NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 6 MCQ of Secondary Activities prepared for new CBSE session 2024-25. Class 12 Geography Students can learn in better way using multiple choice questions of chapter 6 in Fundamentals of Human Geography during board exam preparation.

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Class 12 Geography Chapter 6 MCQ with Answers


Secondary activities can be better known as

[A]. Agricultural activities
[B]. Manufacturing industries
[C]. BPO’s
[D]. Quaternary activities

Which activity does not fall under secondary activity?

[A]. Production of handicraft
[B]. Manufacturing of toys
[C]. Manufacturing of automobiles child parts
[D]. Wholesale trading of seeds

Which one of the following is an important factor for an industry to set-up?

[A]. Raw material access
[B]. Market access
[C]. Skilled labor
[D]. Both [A] and [B]

Industries based on raw materials obtained from wood will fall under
[A] Agro industry
[B] Forest based industry
[C] Chemical industry
[D] Food processing industry
[C] Chemical industry.

Which one of the following types of industries produces raw materials for other industries?
[A] Cottage industry
[B] Small scale industry
[C] Basic industry
[D] Footloose industry
[C] Basic industry

Class 12 Geography Chapter 6 Multiple Choice Questions


Diamond cutting is an example of

[A]. Quaternary industry
[B]. Footloose industry
[C]. Cottage industry
[D]. Mineral based industry

Cement industry will fall under which category

[A]. Mineral based industry
[B]. Chemical based industry
[C]. Agro based industry
[D]. Foot loose industry

White collar workers fall under which category of industry?

[A]. Secondary
[B]. Hi-Technology
[C]. Quinary
[D]. Cotton textile

Which industry according to you will be located near raw materials?
[A] Cotton textiles
[B] Iron and Steel
[C] Dairy
[D] Both [B] and [C]
[D] Both [B] and [C].

Where is Silicon Valley located?
[A] Near Montreal
[B] Near San Francisco
[C] Near Bangalore
[D] Near Gurugram
[B] Near San Francisco.