Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 6 MCQ Poets and Pancakes with suitable answers revised for the new academic session 2024-25. These multiple choice questions of 12th English Flamingo chapter 6 Poets and Pancakes are useful for revision during the exams. Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 6 Solutions.

Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 6 MCQ


In which of his books Asokamitra has mentioned about Gemini Studio?

[A]. Indru
[B]. My years with Boss
[C]. Ammavukku oru naal
[D]. Otran

Who was the founder of Gemini Studio?

[A]. Kothamangalam Subbu
[B]. Vyjayantimala
[C]. Asokamitran
[D]. S.S. Vasan

What was pancake?

[A]. Cake
[B]. Utensil
[C]. Makeup brand
[D]. Projector

In which city the Gemini Studio was located?

[A]. Madras
[B]. Calcutta
[C]. Secunderabad
[D]. Lucknow

Why the makeup room had a look of a salon?

[A] Because of makeup kits
[B] Because of too many lights
[C] Because it smell like cutting salon
[D] Because of actor’s posters
[B] Because of too many lights.


What’s the meaning of ‘incandescent’?

[A]. Bright
[B]. Flame
[C]. Dim
[D]. Bad

Why does the author feel that the makeup department was an example of national integration?

[A]. Because their first show was based on National Integration
[B]. Because most of their shows were based on National Integration
[C]. Because people from all communities worked there
[D]. Because they were hardcore Gandhians.

Was the author happy with the make-up man’s work?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. Little bit
[D]. Not mentioned

What were the ambitions of the ‘office boy’ of makeup department?

[A]. He wanted to be an actor
[B]. He wanted to be a top screen writer
[C]. He wanted to be a lyrics director
[D]. All of the above

What was author’s job in Gemini Studios?

[A] Office boy
[B] Makeup of artists
[C] Cutting of newspaper clippings
[D] Helping hand of Boss
[C] Cutting of newspaper clippings


Why was the author always in favor of crowd shooting?

[A]. He got a lot of work to justify to Boss
[B]. He had a chance o meet more people
[C]. He wanted to get rid of long lectures by a boy of makeup department
[D]. He got to learn more from it

Why Kothamangalam Subbu was No.2 in ‘Gemini Studios’?

[A]. Because of his talent
[B]. Because of his age
[C]. Because of his upper hand in poetry
[D]. None of the above

Which of the following quality was missing in Subbu?

[A]. Creativity
[B]. Cheerful
[C]. Loyalty
[D]. Independent

Why the legal advisor ended the career of an extremely talented actress?

[A]. He wanted to replace her with someone else
[B]. Personal bias
[C]. It happened one day unintentionally
[D]. He enjoyed doing it

How lawyer lost his job in Gemini Studios?

[A] Because of closure of story department
[B] The result of differences with the actress
[C] Because of over smartness
[D] Because of ill health
[A] Because of closure of story department.


What was the dress of the legal advisor on the sets of the shooting?

[A]. Khadi dhoti
[B]. Coat Pant
[C]. Shirt pant
[D]. Traditional tamil lungi

Why author called ‘Gemini Studios’ as the favorite haunt for poets?

[A]. Because poets often came to drink coffee there
[B]. Because there was a lot of poetry in Tamil shows
[C]. Both [A] and [B]
[D]. Because it was full of great poets

Name a famous show of Frank Buchman’s Moral Re-Armament army?

[A]. A Midsummer
[B]. The Forgotten Factor
[C]. Romeo & Juliet
[D]. The Tempest

What did Gemini Studios tried to copy from Moral Re-Armament army?

[A]. Their acquaintances with animals
[B]. Their professionalism
[C]. Their specialty in shooting sunrise and sunset scenes
[D]. Their ability to spread Communism

Mr S.S. Vasan, the Boss of Gemini Studios was the editor of which tamil weekly?

[A] Sigappu Nada
[B] Kalki
[C] Thuglak
[D] Ananda Vikatan
[D] Ananda Vikatan


On whose arrival in studio did Mr S.S. Vasan organized a grand reception?

[A]. Kothamangalam Subbu
[B]. Stephen Spender
[C]. Legal advisor
[D]. Keats

Why did no one understand the speech of the editor, the chief guest from England?

[A]. Because of his accent
[B]. Because of his lack of know how on plays
[C]. Because of poor command over English by people in Gemini Studios
[D]. Because he was too boring

What did the British periodical, ‘The Encounter’ organized for which author went to British Council Library?

[A]. Outdoor shoot
[B]. Grand play
[C]. Short story contest
[D]. Short get together

What was the name of the book which author purchased in Fifty Paisa?

[A]. Gemini Studios
[B]. The God That Failed
[C]. Russian Revolution @ 50
[D]. World of Communism

How does the author come to know that English author was Stephen Spender?

[A] From book
[B] Through Newspaper
[C] Through Radio
[D] By S.S. Vasan
[A] From book


The boy in the makeup room was jealous of whom?

[A]. Asokamitran
[B]. S.S. Vasan
[C]. Kothamangalam Subbu
[D]. Stephen Spender

Who was Greta Garbo?

[A]. S.S. Vasan’s wife
[B]. Stephen Spender’s wife
[C]. Crew at Moral Re-Armament Army
[D]. Oscar winner Swedish actress

When was Gemini Studios setup?

[A]. 1947
[B]. 1940
[C]. 1921
[D]. 1937

Why does the author say that makeup was not used to make you look beautiful, but to make you look ugly?

[A]. Because the make-up man did not know how to do make-up
[B]. The quality of pancake was not good
[C]. Because excess makeup material was applied on faces
[D]. Because makeup could not be detected in incandescent lights
Did those working in Gemini Studios have an inclination towards Gandhiji?

[A] No
[B] Yes
[C] Little bit
[D] Not mentioned
[A] No

Whose ideas are not in the book “The God That Failed”?

[A] Stephen Spender
[B] Ignazio Silone
[C] Arthur Koestler
[D] Greta Garbo
[D] Greta Garbo.

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