NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 4 MCQ of Human Development updated for CBSE session 2024-25. Students of class 12 Geography Fundamentals of Human Geography chapter 4 can revise through multiple choice questions given here to prepare for exams.

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Class 12 Geography Chapter 4 MCQ with Answers


Which criterion was used in the early period to measure development?

[A]. Economic growth
[B]. Population growth
[C]. Literacy
[D]. Agricultural growth

Who introduced the Human Development Index in 1990?

[A]. Abdul-Aleem
[B]. Mahbub-ul-Haq
[C]. Abdul-Qaadir
[D]. Shahbaz

Which is not a key area of human development?

[A]. Education
[B]. Access to resources
[C]. Industrial development
[D]. Good health

Which is not a hindrance to ‘Equity’ pillar of Human Development?
[A] Caste
[B] Race
[C] Gender
[D] Freedom
[D] Freedom.

Class 12 Geography Chapter 4 Multiple Choice Questions


How many countries have a high level of human development?

[A]. 66
[B]. 37
[C]. 53
[D]. 33

Which country tops the chart in latest Human Development Index?

[A]. United States of America
[B]. Finland
[C]. Australia
[D]. Norway

Which of the following is not an approach of Human Development?

[A]. Welfare approach
[B]. Capability approach
[C]. Social approach
[D]. Basic needs approach

What is the score of the high development index?
[A] Above 0.9
[B] Above 0.95
[C] Above 0.60
[D] Above 0.80
[D] Above 0.80

Which of the following is a pillar of Human Development?
[A] Sustainability
[B] Empowerment
[C] Equity
[D] All of the above
[D] All of the above.