Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3 Important Questions Mother’s Day given by J B Priestley for academic curriculum 2024-25. Get Extra Questions and extra question answers of Class 11 English Supplementary Reader Chapter 3 with notes and study material to revise the chapter for exams.

How does Mrs Pearson deal with Doris when she becomes Mrs Fitzgerald?

As Doris enters the room and orders her mother as usual, her mother says without seeing her, do I see you whitewashing the ceiling? So instead of her naive answers she was strict with her right from the beginning. Neither she makes tea for her nor she iron the clothes. She even questions her from going on a date with Charlie Spence. She behaves aggressively when her daughter raises questions her on weekend trips. Mrs Pearson asks her to mind her own business and no one should interfere in her personal life. Doris’s obstinate and misbehavior is dealt with harshly by her mother without any laxity.

What fortune does Mrs Fitzgerald predict for Mrs Pearson?
Mrs Fitzgerald predictions are pretty much accurate. She says that the coming time can be good and bad for Mrs Pearson. Whatever she thinks and does, it’s going to happen for her. She asks her to decide firmly.

How did Doris take on her mother’s behavior towards her?

Doris was not used to this kind of behavior from her mother towards herself. She came tired after working all day and after coming home she did not get a cup of tea which was daily routine nor she got ironed clothes for evening outing. She argues first after getting upset with her mother’s strict attitude and when she finds unable to win the debate, she starts crying. She also complains to her brother about the changed attitude of her mother but she was unable to do anything and was left with no choice but to leave the room.

What problem does Mrs Pearson face? Who was responsible behind her condition?
Mrs Pearson used to spend all her time and energy for the members of the household. She worked tirelessly round the clock without any break. They never used to help her with household chores, but also used to get angry when the work was not done on time. No one else was responsible for her condition; she herself was responsible because slowly and steadily she had taken every responsibility of the house on herself and she never raised voice against this.

How Mrs Pearson was dissimilar to Mrs Fitzgerald?
Both Mrs Pearson and Mrs Fitzgerald had contrast personalities. Mrs Pearson was soft spoken lady and she used to be somewhat nervous most of the time. She did not argue with anyone on any matter. Mrs Fitzgerald on the other hand was older and had strong and sinister personality. She used to smoke and drink frequently.

Why is Cyril Pearson annoyed with his mother?

Cyril feels annoyed when his mother tells him that evening tea is not ready as she couldn’t bother about it. He asks if she has taken his things out. Mrs Pearson bluntly responds that she has neither mended them nor she is willing to do so. Like his sister, Cyril too was not used to such straight forward responses and her mother used to do all the household chores for children so that they did not suffer but her changed form was difficult for everyone to digest.

What was Mrs Fitzgerald’s plan of action to deal with her neighbors’ problem?
Mrs Fitzgerald suggests her neighbor to exchange places or bodies so that they would appear to be the same person. Whenever someone talks to Mrs Pearson, they get tough responses from Mrs Fitzgerald. This plan proved to be a complete success.

What changes do Doris and Cyril see in their mother? What do they think is the reason behind this change?

Doris couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her mother smoking, playing cards and drinking stout. He always saw his mother doing household chores. Cyril too noted the change and asked her if she was feeling ill. Mother looked the same but her behavior was absolutely different. He asks if she has gone mad. Doris thinks that she is doing this because of her head hitting something.

What is the reason for Mrs Pearson’s quarrel with George?
Like children, George too argues with his wife over tea. She asks him if he has ever talked to anyone in the club like he does to her. George gets very angry on this with her. He gets annoyed more when she tells him that people at club laugh at him and in fact he is the standing joke of the club. People often call him Pompy-ompy Pearson because they think he is too slow and pompous. George has never heard of such things from anyone ever. All this makes him extremely angry.

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