Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 2 MCQ We’re Not Afraid to Die and If We Can All Be Together by Gordon Cook and Alan East for CBSE 2024-25. The Multiple Choice Questions answers given here which are taken from the reading skills of class 11 English MCQs section.

What was the weight of Wavewalker?
[A] 30 ton
[B] 23 ton
[C] 100 ton
[D] 105 ton
[A] 30 ton


From where did the ship sail for the voyage?

[A]. Cape town
[B]. Amsterdam
[C]. South Indian ocean
[D]. England

What’s the name of the ship?

[A]. Gigantic
[B]. Titanic
[C]. Wavewalker
[D]. Cruiser

What part of the journey was pleasant for them?

[A]. First few weeks
[B]. England to Cape town
[C]. Post Cape town
[D]. Till Indian Ocean

Who among the following was a crew member?

[A]. Herb Seigler
[B]. James
[C]. Benjamin
[D]. Lucas

What’s the meaning of the word “atrocious”?
[A] Kind
[B] Cruel
[C] Nice
[D] Dainty
[B] Cruel

What physical damage did the vigorous wave do to the author?
[A] Shoulder injury
[B] Ribs cracked
[C] Knee injury
[D] Nose cracked
[B] Ribs cracked

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 2 MCQ with Answers


On what day did the waves take a terrible form?

[A]. 31st Dec
[B]. 2nd Jan
[C]. 25th Dec
[D]. 1st July

What was the first step the author took to avoid the storm?

[A]. Wore life saving jackets
[B]. Dropped the storm jib
[C]. Pumped water out of ship
[D]. Repaired the ship

What damage did the first forceful wave do to the ship?

[A]. Boat capsized
[B]. Blocked the hand pumps
[C]. Didn’t affect the ship
[D]. A big wave filled the boat with water and damaged certain parts

Why did the author give up?

[A]. Because water continued to come in from the broken planks
[B]. Because he was a weak person
[C]. Because his training was lacking
[D]. Because the crew was not listening to him

What was the reason for using an electric pump?
[A] To send emergency signals
[B] To accelerate the running speed of ship
[C] Both [A] and [B]
[D] To drain water
[D] To drain water

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 2 MCQ Explanation


Why were the reins of Wavewalker handed over to the wife?

[A]. Mary was expert into it
[B]. Author had gone to look after kids
[C]. Author had gone to drain the ship
[D]. Author had gone to assemble canvas

Was the author happy with the crew’s work?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. Little bit
[D]. Not mentioned

Which country did the crew belong to?

[A]. America
[B]. South Africa
[C]. Switzerland
[D]. Both [A] and [C]

What happened to Sue in the first blow?

[A]. Injured her forehead
[B]. Got ribs injury
[C]. Broken teeth
[D]. Got neck injury

Did the author and crew face trouble with the inhabitants of Ile Amsterdam Island?
[A] No
[B] Yes
[C] Not mentioned
[A] No

How did Sue give the heartfelt message to her father?
[A] Through a handmade card
[B] Expressed her love
[C] By offering help to drain water
[D] Helps in reading nautical chart
[A] Through a handmade card

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 2 Multiple Choice Questions

What’s the name of author’s son?

[A]. Jackson
[B]. Jackhenry
[C]. Jack
[D]. Jonathan

Who said “We’re not afraid to die..if we can all be together”?

[A]. Author
[B]. Sue
[C]. Author’s son
[D]. Mary

Where did author and crew decided to take halt to save lives and ship?

[A]. Where sea is calm
[B]. Beyond pacific ocean
[C]. Amsterdam
[D]. Plymouth

With whom did the author direct the ship to rotate?

[A]. Mast
[B]. Wheel
[C]. Hull
[D]. Keel

Who needed medical treatment after this voyage?
[A] Larry
[B] Author
[C] Mary
[D] Suzanne
[D] Suzanne

Why did the author ask Larry to rotate the ship 185 degrees?
[A] The waves were weak in that direction
[B] Author was expecting an island in 3 hrs after reading maps
[C] This was a return route to Plymouth
[D] Both [A] and [B]
[B] Author was expecting an island in 3 hrs after reading maps

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 2 Important MCQs

What did Mary give everyone to eat when everyone was working hard to drain water out of ship?

[A]. Beef
[B]. Pork
[C]. Biscuits
[D]. Both [A] and [C]

“Mayday call” means

[A]. Mayday caller asking for help
[B]. Calls made in May month
[C]. Victory slogan
[D]. None of the above

What blocked the hand pumps?

[A]. Aquatic animals
[B]. Plastic
[C]. Debris
[D]. Canvas

How many years of experience of seafaring skills did the author and his wife has?

[A]. 1
[B]. 11
[C]. 16
[D]. 10

What was Ile Amsterdam?
[A] Forest
[B] City
[C] Island
[D] Mountain range
[C] Island

Where was the author when he got the information about Ile Amsterdam from kids?
[A] In resting place
[B] In Captain’s cabin
[C] On Deck
[D] Near Aft
[A] In resting place

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