Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 MCQ Mother’s Day given by J B Priestley for academic curriculum 2024-25. Get Multiple Choice Questions and extra question answers of Class 11 English Supplementary Reader Chapter 3 with notes and study material to revise the chapter for exams.

Who was masculine counterpart of Doris?
[A] Mrs Pearson
[B] Cyril
[C] Mrs Fitzgerald
[D] None of the above
[B] Cyril

Whom does Doris blame for not going on a date with Charlie?
[A] Her brother
[B] Mrs Fitzgerald
[C] Her father
[D] Her mother
[D] Her mother


How did Mrs Pearson & Mrs Fitzgerald know each other?

[A]. They were cousins
[B]. They were friends
[C]. Being a neighbor
[D]. Being colleagues

In which country was this drama composed?

[A]. Netherland
[B]. France
[C]. Japan
[D]. United Kingdom

What was the problem with Mrs Pearson?

[A]. Her family did not respect her
[B]. She was not taken out for parties
[C]. Didn’t get her good clothes
[D]. Her husband used to drink a lot

At which festival did Mrs Pearson get a chance to play rummy?
[A] Christmas
[B] Easter
[C] Kutztown Folk Festival
[D] Good Friday
[A] Christmas

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 MCQ with Answers


What was Mrs Fitzgerald looking for in cards in beginning of the play?

[A]. Learning solitaire
[B]. Looking at Mrs Pearson’s fate
[C]. Learning Poker
[D]. Sharing gambling secrets with Mrs Pearson

What does Mrs Pearson find easy to hear but difficult to do?

[A]. Bringing family members on right track
[B]. Exchanging personalities
[C]. Learning Cards
[D]. All of the above

How does Mrs Pearson describe her family members?

[A]. Selfish
[B]. Thoughtless
[C]. Both [A] and [B]
[D]. Most busiest

What was Mrs Fitzgerald’s last suggestion to Annie after teaching a lesson to her family?
[A] Apologize to everyone
[B] Speak the truth
[C] Always be polite with all
[D] Don’t be too soft with family members
[D] Don’t be too soft with family members.

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 MCQ Explanation


What amazes Doris as she enters the home?

[A]. Her mother drinking stout
[B]. Her mother smoking
[C]. Her mother not ironing her dress
[D]. Her mother whitewashing the ceiling

What kind of lady was Mrs Fitzgerald?

[A]. Nervous
[B]. Creative
[C]. Sorceress
[D]. Bold and dominating

Did Mrs Pearson immediately accept Fitzgerald’s idea?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. She was hesitant to accept
[D]. None of the above

Whom does Mrs Pearson ask to speak politely to Mrs Fitzgerald?
[A] George
[B] Charlie
[C] Doris
[D] Cyril
[C] Doris

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 Multiple Choice Questions

How does Mrs Fitzgerald plan to help Mrs Pearson?

[A]. By talking to Mr George
[B]. By exchanging personalities
[C]. Takes her kids own home
[D]. Advises her to take break for sometime

“Buck teeth and half witted”… who has been described here?

[A]. Doris
[B]. George
[C]. Charlie
[D]. Cyril

Why was Doris red – eyed?

[A]. Because of crying
[B]. Because of infection
[C]. Because of accident
[D]. None of the above

Where does Cyril waste money according to mummy?
[A] On rummies
[B] Ice shows
[C] On dates
[D] Clothes
[B] Ice shows

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 Important MCQs

What was George called in the club?

[A]. Sir George Washington
[B]. Pompous
[C]. Mr Pearson
[D]. Club champion

What was Mrs Pearson drinking when her husband arrived home?

[A]. Poison
[B]. Champagne
[C]. Wine
[D]. Stout

Mrs Fitzgerald asks Mrs Pearson to be ______ with her family

[A]. Polite
[B]. Harsh
[C]. Firm
[D]. Friendly

Who confirms to George that he is being mocked at the club?
[A] Charlie
[B] Doris
[C] Cyril
[D] Mrs Fitzgerald
[C] Cyril

How many hours a day does Mrs Pearson work non-stop according to her?
[A] 5 hrs
[B] 8 hrs
[C] 24 hrs
[D] 10 hrs
[B] 8 hrs

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