How to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

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To receive some tips on how to avoid plagiarism in research papers, read the text below.

Make a list of sources

If you do not want to be caught with plagiarism, be patient when arranging sources for your research paper. Usually, research takes a lot of time to compile and requires various sources, from books to thesis papers. By making a list of sources and adding remarks to the draft, you would not lose your references. If there are too many sources and references to include, you can use specific referencing.

Citations matter

All thoughts and statements taken from someone else’s papers, books, interviews, or other sources must be appropriately cited. Any conclusion that is not yours must have a reference arranged in terms of the instructions you get from your teacher. Consider that there are several primary types of formatting, and each of them relates to citations and references. These types of formats are APA, MLA, and Chicago. In addition, note that not all sources must be followed with references and be cited – for example, words of common knowledge, like the shape of Planet Earth. Consider citing yourself if you want to include some points from your previous essays or research papers.

Paraphrasing is king

All non-cited content must be paraphrased. Make sure not to lose the context. It is appropriate to widen an author’s thoughts and supplement them with your thoughts and ideas. Note that paraphrasing is suitable for use if you do not add quotations that are formulated word by word. You need to choose a paraphrased sentence rather than include a quote with a similar meaning. To paraphrase effectively, you need to not copy and paste the idea but understand the importance of the sentence first. Explain the sense with your own words.

Check plagiarism

There are many possibilities to provide a quality check on your research paper’s content. You might paraphrase effectively, but add too many quotations or repeat widely used words. If you need to be sure your paper is unique, opt for online plagiarism checking tools. By entering the copied text into a specific area on the website, you would get a fast result. The software would scan databases related to the topic of your research paper. In a situation of finding unoriginal content, the parts of the text would be highlighted.

We hope these pieces of advice were interesting to read and you would apply them to your papers. You would succeed in your studies and make your research paper valuable and meaningful, avoiding issues with plagiarism.