Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 4 MCQ the Rattrap with answers updated and revised for session 2024-25. Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 4 the Rattrap MCQ and important questions are useful for CBSE and state board students. Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 4 Solutions.

Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 4 MCQ


What were peddlers rat traps made of?

[A]. Scrap
[B]. Wires
[C]. Wood
[D]. Mild Steel

Why was his work not profitable?

[A]. Because his sale was not consistent
[B]. Because he was not serious in life
[C]. Because he worked on less margin
[D]. Because he was peddler

How did he make a living apart from selling rat traps?

[A]. By part time job
[B]. Begging
[C]. By making petty thefts
[D]. All of the above

What did he often get happy thinking about?

[A]. Art of making himself look poor
[B]. His ability to fool people
[C]. His ability to sell rat traps
[D]. Whole world is a big rat trap

Why did he knock on the door of the gray cottage?

[A] To take shelter
[B] With intent to steal
[C] To receive intelligence
[D] To satisfy hunger
[A] To take shelter.


According to him, what attracts people across the world the most and then grabs it?

[A]. Food
[B]. Shelter
[C]. Luxury
[D]. All of the above

How did the cottage owner treat him?

[A]. Warm welcome
[B]. Reprimanded him
[C]. Nothing special
[D]. None of the above

Why the old man was generous with him?

[A]. Because he felt sorry for the peddler
[B]. Because he lived alone
[C]. Because he was kind hearted man
[D]. Because he was associated with a charitable trust

What did the old man show peddler that he was amazed to see?

[A]. Gold coins
[B]. A pouch with thirty kronos
[C]. His photo of youth
[D]. Thefts committed by him so far

From where did the old man earn that money?

[A] Ramjso ironworks
[B] From cow’s milk
[C] Trading of iron
[D] By stealing
[B] From cow’s milk


Where did the old man work in his days of prosperity?

[A]. Export house
[B]. Bank
[C]. Post office
[D]. Ramjso ironworks

Where did the crofter keep his key after locking his cottage?

[A]. In his own pocket
[B]. In peddler’s pocket
[C]. Under the pot
[D]. Inside the jug

Why did peddler betray the old man?

[A]. Because he needed money
[B]. Because he found it easy to fool the old man
[C]. He was compelled by his habit
[D]. Because he didn’t mind stealing the rich’s house

Why did he choose the forest path?

[A]. He used to go to the forest after every theft
[B]. He wanted to bury the money in forest
[C]. He wanted to spend the rest of his life in the woods
[D]. He was afraid of being caught on normal route

Why did he feel that he was roaming the same place in the forest again and again?

[A] Because he lost his way
[B] Because the whole forest looked the same to him
[C] Because the road was not coming to an end
[D] All of the above
[A] Because he lost his way.


Why did he think he was trapped in a cage after stealing at crofter’s place?

[A]. Because he found 30 kronos insufficient now
[B]. Because he lost his way in woods
[C]. He was afraid of the police after stealing at old man’s cottage
[D]. He was now afraid of God by stealing the house of kind man

Why did peddler think his end time had come?

[A]. His health had deteriorated
[B]. He was dying of hunger
[C]. He could hear a siren
[D]. He couldn’t see the way out from woods

What sound did he hear when he had fallen in the forest?

[A]. Hammer strokes from iron mill
[B]. Police siren
[C]. Cry of crofter
[D]. Voice of Edla Elizabeth

What permission did peddler ask for the blacksmith?

[A]. Food
[B]. Money
[C]. Requested to stay for one night
[D]. Requested him to buy rat traps

What did the ironmaster think the tramp was?

[A] Neighbor
[B] Old regimental comrade
[C] Blacksmith who worked for him earlier
[D] Relative
[B] Old regimental comrade.


What was the reasoning given by Tramp behind his ugly appearance?

[A]. He had a bad time
[B]. Everything was lost in the theft of his house.
[C]. All the money was spent on his illness
[D]. He lost his business

Even after getting permission to stay a night at iron forge, why tramp felt that place like a lion’s den?

[A]. Because Iron master was determined to take him home for stay
[B]. He feared that crofter might have link with Iron Master.
[C]. He was afraid of his truth being caught in a short while
[D]. All of the above.

Who persuaded Tramp to take him home?

[A]. Blacksmith
[B]. Crofter
[C]. Edla
[D]. Iron master

Why was the Iron Master shocked after taking the Tramp home?

[A]. Trump told some stories from his past
[B]. Elizabeth reveals Peddler’s truth to her father
[C]. Tramp told him the truth
[D]. After shaving he saw the real face of the tramp
What did Tramp say in his explanation to the father and daughter?

[A] He said he never pretended to be a captain
[B] He wanted to tell the truth but no one listen to him
[C] What happened to me today may happen to you one day
[D] All of the above
[D] All of the above.


What did the ironmaster say after knowing the truth?

[A]. Advised him to be a good person
[B]. He was ordered to stay till Christmas
[C]. He ordered him to leave
[D]. He was sad to misunderstand him

Why did Tramp return the money to Edla?

[A]. There was a tremendous change in him
[B]. He realized his mistake
[C]. Both [A] and [B]
[D]. He was afraid of being caught by the sheriff

What was the message left for Edla by Tramp?

[A]. Thanked her for bringing a change in him
[B]. Informed her of the silver spoons he stole
[C]. Apologized for the theft at the crofter’s house
[D]. Thanked for the hospitality
How did Edla feel after reading tramp’s letter?

[A] Happy
[B] Angry
[C] Cheated
[D] Not mentioned
[A] Happy.

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