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Study online study offline – CBSE Digital contents, online learning material, offline study material for K – 12 study. Which is better (out of offline digital contents or Online study using internet) for NCERT solutions, Sample papers or latest Syllabus. I think both have their own significance, both are better, its all depends on situations. Online or offline study, both have advantages as well as disadvantages. Online provides a wide range of contents free or paid but some time it distract from study and influence us towards non-academic contents. In offline, no doubt there is limitation of contents but student can focus completely on the contents only. Choosing offline study material, parents can restrict their young ones from using net during study hours.

Study Online Study Offline

Study Online Study Offline

The students, who are interested to study offline (without internet or online with net connection) through learning videos, PDF files, MCQ questions of all chapter including NCERT Solutions, may take CDs, Pen Drives or SD Cards (that is compatible with any android device) at very reasonable cost. Click here to buy or any other query or support about these offline study material. If you have difficulties in one subject, buy only one subject, don’t go for all. We never compel to buy all the subjects. Here we are providing the option to buy one subject, two subjects or the entire package. It’s upon you what your requirement is.

Study Online

Salient features

After the end of each chapter, there is a MCQ test to check your grip on the chapter. There are sufficient concept videos to explain the chapter very well. Monthly we update (add/modify study material) to our contents, online/offline (when connect to internet) users get notification about the change and have liberty to update contents. No one is best in providing any facility but we are trying to provide maximum contents at least cost.

  • Digital Contents to study offline with full access without internet. NCERT offline Solutions for Class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 as well as solutions for class 11 & 12 Physics, Chemistry, Biology with chapter descriptions in PDF and videos format.

Mode of Content Delivery

We provide our contents in CD or Pen Drives for computer/laptops, in SD Cards for mobile phones, tablets or any other android devices. Once the software is installed, it can be used any time with or without internet connection.

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