Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 3 MCQ Journey to the end of the Earth with explanation and answers for new academic session 2024-25. Get here the multiple choice question answers of vistas chapter 3 journey to the end of the Earth. Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 3 Solutions.

Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 3 MCQ


With the team of which country did Tishani Doshi went to Antarctica?

[A]. United States of America
[B]. India
[C]. Russia
[D]. Canada

From which city does this author’s journey start?

[A]. Madras
[B]. Cochin
[C]. Verawal
[D]. Panjim

After the start of the journey, how many hours did the team travel till they reached Antarctica?

[A]. 90
[B]. 200
[C]. 100
[D]. 48

What was Gondwana?

[A]. Snow animal
[B]. Giant glacier
[C]. Giant animal
[D]. Ancient supercontinent

How was Antarctica six hundred and fifty million years ago?

[A] Snowy place
[B] Sea
[C] Warm place
[D] Mountainous
[C] Warm place


What caused Antarctica to freeze?

[A]. Drop in temperature
[B]. Collision of meteors
[C]. Amalgamation of gondwana
[D]. A forestation

Antarctica is best to study…

[A]. Future
[B]. Past
[C]. Present
[D]. All of the above

Did the author see a living being in those snow-covered plains?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. There was doubt in her mind
[D]. Not mentioned

Whom does the author hold responsible for the melting glaciers of Antarctica?

[A]. Penguins
[B]. Earthquakes
[C]. Dinosaurs
[D]. Humans

According to Tishani Doshi, which is the most hotly contested environmental debates of our time?

[A] Climate change
[B] Deforestation
[C] Space travel
[D] Artificial Intelligence
[A] Climate change.


Why Antarctica is called the ‘pristine’ place on Earth?

[A]. Because human population never sustained there
[B]. Because it holds half a million years of carbon records
[C]. Because this place is rare in itself
[D]. Both [A[ and [B]

What’s the name of the program author is working with?

[A]. World wide fund
[B]. The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition
[C]. Madrid protocol
[D]. Students on Ice

Whom did Geoff Green want to include in his team to study Antarctica?

[A]. Celebrities
[B]. High school students
[C]. Retired rich
[D]. Curiosity seekers

What is ‘phytoplankton’?

[A]. Crustaceans and jellyfish
[B]. Floating debris
[C]. Microscopic marine algae
[D]. Fish

What can affect the marine life and phytoplankton’s according to scientists?

[A] Depletion in ozone layer
[B] Humans interference in Antarctica
[C] Killing of whales
[D] All of the above
[A] Depletion in ozone layer.

What’s the meaning of the word ‘epiphanies’?

[A] Incidents
[B] Creativity
[C] Secrets
[D] Confusion
[A] Incidents


How many people were there in the group of “Students on Ice”?

[A]. 10
[B]. 12
[C]. 52
[D]. 3

What animal did the author see in Antarctica?

[A]. Dolphins
[B]. Whales
[C]. Kiwis
[D]. Crabeater seals

What was the name of the ship that took Doshi & team to Antarctica?

[A]. Cruiser Moskva
[B]. Akademik Shokalskiy
[C]. Grozny
[D]. Khrabry

The Drake Passage was created because of

[A]. South America drifting off to join North America
[B]. Australia drifting off to join New Zealand
[C]. Separation of South America and Africa
[D]. North America drifting off to join South America

What’s the objective of ‘Students on Ice’ program?

[A] To train them for space journeys
[B] To roam in Antarctica
[C] Study to save planet Earth
[D] All of the above
[C] Study to save planet Earth.

Did the author experience walking on a thick blanket of ice in Antarctica?

[A] No
[B] Not mentioned
[C] Yes
[D] None of the above.
[C] Yes

Why does the author feel that humans have harmed nature in a very short time?

[A] Because of rapid change in technology
[B] Because of depletion of natural resources
[C] Because of illegal mining
[D] All of the above
[B] Because of depletion of natural resources.

Why were teenagers chosen for the important task of saving the earth?

[A] Because of creativity
[B] Because they are next generation’s policy makers
[C] Oxygen related issues in Antarctica
[D] Because they can implement quickly
[B] Because they are next generation’s policy makers.

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