Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1 Important Questions of Who did Patrick’s Homework? and A House, A Home. These questions are helpful for the school tests preparation as well as for the terminal exams also. Class 6 English Chapter 1 Revised Extra Questions and answers contains almost all the questions from the NCERT Textbook with suitable answers.

Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1 Important Questions

Class: 6English (Honeysuckle)
Chapter: 1Important Questions

6th English Chapter 1 Important Questions for 2024-25

Practice here with class 6 English Honeysuckle chapter 1 extra questions answers in easy language. All the questions are important for school exams. These questions are helpful for all the students of grade 6 English to prepare the complete chapter with confidence.

6th Class English Chapter-1 Important Questions Set – 1

What did Patrick think about Homework?

Patrick hate to do Homework, he feels it too boring.

What did Patrick do instead of Homework?

He played Hockey Basketball and a video game called Nintendo.

What did Patrick found with his cat?

He found a man of the tiniest size had a little wool shirt with old fashioned britches and a high tall hat like a witch.

What did tiniest man say to Patrick?

He said to Patrick don’t give him back to his cat then he will fulfill his one wish.

What was the Patrick’s wish?

He told to the tiniest man to do all his Homework till the end of the semester.

Is little elf started to do Patrick’s Homework?

Yes, he started to do Patrick’s Homework but he always said “Help me! Help me!” and Patrick would have to help him in any way.

What does elf say about studies?

Answer: Elf says they know nothing of human history like dictionary, books, addition, subtractions etc. to them its mystery.

6th Class English Chapter-1 Important Questions Set – 2

What changes were seen in Patrick?

While helping the elf, he was working harder than ever, he was staying up nights, was going to school with his eyes puffed and bleary.

Why did the little man grant Patrick a wish?

A little man granted Patrick a wish because he does not want to go back to that cat.

What happened at last day of the school?

At the last day of the school the elf was free to go, he quietly slipped out the back door.

Why Patrick’s teachers, parents, his classmates were amazed?

When Patrick’s got A Grade in his class, then his teachers and parents were wondered and full of praise.

Do you really think Patrick got ‘A’ Grade due to the elf?

No, it’s the Patrick’s hard work that made it possible.

How was Patrick’s attitude at the end?

He was now the model kid. Cleaned his room, did his chores, was cheerful, never rude, he had developed a whole new attitude.

Why Patrick did feels ignoramus?

Answer: Patrick never did homework, his teachers told him he won’t learn anything and his classmates ignored him because he lacks education.

6th Class English Chapter-1 Important Questions Set – 3

What was the little man’s reaction when Patrick told his wish?

The little man’s face wrinkled like a dishcloth thrown in the hamper. He kicked his legs and doubled his fists.

Did little elf was really want to do Patrick’s Homework?

No, his expressions of disgust, anger and dis approval were clearly visible on his face.

Do you think little elf was really helping the Patrick in his Homework?

No, he was not really helping him, he wants Patrick to sit beside him, guide him, read books. In short, every way that little elf was a nag.

In what subject did Patrick help elf the most?

Patrick helped him the most in Mathematics.

For how many days Patrick wants the little elf to do his homework?

Patrick wants the little elf to do his homework till the end of the semester that’s 35 days.

Did Patrick really thinks; little elf has done his homework? What did you think?

Yes, Patrick thought he had made that little man do all his homework. It wasn’t the little man; Patrick had done it himself.

Important Extra Questions based on Poem 1: A House. A Home are given below with answers.

6th Class English Chapter-1 Important Questions Set – 4

What is house made of?

A house is made of brick and stone. There is wooden furniture, some windows glass, lots of doors and some big houses has a yard too.

What type of floors does a house have?

A house has tile floors.

What is a home?

A home is where loving members of a family live together.

Who make home?

Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers make home.

What type of acts are done in a house?

Care, love, kindly sharing and unselfish acts are done in the house.

What is the difference between a house and a home?

A house is a structure of brick and stone made of wooden furniture, some windows glass, lots of doors and some big houses has a yard too. A home is made of loving and caring members of a family who do care, love, kindly sharing and unselfish acts for each other.

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