Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 3 MCQ Deep Water in simple format with answers revised for new academic session 2024-25. Get here the important questions of Class 12 English Flamingo chapter 3 deep water. Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 3 Solutions.

Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 3 MCQ


Why did author William Douglas choose a legal career?

[A]. Earning was high in legal career
[B]. Because he got fed up of teaching in high school
[C]. He was fired from high school
[D]. To pursue his hobby

Whose advisor was William Douglas in his career?

[A]. Franklin D. Roosevelt
[B]. George W Bush
[C]. Abraham Lincoln
[D]. Harry S Truman

What’s the meaning of the word “treacherous”?

[A]. Safe
[B]. Loyal
[C]. Unreliable
[D]. Faithful

Author’s mother used to tell him stories of which river?

[A]. Columbia
[B]. Naches
[C]. Okanongan
[D]. Yakima

What does the author mean by this “the drop was gradual”?

[A] 9 feet deep was tremendous
[B] Slope of swimming pool was moderate
[C] Slowly sinking into the water
[D] None of the above
[B] Slope of swimming pool was moderate.


Why did William hate going to the swimming pool?

[A]. Because he was too thin
[B]. Because his seniors used to tease him
[C]. Because he was not able to learn swimming even after trying hard
[D]. Because of fear

Which pride did the author subdue?

[A]. Goodwill
[B]. Big House
[C]. Money
[D]. Swimming

What’s the meaning of the word “aversion”?

[A]. Liking
[B]. Inclination
[C]. Hate
[D]. Desire

Which incident of California beach struck fear in the heart of the author?

[A]. His boat capsized on a California beach
[B]. His father was almost drowned in a strong wave
[C]. He was taking a bath on the beach when the cyclone hit
[D]. The strong wave in the middle nearly drowned him

What was the response of his father when he came under the wraps of wave?

[A] Laughed
[B] Scared
[C] Ignored
[D] Disappointed
[A] Laughed


Despite being safe and not deep, why author initially find YMCA swimming pool as unpleasant?

[A]. Because he thought it’s an illusion that pool is not deep
[B]. Because swimming instructor was not good
[C]. Because he had bad memories of California beach before going into the water
[D]. All of the above

How did William Douglas gather the courage to learn swimming in the pool?

[A]. Copied the way other boys were swimming
[B]. Watched other people around
[C]. Used water wings
[D]. All of the above

What’s the meaning of the word “timid”?

[A]. Brazen
[B]. Frightened
[C]. Bold
[D]. Conceited

Who dropped William into the pool?

[A]. Swimming instructor
[B]. His friend
[C]. A big muscular man
[D]. His father

Why had the man dropped William in pool?

[A] Just for fun
[B] To teach him swimming
[C] To take away his water phobia
[D] Because he was in anger
[A] Just for fun.


How did that naughty alias muscular man look like?

[A]. Heavy body with strong muscles
[B]. His head was too big
[C]. He looked just like his father
[D]. Mischief

What was the position of William when he fell into the water?

[A]. Butterfly stroke
[B]. Freestyle
[C]. Sidestroke
[D]. Sitting

What was in William’s mind as he drowned in the pool water?

[A]. He thought he would die
[B]. Will come on top of water by hitting the ground with feet
[C]. Was contemplating to kill the boy who dropped him
[D]. He was wondering why he came to the pool

Did William manage to jump up on his own and come out?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. Little bit
[D]. Not mentioned

How was author feeling after falling into 9 feet deep swimming pool?

[A] Awesome
[B] Panic
[C] His fear was slowly dissipating
[D] He started crying
[B] Panic


Why author felt his body as paralyzed?

[A]. Because the body got numb
[B]. Because he got injured after reaching the bottom.
[C]. Because his body got stiff and was not supporting him to come up
[D]. All of the above

Was the author able to reach the bottom of the pool in this dreadful sight of drowning in the water?

[A]. Yes
[B]. No
[C]. Not mentioned
[D]. None of the above

What efforts did the author make to avoid drowning in the water?

[A]. Searched rope
[B]. Searched ladder
[C]. Shouted to save himself
[D]. All of the above

Who saved the author from drowning?

[A]. The one who dropped
[B]. Not mentioned
[C]. His Mother
[D]. Swimming instructor

How does William describe his experience after being saved?

[A] Scary
[B] Funny
[C] Horrible
[D] Both [A] and [C]
[D] Both [A] and [C].


Who was accompanying William at the time of this misadventure?

[A]. No one
[B]. Father
[C]. Mother
[D]. Franklin D. Roosevelt

What effect did this horrific scene of drowning have on the author?

[A]. He was afraid of canoeing
[B]. He was afraid of swimming
[C]. He was afraid of boating
[D]. All of the above

How many hours a week does William learnt swimming after gathering courage?

[A]. One hour
[B]. Fifty hours
[C]. Five hours
[D]. Thirty hours

How long did it take for author to learn swimming according to instructor?

[A]. One year
[B]. Six months
[C]. Nine months
[D]. Three months

Why was William afraid of swimming even after months long training?

[A] Because of lack of confidence
[B] Instructor was not good
[C] Because of old memories
[D] None of the above
[C] Because of old memories.

On which island in New Hampshire did William go swimming to get over his fear?

[A] Pierce
[B] Wentworth
[C] Stamp Act Island
[D] Triggs
[D] Triggs.

When did the author’s heartbeat turn from fear while crossing the lake while he was alone?

[A] In middle of lake
[B] While he was crawling
[C] While taking side stroke
[D] As soon as he jumped
[A] In middle of lake.

How did the author finally overcome his fear?

[A] He didn’t panic
[B] Without giving up, he swam from one side of the lake to the other
[C] He learned from past mistakes
[D] All of the above
[D] All of the above.

What does the author William Douglas tell all readers from his life experience?

[A] Never give up and keep practicing
[B] Always learn from past mistakes
[C] Both [A] and [B]
[D] Always listen to you mentor
[C] Both [A] and [B].

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