NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Sociology Chapter 5 MCQ Doing Sociology Research Methods are confined to NCERT Books 2024-25. In MCQ of 11th Sociology chapter 5 of Introducing Sociology, the Multiple Choice Questions are important for the final exams.

A comprehensive survey covering every single member of the population is thought as:
[A] Survey
[B] Participant observation
[C] Census
[D] Case study
[C] Census
A statistical investigation within which the info are collected for every and each element/unit of the population is termed as census method. it’s also referred to as ‘complete enumeration’ or ‘100% enumeration’ or ‘complete survey’.

In their principle of sample selection, the respondents are selected purely by chance:
[A] Randomization
[B] Stratification
[C] Probability
[D] Compartmentalization
[A] Randomization
Randomization is that the process of creating something random. Randomization isn’t haphazard; instead, a random process could be a sequence of random variables describing a process whose outcomes don’t follow a deterministic pattern, but follow an evolution described by probability distributions.

Class 11 Sociology Chapter 5 MCQ Explanation


The problem which may be studied through participant observation is

[A]. Market policy
[B]. Mortality rate
[C]. Divorce rate
[D]. The day to day lifetime of community

A comprehensive survey covering every single member of a population is understood as

[A]. Sample survey
[B]. Census
[C]. Random sampling
[D]. Genealogy

The introduction of apparatus like recorders frequently makes the respondent

[A]. Happy
[B]. Comfortable
[C]. Uneasy
[D]. Disappointed

The term ‘random’ suggests the choice

[A]. With none system or design
[B]. Proper structure
[C]. With large population
[D]. With small selection

“Quantitative facts are collected about the social aspects”, is said by
[A] Bogardus E.S
[B] Sam Harris
[C] Max Weber
[D] Philosopher
[B] Sam Harris
Sam Harris, Harris rejects the dichotomy between spirituality and rationality, favoring a middle path that preserves spirituality and science but doesn’t involve religion. He writes that spirituality should be understood in light of scientific disciplines like neuroscience and psychology.

Social research means
[A] Systematised effort to realize new knowledge
[B] Systematic method of discovering the new fact
[C] None of those
[D] Both [A] and [B].
[D] Both [A] and [B].
Social research is that the study of social trends, dynamics and principles that exist between individuals and within societies. Professionals perform social research so as to higher understand the social factors that motivate and influence individuals and to investigate how and why humans interact with one another.

Class 11 Sociology Chapter 5 MCQ with Answers


Genealogy of the community was prepared during fieldwork. The word genealogy denotes

[A]. Making a kinship group
[B]. List of inherited diseases
[C]. Tribal community
[D]. Urban community

The feature which isn’t common between questionnaire and interview is

[A]. Flexibility of question
[B]. Use in large universe
[C]. Use in survey method
[D]. Asking questions

Stratified Random Sample is more

[A]. Stratified
[B]. Representative
[C]. Purposive
[D]. None of the above

In predicting the election results, the acceptable method of research would be

[A]. Non-participant observation
[B]. Participant observation
[C]. Survey
[D]. Case study

In theoretical field social research aims
[A] Finding problems of creature
[B] Indentifying delinquent behaviour
[C] Reducing social conflicts
[D] None of above
[A] Finding problems of individual
Theory helps in assigning aiming to various social constructs, that is, in planet situations by describing their inter-relatedness with observable phenomena and their variables. it’s a scientific way of organizing and building body of information and viewing the planet around us by identifying facts and realities.

Which of the subsequent is that the stage of research project?
[A] Analysing data
[B] Reporting results
[C] Gathering data
[D] All of those
[D] All of those
A good research involves systematic planning and setting time-based, realistic objectives. It entails feasible research methods based upon a research methodology that most closely fits the character of your research question. it’s built upon sufficient relevant data and is reproducible and replicable.

Class 11 Sociology Chapter 5 Multiple Choice Questions

A guided conversation between the researcher and therefore the respondent is thought as

[A]. Interview
[B]. Survey
[C]. Participant observation
[D]. Non-participant observation

Qualitative method in sociology deals with the

[A]. Attitudes, opinions and emotions
[B]. Secondary data
[C]. Live experiences of people
[D]. Sampling theory

The book ‘the Golden Bough’ was written by which famous anthropologist?

[A]. James Frazer
[B]. Malinowski
[C]. William Foot Whyte
[D]. Sociologist

A guided conversation between the researcher and respondent is thought as

[A]. Field work
[B]. Interview
[C]. Questionnaire
[D]. Survey

In observation main part is played by
[A] Eyes
[B] Hair
[C] Arms
[D] None of those
[A] Eyes
In this session, you may study the parts of human eye .The human eye is one in all the important sensory organs of the physique.

Which of the subsequent is quality of an honest researcher?
[A] Scientific mind and scientist
[B] Philosopher
[C] Doctor
[D] Research aptitude
[D] Research aptitude
A good researcher is curious, talented, knowledgeable, determined, and knows a way to conduct and complete research projects. Research quality is evaluated by the profession through Publications in prime quality journals, Citations, TRI, and also the h-index. Be hospitable criticism of your work, it’s about your work not you.