Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 5 MCQ Indigo revised and updated for new academic session 2024-25 CBSE and other State Board. All the Multiple Choice Questions of Class 12 English Flamingo book chapter 5 Indigo are given here with answers. Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 5 Solutions.

Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 5 MCQ


Who was Rajkumar Shukla?

[A]. Messenger of Police superintendent
[B]. Author
[C]. Peasant
[D]. Lawyer

In which city did Rajkumar Shukla meet Gandhi?

[A]. Cawnpore
[B]. Ahmadabad
[C]. Calcutta
[D]. Lucknow

“Indigo” is an excerpt from which book?

[A]. Hind Swaraj
[B]. The Essential Gandhi
[C]. My Experiments with Truth
[D]. The Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Why did the author call Raj Kumar Shukla as ‘Resolute’?

[A]. Because he was committed to his rights
[B]. Because he was adamant
[C]. Because he followed Gandhi everywhere
[D]. Because he was illiterate

Who told Shukla to talk to Gandhi?

[A] Lawyers of Champaran
[B] Somebody in Congress session of 1916
[C] Lawyers of Muzzafarpur
[D] Somebody from local administration
[B] Somebody in Congress session of 1916.


What did Shukla request every time when he followed Gandhi everywhere?

[A]. Requested to be his mentor
[B]. To come with him to Champaran
[C]. To solve problem of Indigo peasants
[D]. To fight against British government

Where did Gandhi and Rajkumar Shukla finally meet?

[A]. Patna
[B]. Cawnpore
[C]. Calcutta
[D]. Muzzafarpur

Who was Rajendra prasad?

[A]. Lawyer
[B]. Farmer
[C]. Rajkumar Shukla’s brother
[D]. Government official

Why Gandhi was not allowed to draw water from the well at Rajendra Prasad’s place?

[A]. He was considered as outsider
[B]. He was advocate of home rule
[C]. Because Rajendra Prasad was unavailable
[D]. He was considered untouchable

Who was J. B. Kripalani?

[A] Lawyer
[B] Farmer
[C] Professor
[D] Landlord
[C] Professor


What’s the meaning of the word “advocates of home rule”?

[A]. Lawyers of own country
[B]. One who defends his country
[C]. Advocates who break the colonial rule
[D]. None of the above.

Why was Gandhi unhappy with lawyers?

[A]. They were unable to take decisions in the interest of the Nation
[B]. They were afraid of the British
[C]. By their casual attitude
[D]. Due to high fees

What was the chief commercial crop of Champaran?

[A]. Wheat
[B]. Corn
[C]. Indigo
[D]. Cotton

How much share the people of Champaran had to pay to the English government in the form of rent?

[A]. Three twentieth
[B]. One fourth
[C]. Three fourth
[D]. One twentieth

Which country developed the ‘Synthetic Indigo’?

[A] England
[B] Germany
[C] Jambu Dwipa
[D] Japan
[B] Germany


What was the main problem of Champaran?

[A]. Payment of compensation to British government
[B]. High rent of Indigo farming
[C]. Poor cultivation
[D]. Famine

Who refused to give information to Gandhi by saying outsider?

[A]. Maulana mazharul
[B]. British official commissioner
[C]. Lawyers of Muzzafarpur
[D]. Secretary of British landlord association

What was the capital of Champaran?

[A]. Tirhut
[B]. Motihari
[C]. Patna
[D]. Not mentioned

Did Gandhi obey the order served by messenger of police superintendant?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. Partial
[D]. Not mentioned

Who started the freedom from the fear of the British according to author?

[A] Mahatma Gandhi
[B] Rajkumar Shukla
[C] Farmers of Champaran
[D] Magistrate
[C] Farmers of Champaran.


What decision did the magistrate give for breaking the law to Gandhi?

[A]. Sent to jail for a week
[B]. He was acquitted
[C]. Fined heavily
[D]. Both fine and jail

When Gandhi felt that civil disobedience has triumphed?

[A]. When Indigo sharecropping disappeared from Champaran
[B]. When the British government decided to give a refund after the official inquiry
[C]. When he was summoned by Sir Edward Gait, the then L-G
[D]. When he received letter from magistrate that Champaran case has been dropped

What part of the refund of compensation was expected from Gandhi by the British Government?

[A]. 10%
[B]. 100%
[C]. 25%
[D]. 50%

Who joined Gandhi in Champaran as a disciple to improve cultural and social backwardness?

[A]. Narhari Parikh
[B]. Rajkumar Shukla
[C]. Charles Freer Andrews
[D]. Louis Fischer

How Gandhi used to control his Ahmadabad ashram from Champaran?

[A] Through telephone calls
[B] Through letters
[C] Frequent visits
[D] Through a manager
[B] Through letters.


Why did Gandhi not leave Champaran for a long time even after this victory?

[A]. To improve social backwardness in Champaran
[B]. He wanted to lay the foundation of freedom from here
[C]. He wanted to bring awareness among people
[D]. All of the above

Why did Gandhi refuse to take the help of English pacifist Charles Freer?

[A]. By keeping him, the fight with the British would not have been equal
[B]. He wanted only Indians in his organization
[C]. He was not willing to take support of outsider in any way
[D]. None of the above

How Gandhi taught the lesson of self-reliance from the episode of Champaran?

[A]. He managed to bring people together
[B]. By teaching the Lawyers to fight in the interest of the country
[C]. By not including Charles Freer in his organization
[D]. Getting his work done with the government in a politicized manner

Who were ready to follow Gandhi into jail?

[A]. English pacifist
[B]. Peasants
[C]. Sharecroppers
[D]. Lawyers
How did Gandhi behave with the officials during the trial?

[A] Politely
[B] Angrily
[C] In jest
[D] Not mentioned
[A] Politely.


Who received Gandhi at the Muzaffarpur station?

[A]. Professor Malkani
[B]. Rajendra Prasad
[C]. J B Kripalani
[D]. Rajkumar Shukla

Where was Champaran?

[A]. Cawnpore
[B]. Nepal
[C]. Uttar Pradesh
[D]. Bihar

Why did Gandhi decide to go to Muzaffarpur instead of Champaran first to understand the plight of indigo farmers?

[A]. To get detail information about sharecroppers
[B]. To meet J B Kripalani
[C]. To visit Arts College
[D]. To visit Tagore Shantiniketan School

Who is the author of Indigo?

[A]. Louise Penny
[B]. Louise Hay
[C]. Louis Fischer
[D]. Louise Erdrich
How did Gandhi’s son and wife help him in Champaran?

[A] They worked for the upliftment of the people
[B] They served Gandhi when he was ill
[C] They used to protect him from British government
[D] They taught people to fight against the British
[A] They worked for the upliftment of the people.

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