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Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 8

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Unfortunate Incidents

This story is about a little girl named Sulekha. She survived the fall out of the cot at the age of less than a year. She was the fourth daughter of Numberdar Ramlal. That accident damaged her and she remained simple and that is why everyone called her Bholi. At the age of 2 years, another attack of smallpox devastated her completely only her eyes survived. Black spots ruined her entire body. When finally, she learned to speak at the age of five she started to stammer. Resulting she speaks and meets others very little because they make fun of her. After the marriage of two daughters and Ramlal was worried about Bholi’s marriage. The third daughter got married when Bholi was only seven years old. Ram Lal was worried as marrying young and healthy girls was not difficult but Bholi seems with no brain.

Doors of Opportunity

When Mangala got married. The same year there is a new school opened. In the school, Tehsildar Sahib gave the inaugural speech. At the ceremony to encouraging girls’ education. The tehsildar urges Ramlal to send girls to the school. Starting this will set an example for the girls in the village to join the school and study. This created tension in Ramlal’s home. As his wife wouldn’t want to send girls to school. Considering the fact that nobody wants to marry an educated girl. However, Ramlal couldn’t gather the courage to go against Tehsildar sahib. So, at his wife’s suggestion, they decided to send Bholi to school. As nobody is going to marry a girl with a Dumb mind and ugly face. She suggested letting the school teacher worry about her. She wanted to get rid of her. That said Ramlal took Bholi to school but was nervous. Bholi doesn’t want to go to school.

Preparation for Bholi

Let the school teachers worry about him.” The next day Ramlal grabbed Bholi’s arm and said, “Come on. With me. I’ll take you to school. “Bholi was nervous. She does not want to go. She remembers once her father took the cow out, then sold it to someone. So, she screamed “N-n-n-n-n-no, no, no, no!” and pulled her hand away from her father’s grip. But Ramlal scolded Bholi said he is taking her to school. He asked his wife to make her ready like other girls in the school. Before that, no new dress has ever been given to her. Her sister’s worn-out dresses are usually transferred to her. Nobody fixes her hair or makes her bath properly. But this time it is different Bholi could sense the change but yet nervous. Her clothes don’t have wrinkles and her hair are being oiled and tidied up. Which makes her believe that she is been taking to some good place. Ramlal handed over Bholi to the principal of the school. She looked around many rooms that had girls of her age sitting on a mat and reading books. The Principal asked Bholi to sit in the corner of the room.

Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 8 Bholi

Amazed Bholi

Sitting in the classroom Bholi admired the painting of Parrots and other animals drawn on the wall. Bholi could recognize some paintings. When the teacher asked Bholi to tell her name. She stammered and everyone laughed in the classroom at her. That broke her confidence and Bholi fell silent with her head down.

When the bell ring and the children went out to play Bholi kept sitting in the classroom. Then the teacher called her again, but her voice sounded like music in her ears not commanding her. The teacher asked what is your name “Bholi stammered “B-B-B-B-Bholi”. Teacher affirmed, and said it will be easy only. If she comes to school every day. She did ask Bholi that would she attend school every day? Bholi confirmed by nodding and then the teacher asked her to speak up loud. Bholi said “Yes, Yes.” Bholi was amazed that she said so. The teacher then handed her a book. Book contain colorful pictures of parrot, Dog, Cat, cow-like Lakshmi, horse, tiger, and other animals. The teacher confirmed that she will be able to read this book in a month, and then she will give her more books. That are bigger than this and soon she will be an educated girl in the village and everybody will respect her.

New Hope for Bholi

The teacher’s promise to become an educated girl in the village. Gave Bholi new hope of being respected and talking fluently. One day Ramlal got a proposal for Bholi’s marriage from a different village, and he discussed it with his wife. His wife agreed to the marriage saying forty-five is not the great age of a man. He has a few thousand rupees laying in his account, and he doesn’t know that the girl has a small-pox mark and is dumb. Ramlal hesitated to say, he also has children of her age from another wife. They should ask Bholi first. But his wife considered that she is no-brainer cannot understand anything about marriage and relation.

Day of Wedding

Bishamber Nath was the name of the groom. On the day of her wedding, the band was playing some film music. It was a grand wedding when the Barat came all the guests including her own sisters were envious of her luck. When the moment arrives and the priest asked to exchange the garland. Bishamber saw Bholi’s face and discussed not to wed her. She has pox marks. Unless her father would give him five thousand rupees.

Bholi’s father fulfilled his dowry demand and requested him not to humiliate him anymore. The Moment arrived when Bishamber Nath tried to make the garland. But this time Bholi took a stand stopped him. Bholi flung the garland into the fire and asked his father not to marry the old man anymore. Because she doesn’t deem Bishamber Nath as prospective husband as he is a coward.

Self-Righteous Bholi

This shocked Bholi’s parents and guests started to whisper “So shameless.” No, which Bholi replied loud and clear. That she is not some dumb cow. She can speak loud and clear if this is what they want to hear. The marriage halted and guests began to go back except the teacher who was standing there watching all the drama. Bholi announces that she will teach in the school and help her home and parents even if no one weds her like her teacher. When the teacher affirms “Yes, Of course.” There was a sparkle of happiness in Bholi’s eyes this time.

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