Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 2 MCQ the Tiger King with explanation and answers prepared for new academic session 2024-25. All the multiple choice questions of 12th English supplementary book Vistas are important for exams. Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 2 Solutions.

Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 2 MCQ


Where did Maharaja Jilani Jung Jang Bahadur manage his empire?

[A]. Padmanabhapuram
[B]. Angadipuram
[C]. Pratibandapuram
[D]. Thiruvananthapuram

What’s the meaning of the word ‘demise’?

[A]. Start
[B]. Birth
[C]. Fall
[D]. Decease

What did the astrologer predict for the child?

[A]. King will die from tiger
[B]. King will become a big warrior
[C]. King will have twin babies
[D]. Both [A] and [B]

How old was the child when predictions were made for him?

[A]. 10 days
[B]. 3 days
[C]. 3 years
[D]. Was not born yet

What did the royal infant baby say to the astrologer after hearing the prediction?

[A] He asked at what age he will get the throne
[B] He wanted to know his age at the time of death
[C] He asked for the manner of death
[D] He asked where did astrologer get the knowledge from
[C] He asked for the manner of death.


What’s the meaning of the word ‘stupefaction’?

[A]. Bore
[B]. Amazed
[C]. Cheerfully
[D]. Calmness

Who said this “Let tigers beware”?

[A]. Astrologer
[B]. King
[C]. Dewan
[D]. British officer

Which cow’s milk was given to king when he was a child?

[A]. Cow
[B]. Buffalo
[C]. Goat
[D]. Camel

At what age did that child took over the throne?

[A]. 3
[B]. 20
[C]. 10
[D]. 18

What would the astrologer do if King had killed the hundredth tiger?

[A] Suicide
[B] Will cut his tuft
[C] Leave the kingdom
[D] Will set up grocery shop
[B] Will cut his tuft.


Apart from the king in Pratibandapuram, what punishment was announced for the one who hunted the tiger?

[A]. Wealth and property will be confiscated
[B]. Punished to death
[C]. Will be thrown into Arabian sea
[D]. Hands will be cut off

What did the high rank British officer want?

[A]. Removing king from his thrown
[B]. Job in Tiger king’s palace
[C]. Precious jewelry
[D]. A picture with tiger’s corpse

What Tiger king could possibly lose after refusing British officer for a picture with corpse?

[A]. Half land of his palace
[B]. Skin of previous hunted tigers
[C]. Dewan
[D]. His Kingdom

Who was durai?

[A]. Dewan
[B]. Tiger king’s son
[C]. British officer
[D]. British officer’s wife

What gift was sent to the wife of British officer?

[A] Diamond rings
[B] Necklace
[C] Gold watch
[D] Three lacs cash
[A] Diamond rings.


What was the value of gifts sent to duraisani?

[A]. Thirty Lacs
[B]. Three Lacs
[C]. One Lac
[D]. Five Lacs

How many years King took to kill seventy tigers?

[A]. 1 year
[B]. 10 years
[C]. 5 years
[D]. 3 years

What is “harakiri”?

[A]. Hide
[B]. Ran away
[C]. Suicide
[D]. None of the above

What idea did King come up with to find remaining Tigers?

[A]. Put his people in search of tigers
[B]. Contact tigers prevention organization
[C]. Leave more sheep in the woods
[D]. Marry a girl who belongs to a state with good tigers population

What’s the meaning of the word “gloom”?

[A] Happiness
[B] Bright
[C] Sadness
[D] Idle
[C] Sadness


How many tigers did the king kill every time he went to his in-laws?

[A]. 29
[B]. 70
[C]. 5 to 6
[D]. 1

Who had the ability to swallow whole sheep?

[A]. Sata Vyaghra Samhari
[B]. Khiledar Major
[C]. British officer
[D]. Virasami Naicker

For how many years the tax exemption was given to village which showed rapid decline in sheep population?

[A]. 1
[B]. 10
[C]. 3
[D]. 11

What’s the meaning of the word ‘Wantonly’?

[A]. Absurdly
[B]. Incompletely
[C]. Secretly
[D]. Shamefully

What threat was given to Dewan if he could not find the 100th tiger?

[A] To hand till death
[B] Threatened to starve
[C] To be fired
[D] To behead
[C] To be fired.


Where did Dewan bring the hundredth tiger?

[A]. Lakshmanpur
[B]. Awadh
[C]. Calcutta
[D]. Madras

How did the hundredth tiger survive?

[A]. She was treated by Dewan
[B]. King missed the target while firing bullet
[C]. She was wearing a life jacket
[D]. None of the above

How was the reaction of king after killing of 100th tiger?

[A]. Sad
[B]. Happy
[C]. Shocked
[D]. Was in tears

Who killed the hundredth tiger?

[A]. British officer
[B]. Tiger King
[C]. Dewan
[D]. One of the hunter from king’s palace

Where was Tomb built?

[A] Where hundredth tiger was buried
[B] Where Tiger king was buried
[C] Where astrologer was buried
[D] Where hundredth tiger was killed
[A] Where hundredth tiger was buried.


When Maharaja gifted wooden tiger, his son turned to

[A]. 1 year
[B]. 10 years
[C]. 3 years
[D]. 5 years

What was the price of wooden tiger in market?

[A]. One quarter anna
[B]. Two and quarter annas
[C]. One Pice
[D]. One Anna

How much money did the king pay for wooden tiger to the shopkeeper?

[A]. Two and quarter annas
[B]. Nothing
[C]. One Rupee
[D]. Three Lacs

From where did the infection spread to the king?

[A]. Right hand
[B]. Left hand
[C]. Right index finger
[D]. Right leg

What did surgeons suggest for the treatment of the king?

[A] Cut hand
[B] Cut fingers
[C] Surgery
[D] Blood transfusion
[C] Surgery.

Could surgeons be able to save the king?

[A] Yes
[B] No
[C] Not mentioned
[D] None of the above
[B] No

Did Astrologer’s prediction come true?

[A] Yes
[B] No
[C] Partially
[D] None of the above
[A] Yes

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