Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 7 Important Questions of Fair Play. Sets of extra questions with suitable answers for 6th grade students are useful for school tests and terminal exams. Prepare the entire chapter 7 of class 6 English through Extra Revision Questions as per new textbooks to get a good score in all tests. Class 6 English Chapter 7 Extra Practice Question answers are taken from NCERT Textbook Honeysuckle only. Answers of each question is also confined to Latest NCERT Book for session 2024-25.

Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 7 Important Questions

Class: 6English
Chapter: 7Important Questions

6th English Chapter 7 Important Questions for 2024-25

Class 6 English Chapter 7 Important Extra Questions with answers for the preparation of all exams. Just read the NCERT Book first and then go through these practice questions once or twice to be confident in the chapter. These questions cover all paragraphs of 6th English Chapter 7 Fair Play.

6th Class English Chapter-7 Important Questions Set – 1

When Jumman’s aunt realized that she was not welcome in his house, what arrangement did she suggest?

When Jumman’s aunt realized that she was not welcome in his house, she suggested giving her a monthly allowance.

What was the villagers’ reaction when aunt explained her case to them?

Villagers had different reactions. Some villagers laughed at her, some sympathized with her, while some advised her to make peace with Jumman.

“God lives in the heart of the panch,” the aunt said. What did she mean?

She meant that a Panch must be just and impartial like god.

What was Algu’s verdict as head Panch? How did Jumman take it?

Algu verdict was that Jumman must either pay his aunt a monthly allowance or return her property. Jumman became Algu’s enemy.

Algu find himself in a tight spot. What was his problem?

Sahu refused to pay the bullock’s price to Algu. Algu’s problem was that the bullock that he sold to Sahu died before one month.

Why was Algu upset over Jumman’s nomination as head Panch?

Jumman considered Algu as his enemy. Algu thought that Jumman would now take his revenge on him.

What was Jumman’s verdict as head Panch? How did Algu take it?

Answer: Jumman’s verdict was that Sahu must pay the price of the bullock to Algu. Algu was overjoyed and exclaimed Victory to the Panchayat.

6th Class English Chapter-7 Important Questions Set – 2

How did the friendship between Algu and Jumman break?

When Algu was nominated as a head Panch by Jumman’s aunt, he gave the decision against Jumman. This broke their friendship.

Why was Jumman happy over Algu’s nomination as head Panch?

Jumman was happy over Algu’s nomination as head Panch because Algu was his best friend so he would never go against him.

Who is Samjhu sahu?

Sahu is the cart driver of the village.

Why did old aunt transfer her property to Jumman?

She transferred her property to him on the understanding that she would stay with him and he would look after her.

Why did an old aunt want an allowance?

She wanted an allowance because after few months Jumman became indifferent to her, doesn’t respect her. She swallowed these insults along with her food. So, she asked Jumman to give her a monthly allowance so that I she can set up a separate kitchen.

What made his aunt very angry?

When Jumman says his wife knows best how to run the house. This made his aunt very angry and she decided to take her case to the village panchayat.

What did Algu said when she told her case to him?

Answer: Algu said, Jumman is my best friend. How can I go against him?” “But old lady said to him what you consider just and fair?” she also said Come to the panchayat and speak the truth,” Algu didn’t reply, but her words kept ringing in his ears.

6th Class English Chapter-7 Important Questions Set – 3

Where was the panchayat held?

The panchayat wasa held under an old banyan tree.

What did Algu said when panchayat begins?

Algu said “you and I are old friends. Your aunt is as dear to me as you. Now I am a Panch. You and your aunt are equal before me. What have you to say in your defence?”

What was Algu’s decision after listening Jumman?

Algu announced, “We have gone into the matter carefully. In our opinion, Jumman must pay aunt a monthly allowance, or else the property goes back to her.

What happened when Algu gave decision against Jumman?

When Algu gave decision against Jumman, The bond of friendship between them was broken. In fact, Jumman was Algu’s enemy and wanted his revenge.

Whose name Sahu proposed as a Panch? Why?

Sahu proposed the name of the Jumman as a Panch because he wanted to take the advantage of the enemity of Jumman and Algu. He thought Jumman would give decision in favour of him.

What did Jumman realize as a Panch?

The moment Jumman became head Panch, he realized his responsibility as judge and the dignity of his office. He thought, he must not allow his personal feelings to come in the way of speaking the truth and doing justice.

What decision was given by Jumman?

Answer: After listening to both Algu and Sahu, Jumman announced “It is our opinion that Sahu should pay Algu the price of the bullock. When Sahu bought the bullock, it suffered from no disability or disease. The death of the bullock was unfortunate, but Algu cannot be blamed for it.”

How the enmity of Jumman and Algu did came to an end?

Answer: After the panchayat Jumman realized what it meant to be a Panch. A Panch has no friend nor enemy. He knows only justice. Let no one deviate from the path of justice and truth for friendship or enmity.” Algu embraced his friend and wept. And his tears washed away all the dirt of misunderstanding between them.

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