NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Poem Chapter 1 My Mother at Sixty six revised and updated for new CBSE session 2024-25. This solution of class 12 English contains the some extra questions which are frequently asked in board exams.

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The Theme of the Poem

The poem “My Mother at Sixty six” written by Kamala das highlights that ageing is a natural process and is going to envelop one and all. In our young days we are so busy in the fulfillment of our own desires that we forgot the fact how much our elderly parents needs our care and concern. Poem also reflects the poet’s sensitivity as a writer. It highlights her deep understanding of the complexity of human relationship and explores the pain and agony of her aged mother.

Think it out (Page No. 91)

What is the kind of pain and ache that the poet feels?

Poet’s mother was seated beside her to drop her off at airport. Her mother had dozed off and her ageing paleface was smoky in color like ash. Her mouth was open and she resembled a dead body. The poet realized that her mother was old. She felt pain and sympathy for her. Her mother needed love, affection and care. She regretted not being able to give time to her mother in life.

Why are the young trees described as ‘sprinting’?

Young trees are described as ‘sprinting’ because while travelling from her car she saw young trees are running fast. In a moving car while looking outside the window, it felt like trees are running too. Poet felt as if the time was passing at a similar pace. The sprinting of the trees symbolizes the pace at which time passes.From childhood to youth and from youth to old age we are unable to give time to each other in the rush of time.

Why has the poet brought in the image of the merry children ‘spilling out of their homes’?

Poet brought in the image of the merry children ‘spilling out of their homes’ because they symbolizes the spring of life,they represents strength and happiness which contrast with the lifelessness and helplessness that sets in with old age.Because youth is the ‘beginning’ stage of life, the symbolism of youth is often nostalgic and optimistic. If youth is the rising sun then old age is the setting sun. This was bothering the poet the most.

Why has the mother been compared to the ‘late winter’s moon’?

Poet compares her mother’s face with late winter’s moon because face of mother is pale and withered like winter’s moon.As moon loses its brightness in the winter season as it is veiled behind fog and mist.The mother’s face also seemed to have lost its radiance which was now misted by age. Winter symbolizes death and the waning moon symbolizes decay.

What do the parting words of the poet and her smile signify?

The parting words express the poet’s optimism. These words console the mother that she would soon visit her again. She wanted to bid a cheerful farewell to her mother. She smiles to conceal her fear and pain of separation from her mother and gives her ageing mother an assurance of survival.

Class 12 English Poem 1 Extra Question Answers
    1. Where was the poet coming from and where was she going?
      Answer: Poet was driving to the airport from her parental house.She was going to Cochin airport to board the flight.
    2. Who was sitting besides the poet in the car?
      Answer: The poet had gone to visit her parents and her mother was sitting beside her in the car.
    3. How does the poet describes her mother?
      Answer: The poet describes her mother as old and pale.She was dozing with her mouth open and sitting beside her, the mother looked almost like a corpse. Her face was colourless and seemed to have lost flavour of life. While she was unconsciously sleeping, the poet realizes that her mother is growing old and feels sad about it.
Which thought did the poet put away?

Lifeless and faded face of her mother pains her heart. A sense of guilt for neglecting her mother have crossed her mind but the compulsions of her own life made her thought drive away from her mind.

What did poet see from the window of the car?

The poet saw young trees are running fast from her car and merry children sprinting out of their homes to play. Both stood in sharp contrast to her mother who was withered with age because trees and children symbolizes the spring of life ,strength and happiness which contrast with lifelessness and helplessness that sets in with the age.

Why did poet look at her mother again before boarding the flight?

The poet looked at her mother once again for the last time before she left to reassure herself about the wellbeing of her mother.She tried to drive away the pain that she had felt on seeing her weak and aged mother. One last time she looked at her to wish her good bye. Poet smiled to hide her guilt, anxiety and fear.She wanted to bid a cheerful farewell to her mother before boarding the flight.

What was the poet’s childhood fear?

Poet was worried since childhood that she would lose her mother one day forever.Today, when she saw her mother in this condition, all the sweet memories of childhood came in front of her.Her mother was like the roof of a house for her. Getting older was like the strong pillars of that house shaking slowly but steadily.

How does Kamala Das try to put away the thoughts of her ageing mother?

Kamala Das was a bit upset seeing her mother old.It seems to her that the day is not far when her mother will leave her forever.The love that till now only mother could give her was for a limited period now.She looks out of the car to get all these thoughts out of her mind where she saw some kids playing with full energy and enthusiasm whose whole life is now in front of them.She even looks at those green young trees and finds the outside world full of life and activity.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Poem 1 My Mother at Sixty six
Class 12 English Poem 1 My Mother at Sixty six
Last Edited: September 4, 2023