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Class 10 English Chapter 6 MCQ

Chapter 6 Mijbil the Otter Reference to Context Passage 1

The creature that emerged from this sack on to the spacious tiled floor of the Consulate bedroom resembled most of all a very small, medievally-conceived, dragon. From the head to the tip of the tail he was coated with symmetrical pointed scales of mud armour, between whose tips was visible a soft velvet like fur like that of a chocolate-brown mole.


The creature’ here refers to

[A]. Amole
[B]. A dragon
[C]. An other
[D]. A dog

Who had brought the creature there?

[A]. Author’s friend
[B]. Author himself
[C]. Two Arabs
[D]. A shopkeeper

The reason for the author to own that creature was that

[A]. He wanted it for his children
[B]. He wanted keep it as a pet
[C]. He wanted to take it to the London Zoo
[D]. He wanted to give it to the Consulate General

The word symmetrical corresponds to:

[A]. Visible
[B]. Conceived
[C]. Proportionate
[D]. Spacious

Chapter 6 Mijbil the Otter Reference to Context Passage 2

When I returned, there was an appalling spectacle. There was complete silence from the box, but from its airholes and chinks around the lid, blood had trickled and dried. I whipped off the lock and tore open the lid, and Mij, exhausted and bloodspattered, whimpered and caught at my leg. He had torn the lining of the box to shreds; when I removed the last of it so that there were no cutting edges left, it was just ten minutes until the time of the flight, and the airport was five miles’ distance. I put the miserable Mij back into the box, holding down the lid with my hand.


“there was an appalling spectacle.” The appalling spectacle refers to

[A]. The author missing his flight
[B]. The author not able to take Mij along
[C]. Mij covered with blood
[D]. The author losing his pet

The author was in a hurry because

[A]. Mij was injured
[B]. He was not able to take Mij out of the box
[C]. He had only ten minutes to catch the flight
[D]. He had to buy a new box

Pick the option that correctly classifies Fact/s (F) and Opinion/s (O) of the four students given below:

[A]. F-1,3,0–2,4
[B]. F-4,0-1,2,3
[C]. F-2,4,0-1,3
[D]. F-20-1,3,4

The word ‘appalling’ does not correspond to

[A]. Alarming
[B]. Frightening
[C]. Comforting
[D]. Fearful

Chapter 6 Mijbil the Otter Reference to Context Passage 3

Two days later, Mijbil escaped from my bedroom as I entered it, and I turned to see his tail disappearing round the bend of the corridor that led to the bathroom. By the time I got there, he was up on the end of the bathtub and fumbling at the chromium taps with his paws. I watched, amazed; in less than a minute he had turned the tap far enough to produce a trickle of water, and after a moment or two achieved the full flow.


“… in less than a minute he had turned on the tap far enough with his paws”. Choose the characteristic displayed by Mij while doing this,

[A]. Mischievous
[B]. Playful
[C]. Hardworking
[D]. Intelligent

Which of the following words do not describe author’s reaction on seeing Mij open the tap?

[A]. Surprised
[B]. Astonished
[C]. Impressed
[D]. Bored

Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about Mijbil?

[A]. Mijbil slept in the author’s bedroom.
[B]. The author gave him a bath daily.
[C]. Mijbil was a good observer
[D]. Mijbil did not like to take a bath.

How would you describe Mijbil with respect to the way he roams around in the house?

[A]. Hostile
[B]. Indifferent
[C]. Social
[D]. Aloof

Chapter 6 Mijbil the Otter Reference to Context Passage 4

It is not, I suppose, in any way strange that the average Londoner should not recognize an otter, but the variety of guesses as to what kind of animal this might me came as a surprise to me. Otters belong to a comparatively small group of animals called Mustellines, shared by the badged, mongoose, weasel, stoat, mink and others. I faced a continuous barrage of conjectural questions that sparayed all the Mustellines but the otter; more random guesses hit on a ‘baby seal’ and ‘a squirrell’. ‘Is that a walrus, mister?’ reduced me to giggles and outside a dog show I heard ‘a hippo’.Abeaver, a bear cub, a leopard – one apparently that had changed its spots – and ‘a brontosuar’. Mij was anything but an otter.


“I faced a continuous barrage of conjectural questions,” What did the author face?

[A]. Unusual questions
[B]. Ordinary questions
[C]. careful questions
[D]. Questions filled with guesses

The way people reacted on seeing Mijbil tells us that otters are:

[A]. Commonly known pets
[B]. Rare pets
[C]. Comical pets
[D]. Carefully chosen pets

The information that we gather about otters from this passage is that otters share their characteristics with

[A]. Baby seal and squirrel
[B]. Badger and weasel
[C]. Walrus and bear club
[D]. Mongoose and brontosaurs

“Mij was anything but as otter.” This statement implies that

[A]. Mij was not otter
[B]. Mij was an otter
[C]. Mij was an unusual otter
[D]. Mij was an ordinary otter
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