Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 Important Questions Ranga’s Marriage written by Masti Venkatesha Iyengar for CBSE and state board 2022-23. All the students of Class 11 get English Supplementary Reader Chapter 3 Extra Questions answers in easy to learn format with extra practice question answers.

Why is Hosahalli not mentioned in Geography?

The author’s words show that Hosahalli was ignored by the cartographers and by the English government. He tells that the mangoes of his village are really good and its best for chutney and there are other things which make his village a best place for tourists but it was forgotten by the people who designed the map of India.

With whom does the narrator compare his village?
Shyama says that if there is no karigadabu in any festival, then that festival is incomplete, similarly without Hosahalli, the state of Mysore is nothing. Hosahalli has so much importance in itself.

Who was Ratna? What were her hobbies? Why Shyama finds her suitable for Ranga?

Ratna was eleven years old beautiful girl who was living in hosahalli with her uncle because her parents were no more. Her voice was good and along with singing, she was fond of playing harmonium and veena. She was a simple girl from whom anyone could be influenced by talking a little. Because Shyama was a frequent visitor at her place, so he finds Ranga a suitable boy for her.

Was narrator impressed by the conversation with Ranga when he returns from city?
Yes the narrator was impressed by the way Ranga greeted him. This was a traditional way which Ranga had not forgotten even after being out for 6 months. This made the narrator happy that he had not forgotten his values. In the afternoon, when Ranga went to his house to meet him, he took fruits for respect and talked in a very civilized manner. All this impressed Shyama very much.

When and how did Ranga first meet Ratna?

Ranga and Ratna’s first meeting was arranged by Shyama for the first time at his home. He asks Ratna to sing and calls Ranga through someone. Ranga suddenly comes in room where she was singing and she abruptly stops singing after his arrival. She goes outside blushing when a stranger comes in. Not right to talk, but Shyama had called both of them to see each other.

Why talking in English was disgraceful for narrator?
This story is about those days when English was not given much importance and the first choice in Mysore was its own language which was Kannada followed by some Hindi spoken people. English speakers were not seen from a good point of view. They were accused of adopting western culture and forgetting their own customs and religion. One who loves his culture and civilization, he has to speak only the language of his country.

Why did Shyama have to put Pandit Shastri in the middle to get marriage done?

Shyama felt that if both of them have to get married, then some third person should be put in the middle, whose words will affect Rangappa. This is because Ranga had already refused Shyama for early marriage. And after liking Ratna, Shastri was the only person who could impress anyone with his work and words in the village and it happened too.

When Shastri said that Rangappa was thinking of a girl whose name could be like a pearl coming out of the sea, these words sealed Rangappa’s decision of marriage. So it was wise decision by Shyama to put Shastri in middle to get marriage done.

Why did everyone want to meet Ranga when he returns from Bangalore?
Ranga was the first person from that village who went to the city to study. And people know that Ranga is coming after learning English from there. This was a big deal for those villagers at that time. The crowd gathered to see if Ranga still cherished his values or had forgotten it when he returned from Bangalore. The person who came from another city was no less than a foreigner in their village.

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