space probe – Scene 2

Venue – Public library of Centerville and Space probe Mars
Noodle informed Think-tank that they established the contact with a Space probe. Hearing that he put his spectacles in ordered to make the voice contact available.
Noodle contacted captain Omega and Lieutenant Iota sargent Oop of Mars space probe. They informed that they have invaded earth without any problems. Talking to each other to share the information to Think- Tank. That they took shelter in some place, and they tried to figure out what is that place might be. They considered that the place contains more than 2000 particularly same things. It could be some storage facility as per the Martians. Humans eat all the time so that could be some sort of storage facility. They couldn’t figure the part out and even though they have visited more than 7 galaxies but never seen some of such things. So, they decided to contact Might Think-Tank.

Contacting Think-Tank

They established contact with Think-Tank. He asked omega and Iota to show him the things by holding them in their hands. He taught them that earthlings have a strange diet. They eat all the time. So, it is a refreshment area and the books are Sandwiches. Sandwiches are a special part of earthlings’ diets. They like them very much. He considered the cover of the book to be a bread slice. The pages inside are some sort of fillings.

Then He asked the Omega to eat it. But he cleverly passed the opportunity iota to eat it. Iota was happy to eat it but then he passed the opportunity to Oop as he didn’t have anything. Oop couldn’t pass the offer and neither denied as Think-Tank was looking at him. So, he took the bite and informed that it is very dry as the sand of Mars, and he cannot eat it without water.

New Idea

Noodle informed that the sandwich could be some sort of communication device and earth people don’t eat them they hear them. Praising himself Think-tank said it was about to be the next point from him as he is never wrong. So he ordered to listen to them. They all were puzzled about how to do it? So, they tried to hear it but couldn’t get it from it. They concluded either earth people have really sharp ears. Or they might be hearing the information in the wrong frequency.
Then, Noodles suggested that he saw some pictures. It might be possible the earth people don’t hear them instead they watch them. Hearing that he commanded the troops. That it wasn’t the hearing communication sandwich. It is Omega held the “Mother Goose” Book and opened it to see. Omega found there some sort of codes given in the book. That he informed the Think-tank.

Vitamin for Intelligence

On the suggestion of Noodles, Think-tank ordered his troops to consume them. Then decipher the codes. Once they understand reading those codes. They began to laugh after reading them. Transcribing them to Think-tank became more serious. After discovering the fact that earth civilians are more advanced not as primitive. They knew how to mine, grow metals and cockleshells. After deciphering it more he found that. The cattle are more advance even domesticated animals can show the expressions.


Further reading explored the fact that they are planning to invade Mars. They already knew the Think-Tank. So, he asked noodles to contact the space probe troops on a mission. To abort the mission and retreat. They already are trying to capture the Think-tank. He should get away from Mars as soon as possible into some place called Alpha century in some distant galaxy.

Friends with Martians

Present-day described as the Martians are coordinating with earth people. Now Noodles is handling all things. There instead of Think-tank and this is how a book of nursery rhymes saved the world from the invasion that nobody knows.
Post the story projector went off and Curtain fell.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 9 The Book that Saved the Earth
Class 10 English Chapter 9 The Book that Saved the Earth
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