Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5 MCQ On the face of it with answers and solutions for academic session 2024-25. Class 12 English Supplementary book Vistas chapter 5 multiple choice questions are useful for exam preparation. Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5 Solutions.

Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5 MCQ


Who is Mr Lamb?

[A]. Old man with one artificial leg
[B]. Derry’s grandfather
[C]. Derry’s neighbor
[D]. Gardener

What was Derry doing in Lamb’s garden?

[A]. Looking for some moments of peace
[B]. Was planning to break crab apples
[C]. Was going to meet Mr Lamb
[D]. Was going to cut long grass

What was the reaction of Derry when he met Mr Lamb?

[A]. Excited
[B]. Angry
[C]. Shocked
[D]. Scared

Was Derry expecting Mr Lamb in the garden?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. Not mentioned
[D]. None of the above

From where did Derry enter the Garden?

[A] Through gate
[B] Jumped from the roof
[C] Over the wall
[D] Through a hanging pipe
[C] Over the wall.


Why doesn’t Derry want to stay in the garden when he met Mr Lamb?

[A]. He doesn’t like Mr Lamb
[B]. He thought Mr Lamb will make fun of him like others
[C]. He finds Mr Lamb as boring
[D]. He was afraid of Mr Lamb

What did Mr Lamb do with the crab apples?

[A]. Sells them in open market
[B]. Made vinegar out of them
[C]. Made artistic things out of them
[D]. Made jelly

How one side face of Derry gets damaged?

[A]. By fire
[B]. In accident
[C]. By acid
[D]. It was a birth mark

What was one leg of the Mr Lamb made of?

[A]. Plastic
[B]. Steel
[C]. Tin
[D]. Thermopolis

By what name did the children tease Mr Lamb?

[A] Lamb Lamb
[B] Lamey Lamb
[C] Lost Lamb
[D] Lame Lamb
[B] Lamey Lamb.

Why did Mr Lamb narrate his sad agony with Derry?

[A] To inspire the disappointed young Derry
[B] Because he finds similarity between Derry and himself
[C] Because he considered Derry like his own child
[D] Because Derry had previously shared his own story
[A] To inspire the disappointed young Derry.

What suggestion does Derry give to Mr lamb to hide tin leg?

[A] Wear a Jeans
[B] Stay always at home
[C] Wear a trouser
[D] None of the above
[C] Wear a trouser.

Why did Mr Lamb cultivate weeds?

[A] He used to eat weeds
[B] He used to see life in weeds
[C] He considered it auspicious for himself
[D] He used to make jellies with it
[B] He used to see life in weeds.

Last Edited: September 4, 2023