Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 4 MCQ the Enemy answer and important questions and exercises solutions for session 2024-25. Class 12 English Vistas chapter 4 multiple choice questions are helpful for the upcoming exams. Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 4 Solutions.

Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 4 MCQ


Where was Dr Sadao’s house built?

[A]. In desert
[B]. In mountainous area
[C]. In coastal area
[D]. On a tree

Where was Dr. Sadao’s job placed?

[A]. In America
[B]. In Germany
[C]. In Sweden
[D]. In Japan

What kind of person was Dr Sadao’s father?

[A]. Strict
[B]. Funny
[C]. Serious
[D]. Resolute

Where did Dr Sadao go for higher education?

[A]. Tokyo
[B]. America
[C]. Germany
[D]. Chicago

What was the dream of Sadao’s father for him?

[A] He wanted him to be a Astronaut
[B] He wanted him to be a Doctor
[C] He wanted him to be a Engineer
[D] He wanted him to be a Lawyer
[B] He wanted him to be a Doctor.


Dr Sadao was expertise in?

[A]. To kill someone
[B]. In finding gunshots
[C]. To heal wounds
[D]. In lying

What is Kimono?

[A]. Branch of medical science
[B]. Japanese language
[C]. Japanese city
[D]. Traditional Japanese garment

Why did Sadao make sure Hana is Japanese before the wedding?

[A]. He hated Americans
[B]. He didn’t want to marry a girl of another country
[C]. His father wanted him to marry Japanese only
[D]. All of the above

What’s the meaning of the word “voluble”?

[A]. Gossipy
[B]. Talkative
[C]. Both [A] and [B]
[D]. Reticent

Whom did Dr Sadao and his wife see on sea shore one evening?

[A] Whale
[B] White man
[C] Enemy army ship
[D] Fisherman
[B] White man.

Why doesn’t Dr Sadao arrest Tom?

[A] He was a kind hearted man
[B] He was coward
[C] Hana refuses him
[D] After living in America for so many years, he was sensitive to the people there
[A] He was a kind hearted man.


What did Dr Sadao think of that American at first glance?

[A]. Fisherman
[B]. Prisoner of war
[C]. A teenager who drowns while swimming
[D]. None of the above

How was the condition of the White Man when he met Hana and Dr Sadao at sea shore?

[A]. Faint
[B]. Stood firm
[C]. Badly injured
[D]. Both [A] and [C]

Where was the White man shot?

[A]. Head
[B]. Arm
[C]. Right lower back
[D]. Left lower back

Who are beachcombers?

[A]. Who save the drowning
[B]. Fisherman
[C]. Who make living by searching valuables along the sea shores
[D]. Pirates

What did Dr Sadao & Hana want when they saw the White man is from enemy country?

[A] Wanted to treat him
[B] Wanted to put him back into the sea
[C] Wanted to tell General Takima
[D] Wanted to bury in the soil
[B] Wanted to put him back into the sea.

What is chrysanthemums?

[A] Goodbye in Japanese
[B] Flower
[C] Boat
[D] Food that lasts a long time
[B] Flower.


What was the reason behind taking White man to home for treatment by Hoki couple?

[A]. They were afraid that without treatment he would die
[B]. They were sympathetic to the Americans.
[C]. They wanted a reward later by arresting him to police
[D]. They wanted to bring him to senses to know his and navy’s plans.

What plan did the two make of not telling the truth to the servants?

[A]. They will take white man inside and will take servants opinion
[B]. Saving the life of the injured is a virtuous act
[C]. They will tell him that without treatment he will die
[D]. Will bring him to his senses and get him arrested by the police

Where did he treat the White Man?

[A]. Open backyard
[B]. Balcony
[C]. Hana’s father-in-law’s bedroom
[D]. Servant’s room

Who was Yumi?

[A]. Baby sitter
[B]. Gardener
[C]. Maid
[D]. Tutor

Why did Yumi refuse to clean up Whiteman?

[A] She was afraid of wounded persons
[B] She wanted to focus on the upbringing of the children only
[C] She didn’t want to touch a stranger
[D] She hated Americans
[D] She hated Americans.

What stuff Dr Sadao gives to Tom to get away safely?

[A] Food
[B] Flashlight
[C] Walkie talkie
[D] Both [A] and [B]
[D] Both [A] and [B].


Who washed the Whiteman?

[A]. Dr Sadao
[B]. Yumi
[C]. Hana
[D]. General Takima

What decision did Dr Sadao take to treat Whiteman?

[A]. Contacted to send him to hospital
[B]. Took home to operate
[C]. Contacted American Embassy to send him back
[D]. None of the above

What instructions did Dr Sadao give to Hana to make the operation a success?

[A]. Asked to give anesthesia
[B]. Asked to keep the presence of white man as confidential till he recovers
[C]. Arrange blood, if needed
[D]. Asked her to remain there during the surgery

What did Hana think of General Takima?

[A]. Hard working
[B]. Mentally disable
[C]. Honest
[D]. Cruel

Who said this “I do not know myself what I shall do with you”?

[A] Tom
[B] Hana
[C] Dr Sadao
[D] Yumi
[C] Dr Sadao

What does Dr Sadao finally think of getting rid of Tom?

[A] He thinks of writing a letter to the police again
[B] He plans to talk to General Takima again
[C] He thinks of killing him by giving poison
[D] He arranged a boat to send him to another island
[D] He arranged a boat to send him to another island.


In this story, who thought the Sadao couple liked Americans?

[A]. Servants
[B]. Gardener
[C]. General Takima
[D]. Whiteman

Why Dr Sadao doesn’t post the half written letter to Chief of Police?

[A]. He wanted to keep himself and his family safe
[B]. He was in dilemma to arrest the whiteman
[C]. He wanted to treat him first
[D]. All of the above

Why do all the servants leave together?

[A]. They got a job somewhere else
[B]. They all hate Americans too much
[C]. Their relation was no longer good with Hana
[D]. They were afraid of being caught by police anytime soon

What’s the meaning of the word “brusquely”?

[A]. Politely
[B]. Excitedly
[C]. Ruthlessly
[D]. Sluggishly
Why does Hana get nervous when she sees the messenger?

[A] She thinks that the servants have told all the truth to the police
[B] She was weak hearted person
[C] She considers him a man of enemy army
[D] She thinks it’s some unknown person called by Tom
[A] She thinks that the servants have told all the truth to the police.


Who is unaccustomed labour?

[A]. Fishermen at coastal areas
[B]. Untrained servants
[C]. Staff working for years
[D]. Trained labour

What message did messenger bring?

[A]. Arrest warrant of Dr Sadao
[B]. Interrogation of the missing Whiteman
[C]. News of the General’s deteriorating condition
[D]. News of war between the two countries

Why does Dr Sadao give the information about the White Man to General Takima?

[A]. He hated Americans
[B]. He wanted to protect his family
[C]. He didn’t want to call him a traitor
[D]. All of the above

What solution did General Takima have of Dr Sadao’s problem?

[A]. He asks for some time to think
[B]. He asks Dr Sadao to throw Tom back into the sea
[C]. He promises to kill Tom by sending his assassins
[D]. He promises to arrest Tom after his recovery
What did Tom think of Dr Sadao?

[A] He still considered him as his enemy
[B] He was thankful for saving his life
[C] He looked at him with suspicion
[D] None of the above
[B] He was thankful for saving his life.

Why doesn’t General send assassins to Sadao’s house?

[A] He forgets
[B] He couldn’t arrange assassins
[C] He didn’t want any trouble for himself
[D] He wanted to get Dr Sadao arrest when the time came
[A] He forgets.

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