Class 10 English Chapter 3 MCQ topic Two Stories about Flying and poems given in the chapters updated for first term examinations CBSE 2023-24. Ample Practice questions in the format of MCQ with answers are given here for the revision of the chapter. There are two types of the question based on rationalised NCERT book published for 2023-24. First type is MCQ based on complete chapter and other are case based.

Class 10 English Chapter 3 MCQ

Class 10 English Chapter 3 MCQ Set 1


What maddened seagull?

[A]. His fear
[B]. Food
[C]. Height
[D]. All of the above

Who is the author of “His first flight”?

[A]. Liam O’Flaherty
[B]. Sam Curran
[C]. Michael Atherton
[D]. Anthony Varghese

What food did mother get for seagull?

[A]. Snail
[B]. Frog
[C]. Fish
[D]. Insects

From how long seagull was alone?

[A]. 10 days
[B]. 12 hours
[C]. 24 hours
[D]. 2 days

Class 10 English Chapter 3 MCQ Set 2


Seagulls siblings were trained in?

[A]. Art of flight
[B]. How to skim
[C]. Dive for fish
[D]. All of the above

Herring is ______.

[A]. An insect
[B]. A reptile
[C]. A sea fish
[D]. None

Why little seagull pretended to be falling asleep?

[A]. So they notice him
[B]. To make fun
[C]. He was really feeling sleepy
[D]. For food

Why seagull was afraid of flying?

[A]. He felt his wings would not support
[B]. He was not confident
[C]. His wings were small
[D]. All of the above

Class 10 English Chapter 3 MCQ Set 3


What did seagull see beneath him?

[A]. Small fish
[B]. Vast sea
[C]. His brother
[D]. Food

Seagull’s family call him coward because

[A]. He was afraid of flying
[B]. He don’t want to fly
[C]. He fights with everyone
[D]. Not able to collect food

Who was there with seagull on the ledge?

[A]. His family
[B]. No one
[C]. His friends
[D]. His brother

Where was pilot flying to?

[A]. Paris
[B]. Frankfurt
[C]. Tokyo
[D]. England

Class 10 English Chapter 3 MCQ Set 4


What was pilot dreaming while flying?

[A]. Increment
[B]. Vacation
[C]. Breakfast
[D]. Marriage

Why pilot called storm cloud as black mountains?

[A]. They were huge
[B]. Due to air pollution
[C]. Wind shield was black
[D]. None of the Above

What was pilot’s decision after seeing huge storm?

[A]. Contacted air traffic control
[B]. Decided to pass through
[C]. Remembered God
[D]. Both A and B

How black aero plane escorted the pilot’s aero plane?

[A]. Shared route map
[B]. Ask him to return to origin
[C]. Ask him to follow him
[D]. Transferred more fuel

Class 10 English Chapter 3 MCQ Set 5


For how long the black aero plane helped pilot’s aero plane?

[A]. Few minutes
[B]. Over 30 minutes
[C]. Came and disappear
[D]. None of the above

Why pilot called it a “Black Aero plane”?

[A]. Because of no lights on wings
[B]. Body color of aircraft was black
[C]. Night was dark and black
[D]. All of the above

Who confirmed the pilot that there was no other aero plane in the vicinity?

[A]. Radio signals
[B]. Crew members
[C]. Air traffic control lady staff
[D]. 2nd Pilot

What might be pilot’s first thought when ground staff confirmed there was no such black aero plane flying above?

[A]. Lady at ground staff lying or unaware
[B]. Thought of God’s existence
[C]. Blank and can’t understand anything
[D]. None of the above

Class 10 English Chapter 3 Two stories about flying MCQ Passage 1

The young seagull was alone on his ledge. His two brothers and his sister had already flown away the day before. He had been afraid to fly with them. Somehow he had taken a little run forward to the brink of the ledge and attempted to flap his wings he became afraid. The great expanse of sea stretched down beneath and it was such a long way miles down.


Choose the characteristic displayed by the sea gull in this passage?

[A]. excited
[B]. afraid
[C]. brave
[D]. proud

The young sea gull was left alone because

[A]. He had stayed back for some food b) c) *d)
[B]. He had been told to wait
[C]. The weather was good
[D]. He was afraid to fly.

Choose the option that lists the set of statements that are NOT TRUE according to the given extract.

[A]. a,d,c
[B]. b,f,e
[C]. d,e,f
[D]. a,d,e

The young sea gull was alone for _____.

[A]. one day
[B]. a few days’ back
[C]. he was not alone
[D]. that morning

Class 10 English Chapter 3 Two stories about flying MCQ Passage 2

He leaned out eagerly, tapping the rock with his feet, trying to get nearer to her as she flew across but when she was just opposite to him, she halted her wings motionless, the piece of fish in her beak almost within reach of his beak. He waited a moment in surprise wondering why she did not come nearer, and then maddened by hunger, dived at the fish.


The mother held the piece of fish for a reason. Pick the correct answer from the given choises

[A]. She held it to tease the sea gull
[B]. She held it to tempt the sea gull
[C]. She held it to feed the hungry sea gull’s brother
[D]. She held it to eat it herself

Which one of the following words does NOT correspond to the meaning of the word ‘dived’ in the passage

[A]. Jump
[B]. Plunge
[C]. Descent
[D]. Devour

The young sea gull took a long time to take its first flight. Why? Choose from the reasons given below.

[A]. The seagull was not competent enough
[B]. He thought his wings would not support him
[C]. His mother had not given him enough training
[D]. His siblings teased him.

What compelled the young sea gull to finally fly? Choose the options which are true.

[A]. Hunger and fright
[B]. Hunger and desire
[C]. Joy and delight to fly
[D]. Compulsion and anxiety.

Class 10 English Chapter 3 Black Aeroplane MCQ Passage 1

Paris was about 150 kilometers behind me when I saw the clouds. Storm clouds. They were huge. They looked like black mountains standing in front of me across the sky. I knew | could not fly up and over them, and I did not have enough fuel to fly around them to the north or South” I ought to go back to Paris”, I thought, but I wanted to get home I wanted the breakfast.


The pilot of the aeroplane goes through many thoughts. Choose the correct option from the ones given below.

[A]. Regret and remorse
[B]. Joy and excitement
[C]. Doubt and desire
[D]. None of the above

The writer say “But I wanted to go home”. What does he dream of?

[A]. He dreams about a countryside
[B]. He dreams about celebrating his holidays with family
[C]. He dreams of returning to Paris
[D]. He dreams of Christmas

The pilot knew that he would not be able to fly over the clouds. This was a fact. Choose the FACTS from the given options.

[A]. A,C,F,G
[B]. A,C,D,B.
[C]. B,D,E,F

The pilot wanted to have breakfast at ———-

[A]. At famous restaurant
[B]. With a friend
[C]. At the airport
[D]. With his family

Class 10 English Chapter 3 Black Aeroplane MCQ Passage 2

Suddenly I came out of the clouds and saw two long straight line of lights in front of me. It was a run way! An airport! I was safe!! turned to look for my friend in the black aeroplane, but the sky was empty. There was nothing there. The black aeroplane was gone. I could not see it anywhere. I landed and was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota near the control tower. I went and asked a woman in the control centre where I was and who the other pilot was, I wanted to say” Thank you”


Which word of following best describes the feelings of the speaker.

[A]. Doubtful
[B]. Remorseful
[C]. Relieved
[D]. Tense

From the following options choose the FACTS

[A]. b,f,g.
[B]. a,c,g.
[C]. b, d, g.
[D]. c, f,g.

The pilot of the Dakota wanted to know———

[A]. Where he was
[B]. What was the name of the other pilot
[C]. How good was the weather?
[D]. Where he could find a good breakfast

The pilot wanted to say ‘Thanks’ to the other pilot as ——

[A]. he had known him
[B]. they had flown together many times
[C]. it was their first flight together
[D]. he had helped him arrive safely.

Class 10 English Chapter 3 A Tiger in the Zoo MCQ Stanza 1

He should be lurking in shadows, Sliding through long grass
Near the water hole Where the phump deer pass


‘He’ in the above lines refer to:

[A]. The plump deer
[B]. The tiger
[C]. The zoo officers
[D]. The visitors

What is not true regarding the significance of the water hole for him?

[A]. The prey often comes to the water hole for quenching his thirst and can easily be hunted down
[B]. The prey often wanders into the middle of the water where it is vulnerable
[C]. The prey can be chased from shallow to deep water under panicking condition
[D]. None of the above

Pick the option that DOES NOT use ‘lurking’ correctly to fill in the blank.

[A]. The thug was _in the alley late evening, for unsuspecting passers-by.
[B]. The hyena was in its den after a good meal.
[C]. The detective cautioned her team about the _dangers likely to impact the case.
[D]. The prejudices beneath the surface create misunderstandings.

The rhyme scheme of the above passage is

[A]. Abcb
[B]. Aabb
[C]. Abab
[D]. Abcd

Class 10 English Chapter 3 A Tiger in the Zoo MCQ Stanza 2

But he’s locked in a concrete cell,
His strength behind bars, Stalking the lengh of his cage, Ignoring visitors.


Which option correctly lists the reason for the tiger ‘stalking the length of his cage’?

[A]. Animals tend to cover large distances and burn a lot of their energy by hunting for prey, in their natural habitat. Zoos deprive them of such stimulation and they are resttless and bored.
[B]. Animals are scared of visitors gazing at them in their unnatural surroundings. Zoos are places where animals are far removed from the privacy of their natural habitat.
[C]. Animals dislike human noises in the city and react to them aggressively. Zoos are often located in cites or outskirts.
[D]. Animals require human love and care and miss this when in captivity. Zoos are places where they walk around mechanically to attract human attention.

The main contrasting idea suggested by the extract is that of

[A]. strength and weakness.
[B]. nature and culture.
[C]. beasts and mortals.
[D]. confinement and freedom.

Choose the option listing the most likely reason for the tiger to ignore visitors, according to the extract.

[A]. He is scared of their constant stares.
[B]. The visitors don’t provide him with any food.
[C]. He knows that none would help him out of captivity.
[D]. The visitors don’t speak to him kindly

The phrase ‘concrete cell symbolize

[A]. Captivity and loneliness
[B]. Boredom and amusement
[C]. Liberty and despair
[D]. Captivity and self-reliance

Class 10 English Chapter 3 A Tiger in the Zoo MCQ Stanza 3

He hears the last voice at night,
The patrolling cars, And stares with his brilliant eyes
At the brilliant stars.


The last voice heard by the tiger at night is of:

[A]. Other animals
[B]. The flowing river
[C]. The visitors
[D]. patrolling cars

The mood of the tiger in the above lines is

[A]. Apologetic
[B]. Annoyed
[C]. Indifferent
[D]. Empathetic

Why does the tiger stares at the stars?

[A]. It gives him a sense of freedom
[B]. He looks for a company in the stars
[C]. It reminds him of the jungle
[D]. More than one option is correct
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