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Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 2 Solutions

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The First Meeting

Hari Singh was still a thief when he met Anil. At the age of 15 he was an experienced and quite successful hand. Anil was watching a wrestling match when he met him. He was 25 years old – a tall, skinny boy – and he seemed calm and friendly and simple enough for my purpose. I could win this young man’s trust. “You look like a fighter yourself,” I said, a little flattery helps in friendship. “And you too,” he replied, Hari Singh was very skinny then. “Okay,” He said politely.

“What is your name?” Hari Singh, He lied. He changes name to avoid police. After this introduction, Anil talked about the trained wrestlers. He followed Anil. “Hello again,” he said. I gave him my most charming smile. “I want to work for you,” I said. “But I can’t pay you.” Anil said. I thought about this for a minute. He asked, “Can you feed me?” “Do you know how to cook?” “I can cook,” He lied again. We went to his room over Candy store of Jamna, and He said he can sleep in the balcony. The food he cooked that night was bad, so Anil gave it to dog and said he’ll teach him how to cook. He stood out and smiled most charmingly, and that he couldn’t help but laugh.

Ripened the Friendship

Anil taught him to write his name and said that He’ll quickly teach him how to write complete sentences and add numbers. He was Thankful. He knew that one day he would be able to write like educated person. It was a pleasure working for Anil. He made morning he and does odd jobs and makes Re 1.

Anil works for some magazine so for one week, and then he repays when he got money and celebrates like victory. He found it weird way to make a living before the day comes when Anil came home. He came with a small bundle of notes and said that he had just sold the book to the publisher. Hari saw him tucking the money considering working without pay. Anil gave him the key to the door. He trusted Hari and is being careless that is why it was difficult to rob him. Because careless person does not even realize that he has been robbed, that makes robbing no fun. Hari convinced himself that if he doesn’t take the money Anil will spend all.

The Moment Comes…

Anil was sleeping. And then I sat down on the floor and contemplated the situation. Taking train to Lucknow at 10:30 to escape. He crawled on the bed. Anil slept peacefully, his face was clean and free of wrinkles unlike Hari’s full of scars. Looking for the notes, his hand slipped under the mattress. When He found them, He took them out without a sound and crawled quickly from the room. He had notes on his belt kept them there in his pajamas. He Counted banknotes: 600 rupees in the fifties! Hari imagines how he can live lavishly with that.

Moment of Truth…

He went to station and at the platform. He observed Lucknow Express is moving and about to catch speed. He had time to jump into one of the cars. He hesitated – for some reason and missed the time to go. Furthermore, he thought he had no friends and doesn’t know how to live. Anil is the only person he knew and was the person He robbed. He walked slowly through the market and thinking. Being a thief I have learned to study the faces. He knew that when Anil came to know about the theft, there was only a slight sadness on his face. Because of loss of trust. He sat down on a bench. A little rain drenched him and notes and cold air rained down his face.

Being Big is Tough

He sat down at the clock’s hiding place. The clock showed midnight. He felt for the notes. He was thinking He had everything and thought he doesn’t have to work for him or write. It was not difficult to steal and sometimes even hunt. But being a big, smart, and respectable person is a completely different matter. He said to himself that he needed to go back. Returning to room thinking ignoring it is difficult. Anil was sleeping. He put the bills back under mattress. The next morning when I woke up late I found that Anil had made tea. He had fifty rupees between his fingers and extended towards him. My heart sank. “I made money yesterday,” Anil explained. “Now you will be paid regularly.” My spirit rose. But when I took the bill (note), I found the note was damp. “Today we will start writing sentences,” he said. He knew. He didn’t say anything neither did I. I smiled charmingly at Anil and the smile appears spontaneously without any effort.

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