NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 12 MCQ Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems updated for academic session 2024-25. Students of class 12 Geography can take the benefits of multiple choice questions of India People and Economy to score well in exams.

What causes land pollution?
[A] Fertilizers
[B] Untreated industrial waste
[C] Pesticides
[D] All of the above
[D] All of the above

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 12 MCQ with Answers


Which is the natural source of air pollution?

[A]. Photochemical smog
[B]. Household activities
[C]. Volcanoes
[D]. Industries

Which of the following is not a type of pollution?

[A]. Air
[B]. Water
[C]. Ground
[D]. Land

What is the unit for measuring noise pollution?

[A]. Decibel
[B]. Candela
[C]. Kelvin
[D]. Ampere

Hepatitis is a result of
[A] Use of chlorinated plastic
[B] Water pollution
[C] Air pollution
[D] Land pollution
[B] Water pollution

Air pollution causes
[A] Lung cancer
[B] Obesity
[C] Both [A] and [D]
[D] Heart diseases
[C] Both [A] and [D]

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 12 Multiple Choice Questions


Land degradation is a result of

[A]. Drought
[B]. Afforestation
[C]. Over irrigation
[D]. Both [B] and [C]

Famous town Jhabua is located in

[A]. Haryana
[B]. Madhya Pradesh
[C]. Chhattisgarh
[D]. Jharkhand

76% of Yamuna is polluted in which city?

[A]. New Delhi
[B]. Himachal Pradesh
[C]. Rajasthan
[D]. Haryana

Namami Gange Project aims to clean
[A] Arabian Sea
[B] Yamuna
[C] Ganga
[D] Jhelum
[C] Ganga

Solid waste can be converted into
[A] Scrap tires
[B] Precious gems
[C] Electrical appliances
[D] Fabrics
[A] Scrap tires