NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 7 MCQ of Tertiary and Quaternary Activities updated for new session 2024-25. Practice with multiple choice question answers to prepare chapter 7 of class 12 Geography Fundamentals of Human Geography and be confident in exams.

Which of these does not fall under KPO?
[A] Intellectual property research
[B] Banking
[C] College lecturer
[D] E-learning
[C] College lecturer

Class 12 Geography Chapter 7 MCQ with Answers


If you are seeking a legal opinion, which sector of the industry are you in contact with?

[A]. Quaternary
[B]. Quinary
[C]. Secondary
[D]. Primary

In a developed economy, larger proportion of population depends on

[A]. Primary sector
[B]. Secondary sector
[C]. Tertiary sector
[D]. Quaternary sector

Which one of the following is not an important component of tertiary sector?

[A]. Communication
[B]. Services
[C]. Transport
[D]. R and D

A road joining two nodes is
[A] Vertex
[B] Link
[C] Node
[D] Network
[B] Link

Gold collar workers are engaged in which sector?
[A] Primary
[B] Quaternary
[C] Quinary
[D] Secondary
[C] Quinary

Class 12 Geography Chapter 7 Multiple Choice Questions


An NGO falls under which category of an industry?

[A]. Tertiary
[B]. Secondary
[C]. Quinary
[D]. Quaternary

Which factor affects the transport service?

[A]. Town location
[B]. Climate
[C]. Time consumption in loading/unloading
[D]. Nature of landscape

Which telecommunication system has revolutionized the global communication system?

[A]. Television
[B]. Internet
[C]. Telegraph
[D]. WhatsApp

Which of these is not a medical tourism country?
[A] Malaysia
[B] China
[C] Singapore
[D] South Korea
[B] China

What is KPO?
[A] Knowledge Process Outsourcing
[B] Knowledge Person Outsourced
[C] Kompany Process Outsourcing
[D] None of the above
[A] Knowledge Process Outsourcing