Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 1 MCQ the Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh and the poem a Photograph by Shirley Toulson are free for CBSE 2024-25. Get a good revision with Multiple Choice Questions answer along with extra practice questions.

With which musical instrument did Grandmother sing?
[A] Drum
[B] Shehnai
[C] Violin
[D] Sarangi
[A] Drum

How was the drum?
[A] Brand new
[B] Shabby
[C] Sound
[D] Dusty
[B] Shabby

Who else is in that photo with poet’s mother?
[A] Mother’s cousins
[B] Maternal grandmother
[C] Mother’s friends
[D] Poet’s elder sisters
[A] Mother’s cousins


For how many years had the author been seeing his grandmother as old?

[A]. 30
[B]. 10
[C]. 25
[D]. 20

What kind of clothes did the author’s grandfather wear when he was alive?

[A]. Shirt Pant
[B]. Sherwani
[C]. Loose clothes
[D]. Shirt and Dhoti

What did the author find revolting about his grandmother?

[A]. Thinking that once she too was young and used to play
[B]. Thinking that once she was young and beautiful
[C]. Thinking that once she too had husband
[D]. The thought that once her face was without wrinkles

How did grandma look?

[A]. Short
[B]. Bent
[C]. Fat
[D]. All of the above

Why did grandma celebrate in the evening?
[A] On grandson’s birthday
[B] In the joy of the arrival of my grandson
[C] In the joy of her own birthday
[D] In the joy of returning to village
[B] In the joy of the arrival of my grandson.

According to this story, what was the reason for grandmother’s death?
[A] Stroke
[B] Tumor
[C] Old age
[D] Fever
[D] Fever

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 1 MCQ with Answers

Where were the three people shown in the photo?
[A] At home
[B] On trekking
[C] On the beach
[D] In marriage
[C] On the beach

What is ‘cardboard’ in this poem?
[A] 3D effect
[B] Tears of joy
[C] Sea shore
[D] Thick paper used to affix photographs
[D] Thick paper used to affix photographs


How did Grandma spend time in the village?

[A]. In chanting
[B]. In singing
[C]. In pilgrimage
[D]. In sleeping

With what is Grandmother compared to?

[A]. Rainforest
[B]. Snow mountains
[C]. Statue of decency
[D]. God

Where did the parents of the author live?

[A]. Countryside
[B]. Outside India
[C]. City
[D]. Company mess

What did the author eat for breakfast?

[A]. Chapati with sugar and ghee
[B]. Maggie
[C]. Bread Omelets
[D]. Nothing

What’s the meaning of the word “mourning”?
[A] Cheer
[B] Insensitivity
[C] Condolence
[D] Delight
[C] Condolence.

By whom was this photo taken?
[A] Poet
[B] Selfie by poet’s mother
[C] Poet’s uncle
[D] Professional photographer
[C] Poet’s uncle

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 1 MCQ Explanation

How birds showed their gratitude towards Grandmother?
[A] They refused to eat food given by author’s mother
[B] They sat next to Grandma’s corpse without chirping
[C] They didn’t return to house post Grandma’s death
[D] Both A and B.
Both A and B.

What was the favorite memory of the poet?
[A] Her childhood
[B] Her mother’s laughter
[C] Beach vacations
[D] Discussion with mother about her childhood
[B] Her mother’s laughter


What did she do after dropping him off at school?

[A]. Make people aware of human rights
[B]. Read newspapers
[C]. Return home
[D]. Used to sit in temple

To whom did the grandmother feed the chapattis?

[A]. School kids
[B]. Dogs
[C]. Monkeys
[D]. Beggars

When does the author use the motor bus?

[A]. While learning mechanics
[B]. To go to city school
[C]. To go to college
[D]. To go to railway station

How did Grandmother like city school?

[A]. Not good
[B]. Good
[C]. Excellent
[D]. Average

How did the grandmother spend her time in the city?
[A] In singing
[B] Spinning the wheel
[C] Prayer recitation
[D] All of the above
[B] Spinning the wheel

After how many years did her mother laugh on seeing the photograph?
[A] Twenty one
[B] Twenty two
[C] Twenty three
[D] Twenty four
[C] Twenty three

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 1 Multiple Choice Questions

How did the grandmother react to her illness?
[A] She said her end was near
[B] She said she’ll be fine soon
[C] It’s a common thing
[D] She said she’ll be fine if she settles in village permanently
[A] She said her end was near

What’s the meaning of the word ‘wry’?
[A] Big laugh
[B] Happiness
[C] Ironic
[D] None of the above
[C] Ironic


When did Grandson and Grandmother conversation almost end?

[A]. When he shared his experience of music class
[B]. When he went abroad
[C]. When he went to city school to study
[D]. When he went to university to study

What’s the meaning of the word “bedlam”?

[A]. Cry
[B]. Disturbing
[C]. Loud voice
[D]. Sweet voice

Which bird is shown to have great love for grandmother?

[A]. Crow
[B]. Sparrow
[C]. Parrot
[D]. Peacock

What did Grandma feed sparrows?

[A]. Sugar
[B]. Jaggery
[C]. Bread
[D]. Millet

Who is the author of ‘The Portrait of a Lady’?
[A] Harbhajan Singh
[B] Milkha Singh
[C] Khushwant Singh
[D] Honey Singh
[C] Khushwant Singh

What has not changed over the years?
[A] Poet
[B] Photograph
[C] Sea
[D] Memories
[C] Sea

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 1 Important MCQs

Which half hour is considered by the author as the happiest time of grandmother?
[A] When she meditates
[B] When she feeds birds in afternoon
[C] When she feeds dogs in morning
[D] When she prepares the author for school
[B] When she feeds birds in afternoon.

Who is the poet/poetess of “A Photograph”?
[A] Shirley Ardell Mason
[B] Leo Tolstoy
[C] Shirley Toulson
[D] Sidney Sheldon
[C] Shirley Toulson


About what was the author sure that Grandmother would be upset?

[A]. Because of his being less spiritual
[B]. About his western ideas
[C]. About his music class
[D]. About his going abroad

For how many years does author go abroad for higher studies?

[A]. Five years
[B]. Four years
[C]. 1 year
[D]. Ten years

Did grandmother cried when she went to railway station to drop her grandson?

[A]. Yes
[B]. Little bit
[C]. No
[D]. Not mentioned

When he comes back from abroad, did his grandmother look older?

[A]. Yes
[B]. Not mentioned
[C]. No
[D]. Little old

What was poet’s mother age when the photograph was taken?
[A] Twenty three
[B] Twelve
[C] Three
[D] Eighteen
[B] Twelve

What does last stanza depict in this poem?
[A] Demise of poet’s mother
[B] Old memories
[C] Mother’s love
[D] Silent sea
[A] Demise of poet’s mother

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