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Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 3

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Unlike a Spy

Ausable did not match any description of the secret agent Fowler had ever met. Fowler was disappointed. This was it Small room on the sixth and last floors, and barely enough space. Ausable was rough. Very thick. The tone although he spoke French and German well, he was never completely lost the American accent. “You are disappointed,” said Ausable over his shoulder. “You have been told that I am a secret agent, a spy, and a spy. A danger. You wanted to meet me because you’re a writer. You imagined the mysterious figures that night, crack, Drugs in pistols, alcohol. “Instead, you spent a boring night in a French music hall. With a fat guy you bored! But Ausable promised that he’ll show some paper for important matter.

Confidential Work

I met many men and women who risked their lives. Soon, this article may affect the course of history. Ausable claimed, as he was talking and switched on the lights. Fowler felt real for the first time. Halfway through he saw a mysterious figure, he has a small automatic pistol in his hand. Hands up man Ausable blinked several times. “Max,” he said, “you gave me a good start” Ausable tried to make conversation. I thought you were in Berlin. What are you doing here in my room? Max was slender, slightly shorter, pointy face looks like fox. Nothing especially dangerous about him – except a pistol. “The report,” he asked. “Report submitted tonight on the new missile. I want to take if from you.

Calm Mind, Witty Nature

Ausable went to the chair and sat like there is nothing. “I am going this time pick up the devil with the management, and you can bet on him”. He said sadly. This is the second time in a month that someone came into my room from an uncomfortable balcony! Fowler’s was trying to understand the situation. Balcony? – said Max with a rising tone. “No, access key. Max said how he entered the room”. “It’s not my balcony”, said Ausable with great dismay. “It belongs to next room” he gave sly smile to Fowler. He said: This room was formerly part of a larger room and the next room… This way Ausable cooked up a story.

Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 3 the Midnight Visitor

There was a balcony which now reaches under my window. You can find out Empty room two doors down – and someone did last month. Max looked at Fowler, who stood motionless beside Ausable. And loudly waved his pistol. “Please sit down,” he said. “I guess we’ll have to wait half an hour”. “Thirty-one minutes”, Ausable corrected. The appointment was for twelve and thirty. I wonder how you heard about the report, Max. The little detective smiled bitterly. “And we want to know how your people received a report. With the sudden knock on the door Max was surprised and asked who is at the door. Fowler was shocked when there was a sudden knock on the door. “I thought important paper, we have might need extra security”. I told them to test me to make sure everything was OK.

The door was unlocked and the moment knob turned. Ausable asked “What are you going to do now, Max?” “And they won’t hesitate to shoot.” Scared Max threw his foot on the window. “Let them go!” “I am I will wait on the balcony. Opportunity! The knock on the door intensified and the sound got louder Mr Ausable!

Ausable had Last Laugh

Turning his body so that his pistol could still cover the fat man. And his Fowler, the man standing by the window grabbed the frame with his holiday hand to support. Then he swings his other leg up window box. Max pushes swiftly with his left hand to release him. And so when he fell, He screamed. The door opened and there was a waiter with a tray, a bottle and two glasses. “Here’s the drink you ordered when you returned,” he said.

He said, putting the tray on the table, deftly taking the cork out of the bottle and leaving room. Confused and surprised Fowler stared behind him. “But…” he murmured, “Police…” “The police weren’t there. Ausable sighed. “Only Henry as I was it waiting for. “But won’t this man come out on the balcony…?” Fowler started. “No,” said Ausable, “he’s gone for good. You see my young friend there’s no balcony.”

Class 10 English Chapter 3 the Midnight Visitor
NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 3
Class 10 English Chapter 3
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 3 the Midnight Visitor in Hindi
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 3 the Midnight Visitor
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 3 Hindi Translation
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 3 in Hindi Medium
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 3 in Hindi
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