Class 10 English Chapter 9 MCQ topic Madam Rides the Bus (Multiple Choice Questions) including poems of the chapter with answers based on latest CBSE Syllabus 2022-2023. The MCQ questions are prepared from NCERT textbook First Flight including previous years CBSE Board questions. This collection of MCQs includes all basic and important MCQs for CBSE Exams.

Class 10 English Chapter 9 MCQ

Chapter – 9: Madam Rides the Bus Passage 1

Suddenly she was started by a voice. “Listen, child,” said the voice, “you shouldn’t stand like that. Sit down.” Sitting down, she looked to see who had spoken. It was an elderly man who had honestly been concerned for her, but she was annoyed by his attention. “There’s nobody here who’s a child,” she said haughtily. “I’ve paid my thirty paise like everyone else.” The conductor chimed in. “Oh, sir, but this is a very grown-up madam. Do you think a mere girl could pay her own fare and travel to the city all alone?” Valli shot an angry glance at the conductor and said, “I am not a madam. Please remember that. And you’ve not yet given me my ticket.” “I’ll remember,” the conductor said, mimicking her tone. Everyone laughed, and gradually Valli too joined in the laughter.


How did Valli feel when the elderly man expressed concern that she was standing?

[A]. Rather shocked
[B]. Somewhat happy
[C]. Fairly displeased
[D]. quite embarrassed

Pick the option that correctly classifies fact/s(F)and opinion/s (O) of the students below:

[A]. F-1,2 and 0-3,4
[B]. F-2,3,4 and 0-1
[C]. F-2,4 and 0-1,3
[D]. F-3 and 0 -1,2,4

Which word does ‘haughtily’ NOT correspond to?

[A]. Arrogantly
[B]. Proudly
[C]. Humbly
[D]. Pompously

Choose the characteristic displayed by the conductor when he addressed Valli and declared that she couldn’t be a mere girl.

[A]. encouragement
[B]. indulgence
[C]. embarrassment
[D]. authority

Chapter – 9: Madam Rides the Bus Passage 2

Valli was not bored in the slightest and greeted everything with the same excitement she did felt the first time, but suddenly she saw a young cow lying dead by the roadside, just where it had been stuck by some fast-moving vehicle. Isn’t that the same cow that ran in front of the bus on our trip to town? she asked the conductor. The conductor nodded, and she was overcome with sadness


In her first journey to town Valli was feeling

[A]. happy
[B]. excited
[C]. enthusiastic
[D]. All of the above

The scene of the dead cow made Valli sad and depressed which characteristics does Valli displayed here

[A]. Sensitivity
[B]. Curiosity
[C]. Helpfulness
[D]. None of the above

Choose the option that lists the set of statements that is NOT TRUE according to the given extract

[A]. 2,3,4
[B]. 1,4,5
[C]. 2,3,5
[D]. 1,2,3

The extract uses the phrase OVERCOME with Which of the following expression is incorrect” in respect to the Word “overcome?

[A]. Obstacles
[B]. Happloser
[C]. Overcome
[D]. Resistance
[E]. Shyness

Chapter – 9: Madam Rides the Bus Passage 3

The most fascinating thing of all was the bus that travelled between her village and the nearest town. It passed through her street each hour, once going to the town and once coming back. The sight of the bus filled each time with a new set of passengers, was a source of unending joy for Valli. Day after day she watched the bus, and gradually a tiny wish crept into her head and grew there, she wanted to ride on that bus, even if just once. This wish became stronger and stronger until it was an overwhelming desire. Valli would stare wistfully at the people who got on or off the bus when it stopped at the street corner. Their faces would kindle in her longings, dreams and hopes. If one of her friends happened to ride the bus and tried to describe the sights of the town to her, Valli would be too jealous to listen.


What would make Valli jealous?

[A]. strangers travelling by bus
[B]. hearing stories of friend’s bus journey
[C]. her mother travelling by bus
[D]. all of the above

What was Valli’s strongest desire

[A]. To buy things from the town
[B]. To make her friends jealous
[C]. To ride on the bus
[D]. All of the above

Choose the option that lists the set of statements that is NOT TRUE according to the given extract

[A]. 2,3,4
[B]. 1,4,5
[C]. 1,3,5
[D]. 1,2,4

“Their faces would kindle in her longings, dreams, and hopes” Whose faces is the author talking about?

[A]. Valli’s friends
[B]. Valli’s parents
[C]. Passengers who got on or off the bus
[D]. Bus Conductor