Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 1 MCQ the Last Lesson updated and modified for session 2024-25 CBSE and State board. Get here the Multiple Choice Questions with answer to prepare chapter 1 of class 12 English. Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 1 Solutions.

Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 1 MCQ


Who was M Hamel?

[A]. Villager
[B]. School teacher
[C]. Student
[D]. Soldier

From which city did the decision to speak German come?

[A]. Berlin
[B]. Frankfurt
[C]. Alsace
[D]. Lorraine

Which of these cities did not have ordinance to speak German?

[A]. Lorraine
[B]. Alsace
[C]. Berlin
[D]. Frankfurt

What was in the new order from Germany?

[A]. All schools in Alsace and Lorraine will be closed
[B]. German will be taught in entire France
[C]. French will no longer be taught in any city of France
[D]. French will no longer be taught in two cities of France

What was Franz concerned about while going to school?

[A] Exam on participles
[B] Arriving late to school
[C] Because of last lesson
[D] None of the above
[A] Exam on participles


The decision to teach German came after the battle of which two countries?

[A]. France-Germany
[B]. France-Prussia
[C]. Poland-Germany
[D]. France-Russia

What drew Franz to his side as he went to school?

[A]. Chirping of birds
[B]. Sunny day
[C]. Drilling of Prussian soldiers in fields
[D]. All of the above

For how long had only bad news been appearing on the bulletin board?

[A]. Four years
[B]. Three years
[C]. Two years
[D]. One year

Who was Wachter?

[A]. Prussian soldier
[B]. Franz classmate
[C]. German teacher
[D]. Blacksmith

What was different that day in school?

[A] Pin drop silence
[B] Uproar
[C] M Hamel thrashing the children
[D] Less students in last lesson class
[A] Pin drop silence


Why did Franz enter the class covertly?

[A]. Because he was not in school dress
[B]. Because he didn’t do homework on participles
[C]. Because he arrived late in class
[D]. Both [B] and [C]

Did M Hamel teacher scold Franz for arriving late to class?

[A]. Yes
[B]. No
[C]. A bit
[D]. Not mentioned

What did Franz find different in his French teacher when he entered class?

[A]. Teaching different subject
[B]. M Hamel weeping
[C]. Different attire
[D]. Hamel seemed taller than usual

Who was sitting on the back benches of the class?

[A]. Prussian soldiers
[B]. New teachers
[C]. Villagers
[D]. Orphans

Why villagers attended the last lesson?

[A] To pay respect to M Hamel
[B] To learn French language
[C] Fearing Prussian soldiers
[D] To re-confirm Berlin order from M Hamel
[A] To pay respect to M Hamel


Frarnz compared the silence of school with which day?

[A]. Easter
[B]. Good Friday
[C]. Curfew
[D]. Sunday morning

What did M Hamel say to Franz when he saw him coming late to class?

[A]. Politely ordered to sit on his seat
[B]. Scolded a lot for being late
[C]. Asked to call parents next day
[D]. Asked question on French participles

Which of the following was not part of M Hamel’s new attire?

[A]. Bell bottom jeans
[B]. Green coat
[C]. Black cap
[D]. Frilled shirt

Why was Franz surprised by M Hamel’s new clothes?

[A]. Because he always wore old clothes
[B]. Because he was not in school uniform
[C]. Because these clothes were ill fitting
[D]. Because he wore this attire on prize days or inspection days

What did M Hamel said about Berlin that shocked Franz?

[A] An order after which French will not be taught in Alsace and Lorraine
[B] Berlin occupied the whole of France
[C] M Hamel was shifting to Berlin forever
[D] None of the above
[A] An order after which French will not be taught in Alsace and Lorraine.


Who did teacher M Hamel blame for not knowing mother tongue?

[A]. Students
[B]. Himself
[C]. Villagers
[D]. All of the above

Books that used to be boring and burden to Franz, how did they look today?

[A]. Redemptive thing
[B]. Old friends
[C]. Book of Saints
[D]. Scrap books

How did Franz feel for M Hamel after knowing about Berlin order?

[A]. He felt sorry for him
[B]. He was happy for him
[C]. He thought M Hamel would trouble those children to the city he is going to.
[D]. None of the above

Did Franz have the answer to the question asked on the participle that day?

[A]. Yes
[B]. No
[C]. Partial
[D]. Not mentioned

What did M Hamel think of his national language?

[A] French is tough language
[B] French is beautiful and logical language
[C] French is widely spoken worldwide
[D] French was not promoted by any government
[B] French is beautiful and logical language.


What kind of trouble did Franz have in learning French grammar that day?

[A]. No issues
[B]. Troubles like everyday
[C]. He felt M Hamel was reading too fast and he was not able to catch
[D]. He found French as a foreign language too

How was M Hamel during the class?

[A]. Active
[B]. Mobile
[C]. Motionless
[D]. Unfixed

For how many years had Hamel been teaching in that school?

[A]. Ten years
[B]. Twenty years
[C]. Five years
[D]. Forty years

What signal did M Hamel and students get to end the last lesson of class?

[A]. Bell rang at the crossroads
[B]. The clock struck 12
[C]. M Hamel fainted
[D]. Prussian soldiers knocked on school

Who said “Vive La France”?

[A] M Hamel
[B] Franz
[C] Prussian soldiers
[D] Wachter
[A] M Hamel

What’s the meaning of the word “Angelus”?

[A] A loud sound
[B] Stampede
[C] Prayer
[D] Kept books in bag
[C] Prayer

How was M Hamel feeling post last lesson?

[A] Disgust
[B] Sad
[C] Angry
[D] Emotional
[D] Emotional

Where did the people of Alsace send the children to earn money?

[A] Farm fields
[B] Shops
[C] Factories
[D] All of the above
[A] Farm fields

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