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Theme of the Poem

The poet requests the people with his poem that for a moment everyone should stand calmly. He asks people to shut down all machinery and equipment for a while.He appeals to end any kind of wars on humanity. He says that there is no justification for war when no one is left alive after the war. He appeals to all the nations to stand together on one platform with brotherhood.

Think it out (Page No. 96)

What will counting up to twelve and keeping still help us achieve?

Counting up to 12 means the 12 numbers of the clock or 12 zodiac signs which represent the months of the year.This is a small task which does not take much time but the world is running ahead leaving everything behind in this materialistic race.The poet wants us to take some time out and think about what race we are engaged in.If war is the solution to something then no one has gained anything from war till date. The pause will help us come out of that and achieve inner peace.

Do you think the poet advocates total inactivity and death?

The poet is a priest of peace and appeals to all to live in peace. He does not advocate total inactivity and death because he strongly feels that life is to move about and total inactivity itself amounts to death. He says that those who are destroying natural resources on earth like air, water etc for their selfishness they need to sit and think about the consequences which next generations will suffer.

What is the ‘sadness’ that the poet refers to in the poem?

Poet’s sadness refers to the human race which is for money and materialistic things. We all are working hard to compete with each other. Unfortunately, we are not able to give time to each other by running after these things and the biggest loss is for parents, whom we are unable to give time, due to our busy career and personal success. Moreover, the mutual brotherhood is gradually becoming less and less. For selfishness, we do not hesitate to harm each other and the environment, which is taking us towards darkness.

What symbol from Nature does the poet invoke to say that there can be life under apparent stillness?

The poet says that there is life under apparent stillness.He says that earth is the best example because life on earth continued in spite of ups and downs. Similarly, if people remain quiet for some time, they will realize their purpose, bring positive signs for mankind and understand their lives more intensely.

Why does poet urge all humans to keep still?

Poet asks all of us to be silent for a while that too till he counts to 12. Poet emphasizes that keeping silence for a while is a gesture of respect particularly for those who have lost lives in war or to understand ourselves better. Keeping quiet also helps in managing one’s emotions and in withdrawing undesirable actions.

Why does poet emphasize on “One World One Language”?

Poet calls on everyone to speak one single language. Perhaps that one language, Poet means the language of love. Every nation should not talk in different tones. They should not dispute on petty issues and keep territorial disputes away by achieving sustainable peace with each other. In today’s era, there is a great need for all the people and their leaders to think about it by keeping a fast of silence.

What does this poem giving the message of peace say about weapons and whales?

Poet through his lovely poem appeals to certain sections of community to stop usage of weapons because weapons can only take lives but cannot give lives in return. This is a big danger for entire world.He also appeals to the fishermen at the same moment not to hunt whales in the sea. In order to save this global ecosystem on earth, everybody will have to join hands through different means. Poet instead suggests people to go out for walk under the shady trees and relax. This will bring the feeling of togetherness and will create a bond among all.

Which is the exotic moment that the poet refers to in Keeping Quiet?

The poet talks about the exotic moment when everyone keeps quiet. He asks everyone across globe to stop moving for a little while. No one will make rush for anything. Engines and heavy machinery must come to halt at the same time. Any kind of war should come to end and people and those who are hurting humans in any way, they should stop, even if they are catching whales in the sea.

That moment will be the most exotic one for all. This will bring everyone closer to each other because when we keep quiet and talk to ourselves for a while it helps us to reduce negative emotions, increases self-awareness and helps in gaining new perspective on stressful situations. Poet feels that a long silence can soothe our feelings and helps us in removing the sadness.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Poem 2
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