Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5 MCQ Should Wizard hit Mommy with answers and explanation for new session 2022-2023. Get here all the multiple choice questions of class 12 English Vistas chapter 5 should wizard hit mommy with answers. Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5 Solutions.

Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 5 MCQ


To whom did Jack tell stories?

[A]. His wife Clare
[B]. His daughter Jo
[C]. Roger
[D]. Wizard

What’s the full name of Jo?

[A]. Joanne
[B]. Jocosa
[C]. Joanna
[D]. Joaquina

At what age did Jo start listening to stories?

[A]. Four
[B]. Three
[C]. One
[D]. Two

What character was common in Jack’s story?

[A]. Owl
[B]. Roger
[C]. Wizard
[D]. All of the above

Who comes up with the solution by swinging the magic wand in Jack’s tales?

[A] Jack
[B] Wizard
[C] Roger
[D] Owl
[B] Wizard


What does the Wizard get in return from Roger for coming up with the solution?

[A]. Candies
[B]. Butter
[C]. Pennies
[D]. Pancakes

What do the train whistles signal to Roger?

[A]. Some event is about to happen
[B]. Friends are about to come to play
[C]. His Father about to come home
[D]. Time to go to school

What time or day did Jack choose for the stories?

[A]. Sunday
[B]. Saturday
[C]. Evening
[D]. Both [B] and [C]

What was special about Roger skunk in Jack’s story?

[A]. He smelled very bad
[B]. He smelled great
[C]. He was too talkative
[D]. He was too shy and simple

Why did Jo have an emotional touch with Roger?

[A] Because it was his father’s story
[B] She liked Roger in all stories
[C] She took pity on Roger as kids refused to play with him due to bad odour
[D] Because Roger was a shy animal
[C] She took pity on Roger as kids refused to play with him due to bad odour.


By what name did all the animals tease Roger?

[A]. Roger Shinky Skunk
[B]. Roger Stinky Skunk
[C]. Roger Stinky Munk
[D]. Roger Sticky Skunk

To whom does Roger turn with his plea?

[A]. Owl
[B]. Wizard
[C]. Bobby
[D]. Jo

How did the owl look?

[A]. Old and broad
[B]. Old and skinny
[C]. Young and troubled
[D]. Old and energetic

What solution did owl make out for Roger’s problem?

[A]. He tells Roger to take bath twice a day
[B]. He tells Roger to steal the wizard’s magic wand
[C]. He tells Roger to visit Wizard for solution
[D]. He tells Roger to use perfume

Where did the way to the wizard’s house pass?

[A] Through densely populated area
[B] Through the tunnel
[C] Over the river
[D] Through dark forests
[D] Through dark forests.


What’s the color of Wizard’s home?

[A]. Grey
[B]. Black
[C]. White
[D]. Red

What did the wizard look like?

[A]. Tiny old man
[B]. Ghost spirit
[C]. Sparrow
[D]. Young Owl

What smell did Roger wish to have from the wizard?

[A]. Jasmine flowers
[B]. Rose flowers
[C]. Sandalwood
[D]. No smell

Could the Wizard be able to get Roger out of the smell problem?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. To some extent
[D]. Not mentioned

What bothered Jack the most while sharing stories?

[A] Calls by Clare in middle of story
[B] Sharing fake stories just to entertain Jo
[C] Jo’s too many questions in the middle of story
[D] Failure to live up to the story
[C] Jo’s too many questions in the middle of story.


How was Roger feeling after the bad odour was gone?

[A]. Happy
[B]. Scared
[C]. Sad
[D]. Angry

Did all the animals play with Roger after the bad odour was gone?

[A]. Only few
[B]. No
[C]. Yes
[D]. Not mentioned

Who was taken aback by Roger’s rose scent?

[A]. Bobby
[B]. All animals
[C]. Roger’s mother
[D]. Owl

What did Roger’s mother do when she saw a change in her son?

[A]. She could not stop her happiness
[B]. Roger was taken to Wizard at that very moment
[C]. She tells Roger to change the smell
[D]. She kicks him out of the house

Where does Roger’s mother hit the Wizard with the umbrella?

[A] Face
[B] Arm
[C] Toe
[D] Head
[D] Head

Why does Jo call Roger’s mother a ‘stupid’?

[A] Because of her, Roger got stinky again
[B] Because of her, story doesn’t end according to Jo
[C] Because of her, Roger’s friends parted ways
[D] All of the above
[D] All of the above.


What’s the meaning of the word “agitation”?

[A]. Excitement
[B]. Concern
[C]. Anger
[D]. Scream

What is Roger’s mother trying to say by saying that she loves him so much?

[A]. He is a very good creature of God
[B]. She is very caring
[C]. She makes sure he never goes to the Wizard again
[D]. Both [A] and [B]

How did Jo want the story to end?

[A]. Roger run away from home
[B]. Roger transforms himself from Wizard again quietly
[C]. The Wizard hits Roger’s mother on the head with a magic wand and makes Roger smell like roses again
[D]. Roger’s mother accept her son with roses odour

What’s the meaning of the word “spank”?

[A]. Slap
[B]. Kiss
[C]. Praise
[D]. Touch

How many times did the wizard ask Roger to turn at the end of the lane?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 4
[D] 3
[D] 3

What did Jack mistakenly called Roger Skunk while narrating story?

[A] Roger Fernandez
[B] Roger Squirrel
[C] Roger Fish
[D] Roger Chipmunk
[C] Roger Fish

What city did Roger’s father come from?

[A] Brazil
[B] Boston
[C] Baltimore
[D] Buffalo
[B] Boston

Why doesn’t Jack change the story even after his daughter insists?

[A] Because he wanted Jo to know the harsh realities of life
[B] Because Jack was adamant
[C] Because he wanted a change in this story from previous days
[D] Because he himself was in hurry to sleep
[A] Because he wanted Jo to know the harsh realities of life.