Class 12 English Poem 1 MCQ My Mother at Sixty six with suitable answer modified and updated for new academic session 2024-25. Class 12 English poem 1 my mother at sixty six multiple choice questions are helpful for CBSE and state board students. Class 12 English Poem 1 Solutions.

Class 12 English Poem 1 MCQ


With whom is poet referring to her relationship in this poem?

[A]. Grandmother
[B]. Mother-in-law
[C]. Mother
[D]. Elder Sister

What is the approximate age of her mother who is in this poem?

[A]. In sixties
[B]. In fifties
[C]. In eighties
[D]. In seventies

What’s the theme of the story?

[A]. Patriotism
[B]. Global warming
[C]. Ageing
[D]. Isolation

Where is the poetess going from her home?

[A]. Calcutta airport
[B]. Cochin airport
[C]. Chennai airport
[D]. Chandigarh airport

What is the poet sad about?

[A] About the growing age of her mother
[B] Regarding her relationship with husband
[C] About her mother’s loneliness
[D] About her mother’s financial condition
[A] About the growing age of her mother.


What’s her mother doing while she is travelling to airport?

[A]. Unconscious
[B]. Hospitalized
[C]. Sleeping
[D]. Mentally disturbed

Is her mother also worried about her old age?

[A]. Yes
[B]. No
[C]. Little
[D]. Not mentioned

With what does she compare her mother’s face?

[A]. Clouds
[B]. Corpse
[C]. Cow
[D]. Herself

How does the world outside the window appear to poet?

[A]. Dull
[B]. Miserable
[C]. Energetic
[D]. Lethargic

How was poet’s mother when she was young?

[A] Beautiful
[B] Lively
[C] Sparkling
[D] All of the above
[D] All of the above.


Why does poet feel that she is seeing her mother for the last time?

[A]. Because her mother is too old now
[B]. Because there is little hope for her survival now
[C]. Because poet’s own health is in bad shape
[D]. None of the above

What were the last words of poet’s mother at the time of separation at airport?

[A]. Goodbye
[B]. See you soon
[C]. Tata
[D]. Nothing

What do the running trees mean?

[A]. High speed of car
[B]. She is deceived that trees are moving
[C]. Speed at which life goes
[D]. Speed at which adolescence goes.

What do these words ‘See you soon, Amma’ reflect?

[A]. Hope
[B]. Anger
[C]. Grief
[D]. Warning
What was poet’s childhood fear?

[A] Her separation from her mother forever
[B] Her separation from her family forever
[C] She has a major accident
[D] Get lost somewhere alone
[A] Her separation from her mother forever.

What does poet feels when she sees children playing outside the window?

[A] Memories of her own childhood
[B] Energy and cheerfulness of youth
[C] Variety of games that children knows
[D] She regrets not being able to enjoy her childhood
[B] Energy and cheerfulness of youth.

Last Edited: September 4, 2023