Class 12 English Poem 2 MCQ an Elementary School Classroom in a Slum updated for new academic session 2022-2023. These multiple choice questions are important for all board for the revision of the poem through important MCQs. Class 12 English Poem 2 Solutions.

Class 12 English Poem 2 MCQ


What does the poet want to highlight through this poem?

[A]. Condition of school going poor children
[B]. Facilities provided by government school
[C]. Change in schools of pre and post independence
[D]. Conditions of people living in slum areas

Why has the poet raised the issue of the school going kids of slum area?

[A]. Because he loves poor kids
[B]. Because he is upset over pathetic condition of kids studying in these schools
[C]. Because there is only darkness in the lives of these children
[D]. Both [B] and [C]

How is the physical appearance of children studying in schools of slum areas?

[A]. Decent
[B]. Smart
[C]. Shabby
[D]. Healthy

How does poet see sadness and depression in innocent children?

[A]. Through torn clothes
[B]. Through unkempt hair
[C]. Because they are barefoot
[D]. Both [A] and [B]

What does poet want to convey through ‘Shakespeare and Tyrolese valley’?

[A] Shakespeare books should be given to children
[B] Even by putting up such great pictures, children are being deprived of good education
[C] Children should be made aware of the historical things of the world
[D] Similarities in the lives of Shakespeare and these children
[B] Even by putting up such great pictures, children are being deprived of good education.


……… is a hindrance in the mental and physical growth of children?

[A]. Stubbornness
[B]. Parent’s compulsion
[C]. Poverty
[D]. Slum area

Why classroom walls are called ‘sour cream walls’?

[A]. Walls color is like cream
[B]. Because the walls made of mud are very dirty
[C]. The bad appearance of the walls had become like a sour cream
[D]. Both [B] and [C]

What does this mean ‘Their future is painted with fog’?

[A]. Children’s future is bleak
[B]. Children have no hope of improvement
[C]. As daylight disappears fog, the desire of children falling in slum areas also fades away like a fog
[D]. All of the above

What does ‘paper seeming boy’ mean?

[A]. Boy used to sell papers
[B]. Boy was as thin as paper
[C]. Had a paper in his hand
[D]. None of the above

Why do maps and pictures mean nothing to children?

[A] Because maps are outdated now
[B] They don’t show their interest in taking knowledge from maps
[C] Wideness of such pictures are away from current life of children
[D] Like the walls, their color has also become sour
[C] Wideness of such pictures are away from current life of children.


What does the poet want for the children?

[A]. Better maps and pictures
[B]. Better education system
[C]. Good living space
[D]. Healthy body

Why are the boy’s eyes compared with the eyes of a rat?

[A]. He has red eyes
[B]. He has small eyes
[C]. Boy is malnourished
[D]. His eyes were looking for something to eat

What will be the harm if these children follow the footsteps of their parents?

[A]. They might get involved in crime
[B]. They will always be illiterate
[C]. They will not be able to show the way to the coming generation
[D]. All of the above
Whom does the poet blame for the pathetic condition of these children?

[A] Government policies
[B] Schools
[C] Their parents
[D] Kids themselves
[A] Government policies.

Why is the head of the tall girl ‘weighed down’?

[A] Due to a disease
[B] Due to weight of her school bag
[C] Due to burden of responsibilities
[D] Due to slum area
[C] Due to burden of responsibilities.