NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 4 MCQ Human Settlements prepared for academic session 2024-25. Students can take the benefits of multiple choice questions of chapter 4 in class 12 Geography unit II India People and Economy to revise the syllabus.

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 4 MCQ with Answers


Garrison town is also called as

[A]. Urban settlement
[B]. Cantonment town
[C]. Smart towns
[D]. Smart city

What are hamlet settlements?

[A]. A small rural settlement with units physically separated from each other
[B]. A compact or closely built up area of houses
[C]. Segregation or fragmentation of a large compact village
[D]. Isolated settlements

Settlements vary on the basis of

[A]. Size
[B]. Shape
[C]. Both [A] and [B]
[D]. Land fertility

Which of the following economic activities dominates in rural settlements?
[A] Secondary
[B] Primary
[C] Tertiary
[D] Quaternary
[B] Primary

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 4 Multiple Choice Questions


The dependency of urban settlements is primarily on

[A]. Infrastructure
[B]. Processing of raw materials
[C]. Manufacturing of finished goods
[D]. Both [B] and [C]

Jaipur will be classified into which category of an Indian town?

[A]. Medieval
[B]. Ancient
[C]. Modern
[D]. None of the above

What will be called administrative town?

[A]. A town with strategic importance
[B]. A manufacturing hub
[C]. A place where central administration of a community is located
[D]. Where major commercial activities of country are performed

Why dispersed settlements lives in isolated huts?
[A] Because of different tribes on hilly areas
[B] Because of remote jungles
[C] Because of fragmented nature of terrain
[D] Because of superstition
[C] Because of fragmented nature of terrain

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 4 Important MCQs

______ town will be considered as hub of military or police head quarters?

[A]. Garrrisson
[B]. Administrative
[C]. Cultural
[D]. Metropolitan

Cultural town has

[A]. Education centres
[B]. Ancient buildings
[C]. More artisans
[D]. Religious significance

Which settlement pattern is found along coastal areas?

[A]. Rectangular
[B]. Tri-angular
[C]. Linear
[D]. Circular
Which settlement would you find in alluvial plains of Ganga?

[A] Clustered settlement
[B] Hamleted settlement
[C] Semi clustered settlement
[D] Dispersed settlement
[A] Clustered settlement