NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4 a Question of Trust. Get here the Question answers and Hindi translation of 10 English book footprints without feet. It is supplementary book for grade 10 in CBSE. While Footprints without Feet is not directly tested in the CBSE exams, it can still be helpful for students who want to improve their English skills. The book contains a variety of texts and exercises that can help students to develop their reading comprehension, writing skills, and vocabulary. All the answers are in easy to learn format. The solutions is based on rationalised NCERT books published for academic session 2024-25.

Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4

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Introduction to Thief

Horace Danby was a good and honest citizen of about fifty, unmarried. He lived with a homeowner who was worried about his health. He made locks and where It is enough to have two assistants in his business. Yes, Horace Danby was nice and respectful, but not completely honest. Fifteen years ago, He went to jail. He likes to collect rare and expensive books. So he plans and steal safe and kept it low all year. Secretly bought books for the last twelve months He fell in love through an agent. He was walking in the hot July sun. He was sure the annual heist was to be a success like any other. It took him two weeks to search for a house. Hemake plans accordingly, Paths, gardens even knowing the place where the servant live. Made a plan when the family went to see the cinema in London. He was pleased despite having hay fever felt Happy despite having a slight fever in the nose. He was gone His tools are carefully packed in a bag, behind the wall of the garden on the back. In this shop, there was jewelry worth fifteen thousand pounds. Secure in the property. If he sells them all at once, he expects to get at least five Thousand.

Execution of Plan

Enough to buy three very interesting books that will be on sale this autumn. Now that He gets the money with which he wants to buy it. He saw the key on the hook. Horace was careful while opening doors and wore gloves minding not leaving any fingerprints. Calling dog to make himself familiar. “Okay, Sherry,” said Horace. He knew the safe was behind the big bad painting. He compared painting with books and found painting occupies more space. He blew his nose on flowers on the table and that triggered sneezes. He opened the equipment to start working on the safe as he had four hours before. He disables the anti-theft alarm. And everything was going as per plan except the loud sneezes because of flowers. Calling the owner of the house stupid as he showed everything in the magazine even the safe location that made the plan easy. The only problem was the flower smell for which he covered his face with a handkerchief. Then he heard a voice from the door, “What is this?” cold or hay fever? with a reflex Horace called “Hay fever” and found him Sneeze again.

Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4 a Question of Trust

Unexpected Guest

He hears the voice again: “You can cure it with special treatment, you know if you can find out which plant is causing your illness. I feel, if you are serious about your work then you should see a doctor. I heard you now from the roof of the house.” The lady in red came down and the dog was caressing her. She went to the fireplace. “Down, Sherry,” she said. She taunted friendly to Horace saying he thought she was not at home for a month. He told she never expected to meet a thief. Horace was enjoying meeting a beautiful lady and thought he could get away with it if he was nice to her. He replied, “I didn’t expect to meet anyone from the family.” Then she replied and made a casual conversation about two things. One, what is going to do next and second, how she can fail the plan of him running away or hurt her by calling cops.

Horace tried to scare her by telling how he can cut off the wires of the telephone. She made sure that she doesn’t do anything four hours while he is getting away. Horace demanded to forget him and let him go but on the counter-argument. The lady said if she let him go he will rob some other people and society is better off with such people. Horace had to make a promise not to do such a thing. He explained how he only robs rich people who can afford to buy these things again, and he is hate prison. “She laughed, on which Horace thought he persuaded her.

The Deal

“You do Afraid of going to jail, aren’t you? I’ve always liked the wrong people. Lady said while lighting her cigarette. Horace pulled his gloves and gave her lit a cigarette to please her and asked again “Do you want to let me go?” Lady put the condition that only if he does something for she will let her go and Horace agreed. “Whatever you say.” Horace asked “You forgot the number to open the safe, is not it?”, “Yes”, replied the girl. He assured the lady that it will be done in an hour, but the process will break the safe. Lady said she can fix the safe as her husband won’t come for a month.

No Honour Among Thieves

Horace opened the safe and gave her the jewelry and left happily. Two days passed by he kept his promise. He again started to think about all the books that he could’ve bought before break safe. Third-morning police arrested him for robbing jewelry in Shotover Grange. His fingerprints were there as he opened the safe without gloves. He explained the police about the lady in red with brown hair but no one believes him. He went to prison and now an assistant librarian. Sometimes he thinks of the clever intelligent lady who was working the same as him. She betrayed him and gets angry. He gets very angry when someone speaks about “thieves of honor”.

Class 10 English Chapter 4 A Question of Trust
NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 4 A Question of Trust
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4 a Question of Trust
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4 a Question of Trust in Hindi Medium
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4 in Hindi
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4 Hindi Translation
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4 translation in Hindi
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4 in Hindi
Class 10 English Supplementary Chapter 4 Hindi Medium
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