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The Unexpected Job

After receiving his (Narrator) honorary degree of Law. He became a Junior Assistant Secretary Great law firm. But as a policy as a cheap spy. I had to go in the mud and Dark corners of the city in search of my victims. Some big and the self-believers beat him. Several times which make him hate the city life and job. He often thought to head back home where he can be a real lawyer without a training period. The next assignment made him happy. As he had to head 40 miles out of the city to a place called New Mullion to call a man Oliver Lutkins called. The firm needed this man as a witness in court. He was not reachable. When He arrived in New Mullian, his hopes of a village were tarnished when he traveled mud-filled roads. The only pleasant view of this place.

Meeting with Hackman

There was a deliveryman at the station. Around middle-aged person fat and cheerful person with a smile on his face, dirty work clothes smiled at him. “I want,” He told him, “to find a man named Oliver Lutkins.” The delivery man told him that he saw Lutkins play poker at Fritz. Then he asked several questions. The narrator said he is in a hurry. He wants to take the day train and wants to keep the information as secretive as possible. The fat guy told him that he is a hacker and knew several places where he visits. The narrator likes the Hacker’s company and his friendly nature. He knew that the hacker wants the business. So, he agreed to pay two dollars per hour, and then they started their journey in the hacker’s black carriage.

The Chase Begins

In a way, the Hackman wanted to know if Lutkin owe some money to someone because he never pays to anyone. He informed him that if Narrator wanted to take out some money from Lutkins wearing stylish clothes. He was not going to pay and will slip away if he got suspicious about it. He offered to go into Fritz to ask for him. He liked the offer as he knew he’ll never catch the Lutkin alone. With the hack driver, He knew he would be able to find the man he is looking for. He laughed after hearing all and said “We all surprised by Lutkins. Then he introduces himself with the name Bill or Magnusson. My company is called William Magnusson Fancy Karting and Hacking.” After that, they went to Fritz as Lutkins plays poker a lot and he knows how to fool people. Bill admired the Lutkins dishonesty for a moment. Bill took him to Fritz and asked around if anyone saw Oliver Lutkins today? They’ve been informed that he was there. But then he left to Gustav to shave. Then Bill took him to Gustav’s and asked the swede, but he said his credit expired here and that’s why he went to Grey’s for a shave. He asked Bill and Lutkins to inform Lutkins if they found him that he owes Thirty dollars to swede. At Grey’s they found He was about to shave him, but then they lost him and probably he went to Poolroom to play.

Deepens the Acquaintances

Turns out in the pool room he had just bought a pack of cigarettes and gone outside. So they followed him right after him, but could not catch him for an hour, He was hungry. The Bill offered the meal and also offered that he can make. It packed, and it will be healthier than the greasy restaurant food at fraction of cost. They climb up Wads Hill and enjoy the view while having food

He understood Bill’s help to a city boy and for that, he was paying a very high price for six hours and even lunch. But then he’ll charge the company more than that. Moreover, He liked Bill’s philosophy and opinion about everyone in the village. Telling him while they sat on the top of the hill and looked at the pastures and the creek. He painted the New Mulain with people living there and their idiocy, but then he easily forgave them and laughed. He described the priest’s wife who sang in church in such a loud voice but in debt. And running young boys who came from college in fancy clothes.

Back to Work

He told him about the lawyer whose wife couldn’t persuade him to wear Tie and Collar at the same time. He knew Bill love and knew New Mulain than any city, and it strengthened him as he was restricted to university. The time of laughter and sitting admiring the meadows ends and the search of Lutkins begins again. Bill informed him that someone might have tipped Lutkins. That people are searching for him. That is why they are unable to catch him. So, they planned to head north 3 miles to his mother’s farm to check if she is there. She is a perilous lady who almost killed him. Once he should better let Bill do all the talking as he knew how to talk to her.

So, they went to We went to a poor country park; There was a big and cheerful old woman in front of us. Bill walked up to the woman and said “Do you remember me? I am Bill Magnusson; a taxi driver I want to find your son Oliver. “I don’t know about Oliver and I don’t want to know.” She said On which Bill said he already had enough crap, and they’re on legal work and have rights to search the home for him. For a moment Narattor felt important then the lady ran after them grabbing a hot iron rod.

Bill whispered “She’s going to kill us.” Then they ran out of the house saving their lives. Meanwhile, bill managed to inspect the Barn but Lutkins wasn’t there. It was time for Train and checking time he was worried that his career in a law firm is about to end. Meanwhile, he was also missing the slow life of New Mullan and Bill Magnusson. He could even imagine an honest life outside the law firm and city. Also, he was thinking about the failure. When everybody will find out the next morning. The matter was taken to court, and they were about to receive Lutkins but won’court.

End of the Day

When the train arrived at New Mullian, Bill was on the platform with his car. Remarkably, this old lady Lutkins’ mother, talked with Bill and laughing not quarreling at all. He pointed to Bill to show that fine man helped him find Lutkins. His companion asked if that man helped him find Lutkins? Because he was the Oliver Lutkins himself. But more than that what hurt him more is that he handed over summon to Lutkins.

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