Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 MCQ Ranga’s Marriage written by Masti Venkatesha Iyengar for CBSE and state board 2022-23. All the students of Class 11 get English Supplementary Reader Chapter 3 Multiple Choice Questions answers in simplified format with extra practice question answers.

Why did Ratna and Ranga choose the name of the narrator for their child’s name?
[A] Because Shyama was behind their matrimonial union
[B] They liked this name
[C] Shyama had put this condition before their marriage
[D] None of the above
[A] Because Shyama was behind their matrimonial union.

What clue did Shastri suggest for Ranga’s partner’s name?
[A] Something found in woods
[B] Something found in ocean
[C] Something found in sky
[D] Something found in religious books
[B] Something found in ocean.


Which Indian state does the author of this story belong to?

[A]. Tamil Nadu
[B]. Kerala
[C]. Karnataka
[D]. Telangana

Which of these titles did the narrators think to give their story to engage the readers?

[A]. Ranganathan Marriage
[B]. Ranganatha Vijaya
[C]. Ranga’s Vivaha
[D]. Ranta’s Marriage

What’s the name of Ranga’s village?

[A]. Hosahalli
[B]. Hongenahalli
[C]. Hoshahalli
[D]. Halli

Whom does the narrator blame for not having the name of his village on the country’s map?

[A]. Germans
[B]. Americans
[C]. Indians
[D]. English

Why was it not important to know Ranga’s star?
[A] Because he prophesied by looking at the hand
[B] He had already decided what to say to Ranga
[C] He used to tell the future by asking the past
[D] Because Shastri was not well versed
[B] He had already decided what to say to Ranga

Finally, what do Ratna and Ranga name their baby?
[A] Kamala
[B] Shyama
[C] Pearl
[D] Pachchi
[B] Shyama

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 MCQ with Answers


With which sweet does Shyama compares his village to?

[A]. Mysore Pak
[B]. Karigadabu
[C]. Karchi Kaayi
[D]. Sakkarai Pongal

Name the doctor who had Shyama-like views on Hosahalli.

[A]. Ranga
[B]. Shastri
[C]. Gundabhatta
[D]. Rama Rao

What’s the meaning of the word ‘rambling’?

[A]. Idle
[B]. Chatting
[C]. Appraising
[D]. Wanderer

What was the profession of Ranga’s father?

[A]. Doctor
[B]. Teacher
[C]. Accountant
[D]. Government servant

Did Ranga come to Shastri under any pressure?
[A] No
[B] Yes
[C] A bit
[D] Not mentioned
[A] No

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 MCQ Explanation


In which language was it disgraceful to speak?

[A]. Kannada
[B]. English
[C]. Hindi
[D]. Tamil

Shyama goes to Ranga’s house to know the meaning of which word?

[A]. English
[B]. Bachelorhood
[C]. Marriage
[D]. Change

Why Ranga’s homecoming from Bangalore was a big event in Hosahalli?

[A]. Because his father was only literate person of village
[B]. Because no one had studied in the village as much as Ranga
[C]. Because he was the only man who was coming out of the village after studying English
[D]. Because he was the richest person in the village

Who said this “What are you doing here, then?”

[A]. Rama Rao
[B]. Someone from crowd
[C]. Rangappa
[D]. Ratna

What were ‘cawries’ that Shastri had?
[A] Small books
[B] Sea snails
[C] Colors
[D] Magical stones
[B] Sea snails

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 Multiple Choice Questions

What does the ‘janewara’ represent?

[A]. Caste
[B]. Religion
[C]. Language
[D]. Country

How was Ranga’s first meeting with Shyama after coming from Bangalore?

[A]. Good
[B]. Bad
[C]. Average
[D]. Not mentioned

Did Shyama pressurize Rangappa to get married in the first meeting?

[A]. Little bit
[B]. No
[C]. Yes
[D]. Not mentioned

Which fruit did Ranga take to Shyama’s house?

[A]. Banana’s
[B]. Apples
[C]. Sugarcane’s
[D]. Oranges

Why do Ranga and Shyama go to Shastri?
[A] To know the future of Hosahalli
[B] To know well being of Shastri
[C] To show Ranga’s horoscope
[D] To know the mantra for staying calm
[C] To show Ranga’s horoscope

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 Important MCQs

Why did Ranga not want to get married after coming from the city?

[A]. He wanted to get the job first
[B]. He wanted a mature girl of almost his age
[C]. He wanted to serve village for few years
[D]. He wanted further studies before marriage

From where did Ratna belong?

[A]. Birmingham
[B]. Hosahalli
[C]. Hyderabad
[D]. Not Mentioned

Why did Ratna go to Shyama’s house to meet him?

[A]. To give buttermilk
[B]. To sing a song for Shyama
[C]. To meet Ranga
[D]. To pick her books

Why didn’t Ranga leave when Ratna stopped singing?

[A]. Shyama had pointed to him
[B]. He was waiting for the song to start again
[C]. He was waiting for Shyama to introduce him
[D]. His feet were frozen

What’s the meaning of the word ‘shrivelled’?
[A] Excited
[B] Faded
[C] Surprised
[D] Both [A] and [C]
[B] Faded

What’s the meaning of the word ‘paraphernalia’?
[A] Materials
[B] Sacred thread
[C] Almanac
[D] Religious book
[A] Materials