Class 12 English Poem 4 MCQ a Roadside Stand with answers and explanation for new academic session 2024-25. All the multiple choice questions of 12th English poem 4 a roadside stand are given here to free download. Class 12 English Poem 4 Solutions.

Class 12 English Poem 4 MCQ


What is a roadside stand?

[A]. Small shop on the side of road
[B]. Corner stand
[C]. Wooden stand
[D]. Author’s stand of rural people

On whose condition is the poem based?

[A]. Poor people
[B]. Married people
[C]. Teenagers
[D]. Army

What are the poor people expecting?

[A]. One day they too will become rich like city people
[B]. People passing by the road keep giving them donations
[C]. People passing by road buy goods from them
[D]. They too had cars

To whom does poet complain?

[A]. Poor people
[B]. City people
[C]. Himself
[D]. All of the above

What does this poem by Robert Frost represent?

[A] Human relations
[B] Story of children born in poor family
[C] Difference between rural and urban life
[D] Human tragedies and struggle
[D] Human tragedies and struggle.

What is the purpose of the cars which are stopping on the roadside?

[A] Seeking gas information
[B] To get route information
[C] Both [A] and [B]
[D] To know their well being
[C] Both [A] and [B].


What advice does poet give for uplifting the lives of people living in countryside?

[A]. Improve education system
[B]. Opening of more roadside stands
[C]. Parallel advancement with urban areas
[D]. City people should be kind to countryside people

Which voice awakens a hope in the hearts of people who set up roadside stands?

[A]. Cars horn
[B]. Cars brake
[C]. Movement of people
[D]. Train sound

What do people in vehicles think about the roadside stand?

[A]. A way of finding a route
[B]. A curse
[C]. They find it a obstruction in beautiful landscape
[D]. They think that countryside people are mentally poor

Why was the childish longing in vain?

[A]. Because the purpose of setting up a roadside stand could not be solved
[B]. Because their goods were unsold
[C]. Because they were migrating frequently
[D]. Both [A] and [B]

Why city people don’t buy anything from roadside stand?

[A] They don’t like their goods
[B] They discriminate against the poor
[C] They don’t like poor people behavior
[D] None of the above
[D] None of the above.

Why is shed’s condition pathetic?

[A] Because they have little goods to be sold
[B] Because of poor condition of stand
[C] Because of poor people’s behavior
[D] None of the above
[B] Because of poor condition of stand.


Who are greedy doers?

[A]. City people
[B]. Government
[C]. Charitable trust
[D]. Countryside people

According to poet, whose flow is more in cities?

[A]. Cars
[B]. Population
[C]. Money
[D]. Trading

What product is being sold on this roadside stand?

[A]. Vegetables
[B]. Berries
[C]. Coconuts
[D]. Mangoes

What is a trusting sorrow?

[A]. Hope of the poor that turned into misery
[B]. Misery of not selling goods
[C]. Unbreakable trust of rural people on city people
[D]. All of the above

What’s the meaning of the word “pitiful”?

[A] Soft hearted
[B] Poor
[C] Miserable
[D] Deplorable
[A] Soft hearted.

Who is the poet of “A Roadside Stand”?

[A] E E Cummings
[B] Walt Whitman
[C] Robert Frost
[D] Emily Dickinson
[C] Robert Frost.

Does author help people standing at roadside?

[A] Yes
[B] No
[C] Little
[D] Not mentioned
[B] No

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